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5 Tips For Beginners To Sell Online During a Pandemic

According to the Big Data Review on COVID-19 triggered the digital and e-commerce turning point by UNCTAD, businesses, and consumers increasingly go digital, providing and purchasing more goods and sell online, raising e-commerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020. This indicates that the pattern of society has changed following the times to become more modern.

What is sell online? 

Sell online is all types of activities to market a product or service online. Every business owner who partly or all of his selling activities runs their business online through the internet network. 

Where can we sell online? 

In this modern era, many places can sell online. You can create your own online store or sell on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, few sellers also use the marketplace as a place for online sales. 

5 Tips to Sell Online: 

1. Selling goods according to the target market

Don’t try to sell stuff at random. The selection of the right goods is very influential on sales. Make sure to sell something that suits your target market. For example, if your target market is young people, then you can sell products that suit their tastes. 

2. Do promotion 

We must promote the goods in a smart and targeted way. That way, it will be easier to get regular customers, even new customers who will increase sales of goods. In addition to good promotions, always make sure that the quality of the product is always in the best condition so that it can increase customer trust in us.

3. Don’t disappoint consumers 

The buyer is king, the disappointment of a consumer can destroy someone’s business. Poor service can also make business performance decline. For example, if there are customers who are disappointed with your service and your business will look very bad, then that customer will not buy your product again and then when he is asked for his friend’s opinion about the experience of buying your product he will say that your service is very bad. If this has happened, then your sales will also decline. 

4. Product photos with good quality and complete descriptions 

Because sell online, all promotions will be displayed visually. Therefore, make sure the product photos to be uploaded are of good quality, that is, they are not blurry and have good lighting. This is done so that consumers are interested in the products you offer. In addition, you must also describe the product being sold in full so that it can be more easily understood by potential buyers. 

5. Do innovation 

We as online sellers must dare to make changes or innovations for the sake of smooth business. For example, if you initially only sell through social media and marketplaces, try to build your own online store such as a website. By creating your own online store, you don’t have to comply with existing rules such as those in the marketplace and social media, including fees and postage. 

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During the current pandemic, sell online is an activity that you must implement, this is related to the pattern of society that tends to change in a more modern direction. The important point in selling online is having good business management from the planning process to the monitoring process.

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