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Get to Know the Types of Creative Industry!

Currently, industrial activities as one of the economic activities can not only rely on the available natural resources. Creativity that is supported by the latest technology, such as an ERP system can certainly produce profitable economical products.

People widely know this industrial activity as the creative industry. This article will provide information and new insight to the readers about the creative industry, including the definition and types.


Creative Industry Definition

creative industry

The creative industry is understood as a process of creating economical products by a person or group of people without exploiting the available natural resources. In the process of creating these economical products, creativity becomes the essential key.

This industry has become one of the economic driving wheels of a country in this era. In addition, the latest technology is supporting the growth of this industry.

Types of Creative Industry

As one of the country’s economic driving wheels, this industry has various types. However, each of these types has its uniqueness. Here are some types of the creative industry:


Architecture is closely related to designing, planning construction, and the conservation activity of a building. Examples of this type are landscape architecture, interior design, and town planning.

Specialists in this field rely on all sorts of modern tools to unlock their creativity, from the latest professional landscape design software to AI-enhanced image generation platforms, and much more besides.


This type of creative industry is widely used by companies or businesses to promote their products. An attractive advertisement will certainly encourage people to buy the company’s product. The agencies or creative production houses have the responsibility to make good advertising.


This industry has great potential in the future. In addition, this industry always produces the best creations. Often these best creations received awards in the international world. Of course, we should be proud of this achievement.


The digital era had a big impact on the music industry. This can be seen from the shift in music distribution that was initially in physical albums to the digital form that can be accessed through music streaming services. These changes are certainly a great potential for the music industry in this digital era and the future.


The presence of many publishing parties, both large and small-scale publishing parties, contributed to the growth and development of this industry. The writer also has an essential role in the publishing industry. They always present their best works or creations.


No less great than the other industries, this type of creative industry always presents its best creation. Moreover, this creation has its uniqueness for the community. Not only that, art creation can be said to have a high economic value.


The craftsmen use all materials such as ceramics to textiles to be use as a product that has a high selling value. Therefore, the results of the craftsmen are sought after by many people.


Fashion has a big impact on the community. The result of the fashion industry at any time will be the latest fashion trend for the community. Designers always provide innovation on their latest fashion model.

Visual communication design

Graphic designers is required to have high creativity. This is because they have to think about the idea and design philosophy to create the design. This industry has excellent potential in today’s digital era.


Culinary entrepreneurs can take the opportunity of today’s rapid culinary development by serving unique food or beverages. As a result, the culinary business will gain a high profit. Nowadays, you can manage your culinary business with an F&B system that can help you to boost the efficiency of your business’s operations with the best features.

Interactive games

In today’s digital era, the market share of games has increased significantly. We can see the presence of many interactive games every time. Of course, these interactive games have a large number of users.

Television and radio

The development of this industry is increasingly advanced. Television and radio are a medium of entertainment for the public. Besides that, television and radio are also mediums for the public to get the latest information.


Nowadays, we may find many applications that can give convenience to the public in doing their daily activities such as grocery shopping or food delivery. In other words, application development is increasing every day. 

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Advantages of the Creative Industry

The presence of the creative industry as a recent breakthrough of industry activity certainly provides various advantages as we know that today the natural resources in the world are increasingly limited. Therefore, this industry becomes an alternative to the types of industries that do not utilize available natural resources.

The presence of this industry will encourage productivity and creativity from entrepreneurs in carrying out their business activities. Entrepreneurs are required to consistently innovate with their latest ideas as business ideas that can be implemented.

This industry will also be a driving factor in a country’s economic growth in the future. This is because the growth of various business sectors influences the economic growth of a country. Also, the presence of the creative industry will certainly reduce the country’s unemployment rate.

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The Relationship between the Creative Industry and the Creative Economy

The creative industry and the creative economy are indeed interconnected. Thus, it can be said that the creative industry is part of the creative economy. In this case, the creative economy is a concept that can accommodate a number of the latest innovations.

Meanwhile, the creative industry is one of the business activities that rely on creativity and information to create high-economic value products.

Driving Factors of Creative Industry Growth

Several factors certainly drive the growth of this industry in a country. Here are the driving factors of creative industry growth:


As we mentioned before, creativity is an essential key in the running of this industry. Creativity will lead to the presence of ideas and innovations. Therefore, entrepreneurs are required to have a high creativity mindset. 

Social media

Nowadays, society is facilitated by social media as a medium to communicate with each other. Besides being a medium to communicate, creative industry entrepreneurs use social media as a marketing medium. Social media is considered an effective marketing medium for creative industry businesses because many people use it.

Now, you can create the most effective campaigns on social media and analyze the one that generates the most conversions more easily with Singapore’s best Marketing Automation System. This way, you are able to capture more targeted leads, enhance relationships with clients, and optimize your social media marketing efforts.

Advanced technology

The latest technology facilitates all aspects of life. This technological advancement can be an opportunity for creative industry entrepreneurs to develop their businesses better.


The creative industry has become one of the alternatives to industrial activities in today’s digital era. Creativity is a key factor in the development of the creative industry. This creativity will lead to the presence of many new ideas and innovations. Entrepreneurs can use these ideas and innovations to build up a business.

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