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Cloud ERP: Definition, Methods, and Benefits

Nowadays, Cloud ERP is a widely used application in the management of a modern company. The cloud-based ERP system covers all business activities managed in the cloud without hosting the system on-premises. Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is a concept for planning and managing company resources. Nowadays, many companies are adopting a fully-integrated ERP solution to help streamline their business processes.

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The right ERP system is an integrated program application package and multi-modules designed to serve and support various functions within the company, which consists of three elements; Enterprise, Resource, and Planning. In short, a cloud-based ERP system makes it possible for companies to place data, databases, and applications on a server environment. Before choosing the best ERP software for your business, you need to consider several factors. For example, you can get the ERP software pricing scheme calculations beforehand. 

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Cloud ERP Implementation Key Methods

A successful way of implementing an ERP system in your company starts with choosing the right software. Even if you have selected the best system, it will result in implementation failure if it is not suitable for your company. If you want to get the right system for your business, you must know some methods.

The Big Bang 

In this approach, Cloud ERP can implement all the modules and projects in every location at the same time within the company. It can deploy for the entire company in a short time span from testing to real system deployment. Therefore, it requires an intensive testing process before finally cutting off the old system and replacing it with the new system.

The Phased

The phased approach is a sequence of Cloud ERP implementations consisting of designing, developing, testing, and installing different modules. These phases can be planned to start from the business department, location, manufacturing facility, etc. It requires special attention and care to the old system to facilitate integration with the new system.

The Parallel

This approach is the last implementation strategy that combines the old system before completely switching to the new system. A parallel can minimize implementation risks because it can switch to legacy systems. In case, the new system runs into critical errors. 

Cloud ERP Benefits to Your Business

Reduces dependency on IT resources

If your company uses the conventional ERP, it will spend large budgets to fulfill IT resource dependence. By using this technology, the company can save more on its operational costs. In addition, the IT team can focus more on other tasks that are more complex and profitable for the business.

Accessible and Flexible

Cloud ERP can be a solution in facing work limitations because of COVID-19. In other words, this system can help your company to monitor the entire operations from anywhere and at any time. The offered flexibility also makes it easier to produce various business reports easily and on time.

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Easily adjusted due to demands

In order to fulfill the changing demands of your business, you need to adjust ERP scalability according to company needs. This system is able to help your business achieve this. Using this technology, businesses can scale down or increase ERP scalability whenever needed.

Safer data storage

Firewall security features in Cloud ERP can protect businesses from malicious traffic, such as viruses and hacker attacks. A Two-Factor Authentication security system provides to protect and force your business from unknown users. In other words, the system can store your business data more securely.

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Limitations in Cloud ERP Implementation

Depends on the internet connection

Access to your cloud computing machine will automatically be cut off if there is no internet connection. Fortunately, Singapore has a wide range of internet networks throughout the country, making cloud-based implementation in Singapore possible. HashMicro offers the best cloud-based ERP for those who want to implement it in your business. Furthermore, you can also find out more about the ERP software pricing scheme

Security issues

In using a cloud computing system, you will entrust the security and confidentiality of your data to the cloud provider. Make sure you use the provider with an ISO certificate or standard to ensure its safety. HashMicro is a standardized Cloud ERP service provider to secure company data security, thus no need to worry about security issues because 350+ enterprises have trusted HashMicro in Singapore and Indonesia.

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In conclusion, a sophisticated ERP system allows users to access software applications running on shared computing resources over the internet. These computing resources are stored in remote data centers saved to the applications. Cloud ERP has a much lower upfront cost, as computing resources are rented monthly rather than purchased outright and maintained on-site.

Considering which one you will use between cloud-based or conventional ERP for your business needs is a must. Also, be selective in choosing the software vendor for your business needs. HashMicro’s Cloud ERP can be the solution for you and your business. HashMicro will keep your data safe by prioritizing clients’ safety even when your office has a problem.

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