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      Get to Know the Advantages of TOR!

      Have you ever created a document that contains a complete description of project planning? This document can be an overview of how the project will take place later. So, the results of the project can be in accordance with the targets to be achieved. Many people know this document as Terms of Reference or TOR. Check out this article to find out more about TOR and its advantages!


      Table of Contents

      TOR Definition


      Terms of Reference or familiarity with the abbreviation TOR is a document that contains a description of the project planning. In other words, TOR is a document that includes a project framework. This document will explain the background, objectives, and vision of the project.

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      TOR Component

      As a document for proposing a project, terms of reference consist of several components. Here are the components of TOR:

      1. Background history
      2. Purpose
      3. Method
      4. Schedule
      5. Product
      6. Evaluation team
      7. Budget and logistics

      TOR Advantages

      The company will get various advantages from compiling terms of reference. With TOR, company directors can know the activities that their employees carry out. Not only knowing the activity, but the company directors can also control the activity. Compiling terms of reference will also be a medium to arrange the project budget. No less important, TOR is a medium for information about project activities, including the preparation process and the final work result.

      Steps of Compiling TOR

      After knowing the advantages of compiling terms of reference documents, you are surely wondering how to make the right TOR. Compiling the right TOR will certainly make the work progress easier. Here are the steps for compiling terms of reference:

      Make project background

      In this case, the project background can explain the history of the proposed project. Several important components must be listed in this document, such as the company stakeholder’s role in the project to a brief of the proposed project.

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      Determine the project goals

      Every project has a goal to achieve. This goal should be listed in terms of reference. In this case, this goal is an achievement that is expected after the project has been completed. 

      Determine the methods

      When the project is in progress, the company uses various methods to achieve the expected target. Therefore, in terms of reference, it is necessary to explain the used methods in the project. The explanation of the used methods should involve the main phase of project implementation, project duration, to tools for gathering the necessary information.

      Highlight the issues that will be faced in the project

      A project will often face various issues or problems. This will hinder the project’s progress which leads to failure. For that, in terms of reference, you need to explain all issues or problems that can occur during the project.

      Identify expertise

      Experts and a reliable team support the project’s success. In terms of reference, it is important to explain the expertise that is needed to be involved in the project. The expertise that must be identified includes abilities required in the project to the staff tasks and responsibilities description. Speaking of staff skills and abilities, nowadays you can assess staff performance easily and computerized with the competency management software

      Compile reporting

      By compiling reporting, the company will be able to know information about the project’s progress. The existence of reporting can be a medium of consideration for companies to make decisions. Reporting, in this case, includes the project’s progress from the beginning to the project’s final result.

      Create a work planning

      Work planning is a strategy that will be used during the project. By creating work planning, the company and the involved staff can decide to start the project progress. Work planning can be a guideline when the project is in progress. A work plan should contain important things such as problem analysis in terms of evaluation criteria, proposed implementation methods, and the project budget. You also can use an accounting system to manage the project budgets efficiently.

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      Compiling a Terms of Reference or TOR document in proposing a project becomes essential. With this document, the company will know the overview of the proposed project so that the project results can follow the target. Not only that, this document can be a medium for calculating the project budget. For your project to run smoothly as you have planned in TOR, you need a system. You need this system because it can provide a seamless communication platform that helps you distribute tasks effectively and complete the project on time.

      The best system for managing your project is Project Management Software from HashMicro. This software will provide many benefits, such as precise coordination, efficient teamwork, ease of use, and a controlled budget. With the help of this system, you can easily create TOR and execute projects smoothly. Therefore, you can use HashMicro software to optimize your activity projects to match the TOR you have created before. Currently, many companies have trusted HashMicro to improve their operational efficiency. Click here to optimize your company operations now!


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