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Know More about Programmer and Other IT Professionals

We may now enjoy all the comforts through digital screens, thanks to the industrial revolution era, which has been ongoing since 1750. In order to keep up with the technological environment, the industrial sector has created a new sensation in the form of increased demand for IT experts, especially programmers. Unfortunately, some people are still unfamiliar with the realm of information technology.

Many people think that IT staff is another name for programmers and the job desk is just coding. Of course, this is not entirely wrong. However, did you know that IT personnel consist of many parts of the profession? Let’s look at more detailed informations about programmer below.


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A programmer is a professional writing a system/code using programming languages (HTML, PHP, Python, SQL, Java, etc.) to build software, applications, websites, data formulas, and much more. But did you know that the programmer profession has a more specific job? Here we have provided various types of careers from a programmer:

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Web Developer Programmer

As the name suggests, a web developer has a task to build a website from scratch or develop it, including working on the website’s contents, such as the appearance and features of the website using a programming language.

Generally, the current web developer position has a fairly high job opportunity. Even in these situations, they can still do work from home for web developers. In addition, every company must have a website address, which requires an expert to manage and develop it.

An ordinary job for a web developer in a company is to create a product sales website, company profile, customer service, and much more. The web programmer also has three parts of the team:

Front-end Developer

A front-end developer performs like a sentry at the front of a website, usually known as the client-side. His role is to turn a UI/UX designer’s design into a dynamic website. Slicing is the nickname for this type of conversion. As a result, a front-end developer is also responsible for making sure the website’s aesthetic. Is it in agreement with a designer’s agreement or not?

Back-end Developer

On a different side from front-end developers, back-end developers have tasks that are not visible to website/client-side users. It is like a back-end developer is an architect who designs the construction of a website. The job of a back-end developer is to create the software from the server side that combines database, scripting, and logic using coding.

Not only that, but back-end developers also have other roles. Such as maintaining and managing website security from hacking, solving server problems, managing databases, and much more.

Full-stack Developer

Have a double job-desc like the mix of front and back-end developers. A full-stack developer has the task of building a website from the server-side (back-end) using PHP, java, javascript, databases to the display side (front-end) using XML, HTML, and CSS.

Software Engineer

A Software Engineer or application programmer have a role as an application maker that we usually use on smartphones and computers. For example, social media applications you often use on smartphone devices or software installed on your computers, such as browsers and antiviruses.

Programmer Library

This one profession is like a creator who creates a creator. In a general sense, a library programmer is a profession that makes programming applications/software. So, a library programmer will develop an application that other programmers will use to create software.

Programmer System / System Engineer

A System Engineer is someone whose job is to update the operating system (OS) they handle. In addition, the system programmer has a role in monitoring and ensuring if an operating system can run properly and smoothly. System engineers also have three types of work: kernel, compiler, and device driver programmer.

Software Developer


A software developer is a professional who creates a digital product (software) through research. Software developers also have other main tasks such as designing, installing and testing the software and systems. For people who are still new to the IT world, software developers seem to have identical similarities with software engineer programmers. However, they have a significant difference for IT professionals.

Information Security Analyst


Have you ever heard of a data leak from a company? In this situation, the security analyst is a professional that must go into the field to deal with the incident. A security analyst has the task of securing essential company data, such as sensitive information.

In addition, this profession also has a task to analyze the potential that could harm company data and think about plans to implement it into a company security system then.

System Analyst


When a company wants development for one of its digital services, this is when the System Analyst does its job. The System Analyst will conduct research and feasibility studies, make plans, coordinate, and provide recommendations for software that the company will use from the research results. Therefore, a system analyst is key to the development of a system.

IT Support

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IT support is a technician in a company whose job is to solve common problems that occur on computers. In addition, IT support also has other roles such as software installation, hardware repair, and evaluating computer improvements, network systems, and software.

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Database Administrator


A database administrator holds considerable responsibility in a company. The database administrator has an essential task as the control holder of company data that can only access it if it has permission. Database administrators also have other duties such as designing databases, maintaining databases, and repairing databases.

Network Engineer


Turning to the last part, as the name implies, a network engineer has a job desk related to a computer network in the company. They also carry out important roles such as ensuring a smooth internet connection and managing all computer networks in the company to exchange data.


Here we have discussed the various professions of IT personnel. For those interested in pursuing a career in this information technology field, you need not feel afraid that this career sector will not provide high opportunities. We consider that almost all companies have digitized, which will affect the demand for HR in the IT field.
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