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Officer Development Program: Types, Qualification, and Tips

Every year, many new graduates compete for jobs. Before getting employees according to the criteria, the company usually organizes pre-employment training or what is commonly called the Officer-Development Program (ODP). Along with the development of digital technology, lots of companies are also switching to using an HRIS system to automate their administrative tasks.

This system can help HR classify suitable applicants according to company standards. An example of a system that can select company applicants is the official development program (ODP). Many new graduates apply for work but do not have the skills and competencies that are qualified. Therefore, the company organizes an Officer Development Program to fulfill the skills and competencies of employees.


What is an Officer Development Program?

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Officer Development Program or ODP is a pre-employment program that is useful for training prospective or prospective employees in a company to be ready to become employees with special qualifications and skills. Companies that usually use this program are banking companies or State-Owned Enterprises. However, many private companies also carry out this program to attract new employees.

ODP activities are specially designed for new graduates who have minimal work experience but have a great desire to become an employee in a company. This means, ODP is a program that is almost similar to management trainee (MT). As reported by Indeed, this program lets you learn to be a good worker while getting paid.

This is what makes it different from other employee training programs such as internships. To simplify the training process and monitor their progress during the process, companies can use a Competency Management System that will help to improve their employee performance to meet the standards desired by the company.

Type of Officer Development Program


The classical or in-class training system is a condition in which participants will receive basic knowledge training in class. The lessons given are about company introduction, vision, and mission, to company material training. Some also include role-play activities as part of deepening the material provided.

On Job Training

After passing the classical or in-class stage, the participants will then enter the on-job training stage. As the name suggests, at this stage the participants will experience the work that will occur later when they become employees. Quoted from Graduan, in this program, you will interact a lot with many senior figures and company leaders. It is useful to show your best potential for the company.

Qualifications for Officer Development Program


The first thing you should make sure of is that you have completed the minimum educational qualifications. You will certainly experience difficulties if you join this program while you are still in college or are working on your essay. This is because this program has a long period.

Have the skills

Each company has its qualifications, such as English language skills, communication, analysis, leadership, and others. Therefore, you need to adjust your abilities to these requirements and qualifications.

However, for businesses expanding into other countries, for instance, Serbia, it would be beneficial to also prioritize how to learn Serbian to effectively engage with the local workforce and establish meaningful connections with the Serbian market

Complete administration

Like applying for jobs in general, you also have to complete various administrations. This is so that when you do the application process, you don’t feel panic because there is an incomplete administration. 

Requirements match

You also need to pay attention to the different requirements of each hosting company. This is so that you are in accordance with what the company wants. Some of the requirements that you need to pay attention to are GPA, status, height or weight, and age. If there is one requirement that you can’t fulfill, you automatically can’t continue. Therefore, if you are of sufficient age, you can prepare other requirements to qualify.

Have a commitment

This program is not a short and easy thing. Therefore, you must be ready to commit for a fairly long time. Sometimes there are sanctions that you must face if you resign in the middle of the program.

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Tips for Passing Officer Development Program Selection

Company selection

Before registering, it’s a good idea to study the company you are applying for. Make sure the terms of the company match your criteria. Because if you stop as an ODP before the set time, you will be subject to sanctions in the form of fines.

Complete CV and skills

To register for this ODP program, in general, several requirements must be met, including:

  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Having good communication skills
  • Passed the basic math selection
  • Minimum TOEFL Score 500
  • Can think logically, and honestly, also can work under pressure
  • Ready to work anywhere
  • Having joined the organization will be a plus.

Make sure you met the criteria above so that you can pass the administrative selection

Company survey

So that the ODP program registration process can be faster, you can come directly to the Job Fair instead of registering through the website. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can visit job fairs virtually by various educational institutions and companies.

Take the written test

Before conducting interviews, companies usually conduct written tests such as psychological tests, TOEFL, and Forum Group Discussions. For that, don’t forget to practice often so that when you take the test you can answer correctly. You can also buy a psychological test book or TOEFL which you can get at the nearest bookstore or search from internet sources.

Maintain health

After doing the written test is a medical check-up. To pass this test, you need to exercise regularly and take vitamin supplements. Try to have a proportional height and weight.


The Officer Development Program(ODP) is a path for many new graduates because it promises a brilliant career path. You can work as well as master new things when you join this program. With it, your abilities are also growing. In essence, ODP is very attractive to job seekers at the staff level. By joining this program, you have the opportunity to get a very promising career path.


In addition, if you are a company and having a hard time handling all the administrative tasks related to the program, you can consider using the HRM system from HashMicro. This system allows you to manage payroll, attendance lists, as well as other operational activities.

In addition, with HRM – Advanced you will also be able to manage recruitment, KPI, training, employee evaluation, and employee loans with just one application. Schedule a free demo to implement this system in your business immediately.

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