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Chatbot Advantages to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Digital Business

For businesses, especially in the digital realm, a chatbot is one of the most important professional services to use. Chatbots are something that every business should use as they can make the job easier, especially in providing quick responses to customer messages. Indeed, chatbots still cannot fully replace humans. However, chatbots can fill the limited human service capacity to serve customers optimally. 

According to Landbot, the chatbot industry has been growing steadily even before the pandemic. However, the crisis provided a significant impetus for adopting this technology. In 2020, the chatbot market was worth $17.17 billion and could reach $102.29 billion by 2026, recording the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.75% in the forecast period 2021 – 2026.

What is Chatbot?

Chatbots are interactive applications designed to interact with humans via a platform using text as a method of communication. The primary purpose of chatbots is to communicate with humans in a human-like manner. Nowadays, various industries have used chatbots to help their communication relationship with users.

Several Types of Chatbot

Task-based Chatbot

This chatbot is a program created with the primary purpose of focusing on carrying out specific functions. A task-based chatbot can provide automated responses, like a conversation, to respond quickly to user questions. This chatbot can quickly answer common business questions. Companies widely use a task-based chatbot because of its convenience.

Data and Prediction-based Chatbot

Chatbots that work based on data and predictions are often referred to as virtual assistants because the chatbot has sophistication in responding to user questions. In addition, this type of chatbot is more interactive and more customizable than task-based chatbots.

How Chatbots Work

In short, the chatbot works by the keywords that have been logged into the system. Therefore, every time the chatbot receives a question from a user, the chatbot will automatically adjust which answer matches the keywords of the question asked. Apart from being equipped with responsive identification and analysis functions, there are three types of operating system methods chatbot use, namely:

Pattern matching

In this method, the bot uses a pattern-matching strategy when grouping text. This allows bots to generate responses according to user requests. Whenever the chatbot receives a question, it provides an answer that matches the associated pattern. However, if a request is not in the form of a pattern, the chatbot cannot give an adequate response. This pattern is known as Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML). An example of the AIML pattern used in a chatbot is as follows.

source: analyticsvidhya.com

Decision tree-based

The way a decision tree-based chatbot works is arguably less user-friendly. This is because the user must follow the response sequence programmed by the bot engine. This method can sometimes be simple or complex, depending on how the developer deisgn the chatbot concept is designed. However, many businesses also use this method since it is less complicated, faster, and still helpful in responding to user requests. When in use, users will see several buttons containing response text to continue the discussion with the chatbot.

source: infme.com


The contextual chatbot method is based on an artificial intelligence system with machine learning (ML) to create a natural conversation. This method is the best system, when we compare it to pattern matching and decision tree-based. One technology often used to create contextual working methods in chatbots is Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a technology that makes it easy for AI to understand whatever context the user refers to in the particular language.

For the contextual system to work optimally, developers must design a large database to accommodate all forms of user request data. For example, developers can collect customer data, transcripts of conversations in the live chat feature, and other supporting data. The more data collected in the database, the more responsive the bot will grow.

source: rasa.com

The Important Role of Chatbots in Business

Available for 24/7

Consumers need services as quickly as possible to serve their needs. However, we know that there must be a limit to working hours if a business uses human services. By using a responsive chatbot, consumers will get assistance at any time without any time limit.

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Increase user satisfaction with customer service

Chatbots can proactively engage in conversations with customers by offering recommendations and assisting customers in solving problems they are experiencing. For this reason, companies often use bots to improve the quality of the customer experience in a company. If a business can serve customers at any time with the help of a chatbot, then customers will be more satisfied because they get the service they want.

Do not cost a lot

Chatbots are effective for businesses that are looking to save money. By using a chatbot, companies do not need to hire support staff to provide customer service and services.

Support lead conversion and increase sales

A lead generator is a business step to drive conversions from every visitor to a business website. Businesses can use bots to collect data about each website visitor, such as email addresses and phone numbers, to define target groups based on consumer preferences.

Some of the Best Chatbot Platforms


source: zapier.com

ManyChat is a chatbot platform that puts the chatbot creator experience first. From the sleek design of their drag-and-drop editor to their very rational pricing, ManyChat is one of the best chatbot builders out there. This chatbot can work across many common channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email, and SMS, and has more than 25 templates to help you start using it.


source: mobilemonkey.com

MobileMonkey is a bot technology that is widely being used on Facebook Messenger, websites, and SMS. Therefore, the business has a high opportunity to get a conversion, even higher with this platform. Especially if the company combines it with various other marketing measures, such as ad campaigns and drip marketing, you can choose to use the free or paid version according to your business needs. In addition, MobileMonkey offers some benefits, such as: being able to manage all conversations through a smartphone mobile application and making conversations easy to understand and interactive.


chatbot hashmicro
source: pandorabots.com

Pandorabots is one of the oldest chatbot builders on the market. Pandorabots is open source, uses AIML, and allows users to build whatever they want. While there remains a curve to learn this chatbot builder compared to some others, including some programming knowledge is required, the possibilities are truly endless. You can use this chatbot in most of the popular messaging apps, as well as your mobile apps and websites. Pandorabots also uses a priced-to-scale model that allows you to scale your needs and prices as your needs evolve.


chatbot hashmicro
source: kata.ai

Kata.ai platform supports all your business activities, from marketing to collecting data about consumer behavior. Some of the best features of Kata.ai include: can work with NLP systems so bots’ respond can be human-like, supporting JavaScript code to build a customizable CMS (Content Management System), and integrating user projects with the Kata.ai Prebuilt Module to generate more advanced bot quality.


Chatbots have an essential role for businesses, especially businesses that are digitizing. By utilizing this technology, the company will be able to improve its services to customers further. This is because chatbots will answer customer questions quickly and responsively, so customers don’t have to wait long to interact with the company.

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