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The Impacts of Positive Work Culture on Your Business

Every company has its own work culture and is different from one another. Work culture does not arise by itself but emerges from its regulations in its management and operations. This regulation will later create a unique and diverse work concept. This culture aims to achieve the results, vision, and mission following what the company wants. Work culture does not only include how to dress and work. It also has relationships between employees, leadership styles, and others. Check out the following article to find out more details.

Understanding Work Culture

Work culture is a concept based on each individual or group’s habits or behavior patterns in an organization or company to achieve efficiency at work. It aims to improve employee performance and make them more productive to realize their goals, vision, mission, and overcome problems. Work culture arises from the company’s regulations when carrying out its management and operations. It can also be interpreted as an assumption resulting from problem-solving in the company in the adjustment process. Work culture is also related to the mentality of employees, membership management which will also affect the work atmosphere.

Characteristics of a Company That Has a Positive Work Culture

A positive work culture within the company will have a good impact on the overall operations and employees. Employees will also get the opportunity to grow more significantly when they are in positive work culture. Thus, it impacts the company’s success, and positive work culture will positively impact all members.

The following are the characteristics of a company that has a positive work culture:

Productive work environment

When employees feel happy and comfortable at work, they will be pleased with a conducive work or office atmosphere. These things will make employees more productive at work. The existence of worry and intimidation when working shows the opposite. Employees will feel afraid and uncomfortable when they are in an office environment.

Good work atmosphere

When in the office or at work, employees need a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Because when creating new ideas, you don’t always have to be serious. But you can also be in a fun situation. A fun and cheerful atmosphere will increase creativity and enthusiasm when working. The availability of various facilities in the office such as snacks, relaxing rooms, and others can also provide positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere for employees.

Open and honest communication

Many things in the office can cause things that are not conducive and uncomfortable. However, if all members can make honest and open communication, it will create comfortable working conditions and positive work culture.

Rewards and motivations

When workers have achieved the targets desired by the company, the company should give awards so that employees will feel happy and appreciated. These awards can be in the form of bonuses, certificates, promotions, or gifts to employees who have given effort to the company. These things will motivate employees to work harder.

Good cooperation

It is possible that later your co-workers will use fraudulent or devious means to gain personal advantage. In a company, there will be competition. However, competition is not always a negative thing. Healthy and fair competition among employees is a positive thing. This positive work culture can reduce employees who behave negatively because it will harm the company and its co-workers to build good cooperation.

Types of Work Culture

Clan culture

This culture has a friendly, collaborative nature, just like a large family or clan. Strong ties, loyalty, sticking to tradition, and equality are the hallmarks of clan culture. Companies that use this culture are bound by commitments or traditions with values ​​such as cooperation, communication, and agreement. The leadership style in the clan culture is mentorship. Examples of companies that use this culture are Google, Zappos, and also Tom’s Maine.

Adhocracy culture

The keywords of adhocracy culture are ”ad hoc” in Latin, which means intended or formed in one purpose. This type consists of energy and creativity where employees must dare to take risks with a leader as an innovator who dares to challenge assumptions. This culture emphasizes change from experimentation as well as individual freedom. Facebook is one company that embraces this work culture.

This type expects employees to always come up with new ideas. Facebook said, “We’ve tried the type that employees tend to hear, and it doesn’t work.” Facebook or any other technology company needs innovation all the time to stay competitive before they fall behind their competitors.

Market culture

Focusing on business, getting work done, and achieving results is the focus of market culture. Contrary to clan culture, market culture can hinder employee learning processes. The work environment in a company that implements a market culture is usually very competitive, including among colleagues. The goal of companies that implement a market culture is to get as much profit as possible and have as much market share as possible.

Amazon and Apple, when Steve Jobs still led it, are examples of companies that apply market culture. Jeff Bezos as Amazon’s leader and Steve Jobs are known to give challenging and demanding assignments. The results of employees’ work will determine whether they get a bonus or a penalty. However, many critics argue that market culture can cause negative things in companies, such as unfair competition, dishonesty, and reducing productivity.

Hierarchy culture

Processes and procedures are everything in a hierarchical culture. In a hierarchy culture, the leader is tasked with monitoring and facilitating employees to comply with the correct ways of doing business according to the company. Therefore, processes and controls are critical to employee productivity and success. Formal rules or policies will govern everything in a hierarchical culture. Government organizations are examples of hierarchy culture.


There is no right or wrong work culture. It all depends on the goals and values ​​of the company. However, you need to pay attention to choosing a company with a work culture that suits you. So, you will feel comfortable and work optimally. For that, you need to find out first before applying to work with a company.

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