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Boost Your Car Dealer Business with the Best Point of Sales System!

One of the problems that arise in car dealer business is the occurrence of out-of-stock items. This one problem can make the company confused in marketing its products. Finding the right solution is an obligation you need to do so that customers are not disappointed if the product that the customer wants to buy runs out. Therefore, you can implement the integrated software point of sales (POS) to overcome these problems. 

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HashMicro’s outstanding POS system can be your choice to increase your car dealer sales. This system can make it easier for you to track the stock at your car dealership company. In addition, the refined POS software from HashMicro offers solutions for processing payments, managing promotions, and monitoring inventory. Furthermore, you can also generate comprehensive reports on one platform automatically. In this article, we have summarized the discussion about the importance of the best POS software for car dealers and its benefits and features. In addition, you can also use the POS software price scheme to get an idea and calculate the estimated amount of costs needed. Take the explanation below!


Why Do You Need the POS System from HashMicro?

One of the things that commonly happens in a car dealer business is the items running out of stock. The cause of depleted stock occurs due to several factors. Still, you can anticipate it by using the greatest point of sales software from HashMicro. By using this system, you can prevent stock outages caused by the length of distribution from the center to the dealer or due to increased demand. 

HashMicro’s integrated POS system offers a solution for those who want to prevent running out of stock with various features and comprehensive benefits that you can feel right away. Another reason you should choose HashMicro POS software is the user-friendly look that makes it easier for you as a new user to use it. In addition, HashMicro also uses a cloud-based storage system, so you don’t have to worry about losing your company’s data. HashMicro’s flagship POS system also gives you the convenience of accessing data anytime and anywhere. Therefore, HashMicro can be your choice in choosing the right POS system to support the smooth running of the business and increase the sales of your car dealer business. If you want to know more about the problems that often occur in the car dealer world, you must read the article below!

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Benefits of HashMicro’s POS System

benefit car dealer business

HashMicro’s POS system will provide many excellent benefits that you can’t find from other providers. HashMicro has designed POS benefit to provide better facilities in the selling process in an integrated manner. In addition, this system can accurately show the development of your car dealer business and the financial prospects of your business. There are four benefits that you can get from the procurement system:

Offline and online transaction

With the help of HashMicro’s point of sales system, you can record all sales transactions anywhere and anytime. Another advantage of the HashMicro POS system is making transactions offline and online. This system will synchronize transaction recording data when the system is connected to the internet again. You don’t have to worry about losing all the transaction data if the system is not connected to the internet.

Web-based system

The second benefit of HashMicro POS systems is the web-based system. Web-based software can make it easier to access data on any device as long as the internet connects it. You can access the POS system from HashMicro through smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Therefore, you can use HashMicro’s flexible POS system to monitor the sales of your car dealer’s business.

All branches are controlled

Car dealers generally have many branches, and we have to control all sales. Managing sales will be complex if you don’t use the compatible POS system. You have to approach the branches one by one to manage customers and sales, which will undoubtedly add more costs. Therefore, you need to implement the best POS system to facilitate real-time access to all information from various branches.

Useful Analytics Data

There will be annual, monthly, weekly, and even daily evaluations on running a business. If you don’t have complete analytics data, it can be challenging to evaluate your business. You can review the business performance of your car dealership through a complete analytics display with HashMicro’s POS software. With complete data, it will undoubtedly be easier to evaluate and make the best strategy for the progress of your car dealer business.


The Main Features of HashMicro’s POS system

feature pos system

HashMicro’s point of sales software is here to help solve problems in your company. We provide a variety of features to facilitate your work as a distributor. Here are the features that POS system HashMIcro has:

Inventory tracking

The first feature of the HashMicro POS system is inventory tracking. This feature will help you track the availability of items in the warehouse in real-time. In addition, you can also search for products easily in case of an increase in demand for car products in your dealer’s business. You can also find out the remaining stock through this feature, so it is easy to ask for a restock from the central dealer or factory. That way, you can anticipate if there is an increase in demand. 

Multi-payment method

HashMicro has provided a multi-payment method feature so that customers can transact with various types of payments. This feature will facilitate the buying and selling process at your car dealer. You can seamlessly process transactions with various payment methods ranging from cash, debit cards, credit cards, or e-wallets.

Customer and promotion management

Doing a promotion must be under segmentation to be more effective. You can manage your car dealer’s customers from the buyer list. Your companya can also make them a membership so that they return to your shop in the future. Furthermore, you can do planning promotions such as giving membership with a customer & promotion management feature. Create personalized promotions and calculate programs in transactions easily,

Easy billing and reconciliation

With the easy billing and reconciliation feature, you can print or send invoices automatically. In addition, the feature can calculate the amount of money entered and equate it with transaction records. Therefore, the existence of this feature can make it easier for you to track if there is fraud in your car dealer business.

Comprehensive reporting

Having a financial record in the company is essential to see the amount of profit and loss on the sale of your product. Knowing the most selling products will help you stock even more of the most sold products. The comprehensive reports will easily help you receive financial statements, product reports, and financial spending pattern reports. The existence of such reports helps you determine a strategy for future promotions or sales.


The Fully-Featured POS System Integration

Modules on HashMicro’s point of sales system have advanced features and integrate with other systems, adding to the system’s advantages. With the integration of one module with another module, the function of the point of sales system will be increased. Then, what modules are integrated with HashMicro’s POS system? Here is the integration of the modules:

  1. Purchasing management system: HashMicro’s POS system has the best advantage of integrating with the purchase management system. This integration will make it easier for you to repeat orders automatically. In addition, the booking procedure for your car dealer business will also be more straightforward.
  2. Inventory Management Software: HashMicro has also designed a POS system that you can integrate directly with inventory management software. This system is essential for your car dealer business because it can help you manage your stock efficiently. In addition, you can also transfer stock quickly and efficiently.
  3. Accounting System: One of the most critical systems that need to be directly connected to your car dealer’s business POS system is the accounting system. The integration of the accounting system will make it easier for you to track the profit and losses of each branches. In addition, you can also manage the entire finances of your business quickly and accurately.



The stock of depleted goods in a company is common in any business, including car dealers. Many things can cause the stock to run out, but we can anticipate running out of stock at a car dealer using the best POS software. With a variety of promising features and integrated modules, pos systems seem to be something that we must implement. 

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HashMicro’s fully-featured POS system can be your choice to increase your car dealer sales. This system can make it easier for you to track the stock at your car dealership company. In addition, HashMicro’s integrated POS software offers solutions for processing payments, managing promotions, and monitoring inventory. Immediately switch to using the number #1 POS system from HashMicro to support your car dealer. First, look at the POS system price scheme to determine how much you have to spend and get the demo for free!

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