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      7 Successful Strategies to Become a Distributor

      Normally in every business process, there is an exchange of products and money between producers and consumers through distributors. The distributor is a bridge between producers and consumers. 

      But to be a good liaison, the distributor must perform some special tasks to realize its main goal. In addition, to assist and simplify your tasks, you can use the full-featured supply chain management (SCM) system.

      Distributors should have successful strategies and tips, moreover, you can use the help of an integrated supply chain management system that can help you distribute well. In implementing distribution, the market is very influential for distributors because it will affect sales.

      To keep up with the rapid changes in the market, you can use a complete SCM (Supply Chain Management) System to predict sales. Check out this article so that you know the success strategy of becoming a distributor. By understanding the success strategy, you will also make marketing products to the public easier to do.

      Key Takeaways

      • Distributors act as intermediaries between producers and retailers or consumers, facilitating the exchange of goods or services. They purchase products from manufacturers, store them, sell them at competitive prices, transport them, classify and sort them, provide product information, and promote products attractively.

      • Distributors enjoy benefits such as fewer diversified customers to manage, reduced concerns about suppliers, and easier relationship-building with clients. By focusing on quality contracts and building strong relationships, distributors can ensure consistent income and steady business growth.

      • Successful distributors expand their chains, offer competitive prices to secure repeat orders, optimize product turnover, negotiate effectively with manufacturers, manage logistics efficiently, excel in key account management, and implement effective marketing strategies like FOMO tactics.

      • HashMicro offers a comprehensive ERP solution tailored for distribution businesses. With advanced Logistics Software, distributors can manage deliveries in real-time, ensure accuracy, and integration, and streamline operations, ultimately enhancing business prospects and competitiveness.

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      Table of Content:

        The Definition of a Distributor


        In general, dealers or distributors buy products directly from producers, distribute them to retailers, or sell them directly to final consumers.

        Another opinion says that a distributor is a business entity or individual responsible for distributing trade products, be it goods or services, to retailers or final consumers. In this case, the distributor only takes the product ready for the manufacturer to sell without modifying it.

        This is the role of distributors to meet the needs of goods that retail companies want. Distributors are companies that act as intermediaries for manufacturers. Dealers benefit from discounts on product purchases from manufacturers. The more you purchase products from the manufacturer, the lower the price of the product.

        The average retail company does not buy products directly from the manufacturer. Only large companies or companies that deal with specialty products, such as vehicles or other luxury goods. Luxury goods transactions usually deal directly with the related producer company.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        Distributor Roles and Functions

        When carrying out distribution activities, distributors have roles and functions. The main role and function of the distributor are, of course, as an intermediary between producers and retailers or consumers. Check out a further description of its roles and functions as follows:

        Buying products from manufacturers

        The job of a dealer is to buy products (goods or services) from larger producers or traders.

        Store products properly

        After the dealer buys goods from the manufacturer, it is the distributor’s responsibility to store and maintain the product to remain of high quality. For example, when you become a distributor of computer equipment, you should have a clean storage warehouse and goods stored in packaging that keeps the products inside.

        The warehouse management system will assist you in optimizing the usage of your warehouse space by automatically calculating and tracking the capacity.

        Selling products at competitive prices

        Indeed, distributors benefit from margins on product purchases from manufacturers. Even so, this stage is your competition with other distributors. You as much as possible to keep a profit but must maintain a competitive selling price.

        That way, you can get maximum profit and remain the choice for your prospective buyers, whether retail businesses or end consumers.

        Transporting products

        Distributors also have a role in moving or transporting products from producers to retail companies or consumers. After the goods stored in the warehouse have to go out and the buyer schedules delivery, you as the distributor are responsible for the products sold to make delivery.

        Even so, there is a certain agreement concept when making deliveries—usually related to the costs required when making deliveries, to later enter into accounting records. Through the agreement, the transportation costs can be borne by the seller or the buyer.

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        Doing product classification or sorting

        The dealer is responsible for sorting the product. Doing sorting is important because usually, a product has its classification. Sorting products depends on the size, type, and quality of the product so that the product is not mixed.

