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Ice-Breaking: Definition, Benefit, and Examples of Games

Have you ever felt bored when joining a seminar event? Or maybe you ever felt an uncomfortable condition during an office meeting with your workmates? If you have felt this condition, you need to do an activity called ice-breaking as a solution. During the event activity like an office meeting, conference, seminar, or training, it is essential to do some activity for the participant due to stress-relief and avoid boredom. Usually, ice-breaking activities were initiated by the event organizer, and there is an instructor to lead these activities. Therefore, You need event management software to make a good plan about your event. 

ice breaking

Ice-Breaking Is


What is ice-breaking? Ice-breaking or people known as ice-breakers has a general definition as an activity followed by someone or a group of people to “break the ice” that is considered as an uncomfortable condition to a more comfortable condition. This uncomfortable condition can occur due to many factors such as differences in age, sex, and other various life backgrounds.

With ice-breaking, the situation and condition that was initially uncomfortable and stiff, like “frozen ice” will become more comfortable. As a result, there will be a relaxed and comfortable condition for all of the event participants. The ice-breaking can be implemented in several events, such as office meetings, seminars, training, family gathering, and studying activities.

Ice-breaking has several methods like lecture methods, case study methods, and games methods in the implementation. With the lecture methods, the instructor can do lecture activities before doing an ice-breaking. Unlike the previous methods, in case study methods, the participant can solve the problem given by the instructor. While using the ice-breaking game methods, the instructor will give various types of games to “break the ice” between the participants. The ice-breaking game method is a favorite ice-breaking method because with this method possible for all age range to join. Also, this ice-breaking method is fun!

Ice-Breaking Benefit

Ice-breaking activities have various benefits for the participants. First, ice-breaking activity can make a conducive situation. An event will not be able to run smoothly if the condition is not conducive. With ice-breaking activities, the situation that was initially not conducive will be more conducive. 

Furthermore, an ice-breaking activity can increase the solidarity between the participants. It might be that the participants do not know each other. With the ice-breaking activities, the participants can get to know each other. 

Most importantly, doing an ice-breaking activity can train our concentration. Concentration is a crucial factor in doing some activities. With concentration, the participants can join and understand the events well.

Exciting Ice-Breaking Games

The most commonly used of ice-breaking methods is game method. Indeed, there are various types of games in this method. Here are some fun games to do:

1. Connecting the words


Connecting the words games aims to test the thinking speed of participants, train the concentration of participants, and train the cooperation between participants. This game requires each participant to say one word connected to the other participant’s words to become one whole sentence. The rules of the game begin with gathering the participants in one room by the instructor.

Next, the instructor will ask the first participant to mention one word freely. If the first participant is done, the instructor asks the next participant to say one new word to continue the word mentioned by the first participant. This step is repeated until the last participant. As the result, these words become a perfect words.

2. Guess the picture


The participants can play this game in groups consisting of several participants. This game aims to train the thinking speed of participants and train cooperation between participants. The rule of this game, the participants are divided into groups. Each group makes a line and prepare the stationery.

The instructor will give the direction to the first participant regarding the object to be drawn. These objects often consist of one to two words. If the instructor has given a sign to begin, the first participant should start drawing for three until five seconds. 

Furthermore, the instructor will give a sign to switch that indicates the next participant after the first participant must continue to draw the object with the same duration and repeated until the last participant. In the end, the instructor asked the last participant to guess the object that the group drew. The last participant may discuss with other group members except the first participant to decide the correct answer.

3. Who is it?


The game named “who is it?” is an ice-breaking game that aims to know each other’s participants. The game can be played individually or in groups by forming large circles. The rule of this game is the instructor will appoint one participant to introduce themselves briefly. Then the next participant must remember and mention the identity of the previous participant. This step repeated until last participant.

In the end, the instructor asked the last participant to introduce themselves and mention the names of all participants. The instructor will give the reward if the last participant can correctly spell all the participants’ names without any help from the other participants.

4. Right-Wrong Formula


This ice-breaking game named right-wrong formula aims to train the memory and concentration of participants and train cooperation between participants. The rule of this game is the instructor will divide the participants into groups. One group contains five to ten people. This right-wrong formula make each group to be more focus.

If the instructor says “stand up and sit down,” each group must perform a “stand up and stand up” movement because the game’s formula is right-wrong. Another example, if the instructor says “left and right,” then each group should do a “left and left” movement because the game’s formula is right-wrong.

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ice breaking

Ice-breaking is very important in the running of an activity. This activity aims to make the condition more comfortable. In addition, ice-breaking can increase solidarity between participants. So the result will create a comfortable condition for all participants. This comfortable condition will make the activity run smoothly.

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