        Provide product information

        This means that the distributor provides information related to the estimated price and marketing of goods at a certain time that the field implementer will carry out.

        Promote products attractively

        This promotional activity includes an explanation of product benefits, product quality, and product prices. Your product can be promoted through marketing channels. The promotion aims to introduce the product to consumers.

        In developing a retail business, you can use the Hash Retail Innovation software to maintain stock availability, increase employee productivity, and customer management, and automate your company’s financial transactions.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        The Potential Benefits of Being a Distributor

        No need for many diversified customers

        Being a distributor means you don’t have to worry about most of the companies you supply. The focus for distributors is the quality of contracts with your clients, namely retail companies.

        In contrast to retail companies, without many diversified customers, retail companies cannot grow or survive. Competitors in retail companies will certainly try to attract the same consumers as your retail company segment. So, you have to work harder to compete with your competitors.

        No need to worry about some of the companies that supplied

        The main focus for distributors is the quality of contracts with your clients, namely retail companies. This still alludes to the first point. You don’t need to put in much more effort to get many different/diversified customers.

        If the supplier successfully secures a contract to supply to a large retail company, the distributor may not need another contract to keep the business growing and survive.

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        It’s easier to build relationships with clients

        Manufacturers and retailers tend to choose distributors they already know and have good working relationships with before looking for new distributors.

        Your focus as a distributor is to build good relationships with your clients. The result is that your income as a supplier will be more consistent, and you won’t have to market your distribution business to attract new clients aggressively.

        BONUS TIP: Using a loyalty program will help build good relationships with your clients. Use Sales Management Software from HashMicro for smarter, faster, and more effective sales solutions.

        Distributor Logistic - HashMicro

        Key Strategy to Become a Successful Distributor

        Expanding the distributor chain

        It is undeniable that the role of distributors in the business world is very important. Therefore, what you need to do is build as many distributor chains as possible with the aim of reaching a wider market. The benefit is that you help rotate goods and market products quickly.

        Creating repeat orders through competitive prices

        Most people will certainly choose a product with a relatively affordable price and provide benefits & value. The price factor of a product is one of the keys to repeat orders.

        Big profits are tempting, but the key for your business to survive is to keep customers from transacting with you over the long term.

        Speed ​​up product turnover

        The usual obstacle that companies experience is product turnover. Usually, the product is difficult to get out and causes the goods in the warehouse to pile up.

        You can use certain strategies to speed products in and out. Offer cooperation offers with other parties, for example, opening a dropship system or an affiliate system.

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        Have good negotiation skills

        As a distributor, it is very important to have good soft skills in negotiating with manufacturers. Because your ability to negotiate will be directly related to business profits, the more you manage to lower the price in the contract, the more you can have a profit.

        Negotiation certainly has many strategies of its own. While negotiation theory is easy to find, you need experience and a good intuition in practice.

        Optimize logistics management

        In a distributor’s role, one is transporting the product and delivering it to the client. The role in delivering the product to this client is the responsibility of running the distribution.

        For product transportation to run smoothly, you can use the Best Transportation Software from HashMicro. This system allows you to manage distribution by simplifying transportation, delivery of goods, and revenue analysis quickly and accurately. Switch to HashMicro, now.

        Good key account management skills

        Key Account Management is an effort to build good and sustainable relationships with clients. These skills that you should use are very useful for maintaining and enhancing your reputation with clients.

        According to the Pareto Principles, about 80% of its revenue comes from 20% of its customers. So it is important to segment clients to find Key Account Management.

        Carry out effective and efficient marketing strategies

        Are you familiar with the concept of FOMO? FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. The FOMO strategy creates an urgency for the client to buy the product at a certain time and is being used by many companies as an effective marketing strategy.

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        There are many marketing strategies that you can apply, all marketing strategies you can apply if they suit your business needs.

        The way to apply the FOMO strategy is to apply promos for a certain period. For example, when you are distributing wooden tables, by implementing the FOMO strategy, you tell the client that if you buy a total of 12 tables, then you are entitled to free logistics delivery for the next two days.

        Manage Your Distribution Business Using ERP Software from HashMicro

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