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7 Reasons Why Cloud Computing is Important to Your Business

It’s surprising how fast technology evolves in just a few years. Before Cloud Computing, people would run applications or programs from programming downloaded on a physical PC or server in their building. Back then, many companies struggle to create their own data centers. In addition, those who have them will generally allocate a large number of IT professionals and resources. In that case, it will be time-consuming and expensive, as our ERP software product is made exclusively for you from scratch and is the best solution for your company in Singapore. So maintaining productivity eventually becomes a new challenge. Cloud-based ERP comes as a solver for all company problems in running their business.

The rapid development of technology has company provided many alternative solutions for many enterprises in running and developing their businesses. Now more and more companies are starting to build their business models by relying on Cloud Computing. Therefore, cloud computing is now a new trend in data center management, especially in Southeast Asian countries. However, Cloud Computing is not just a trendy and innovative solution, but also a relatively new business model, applicable to any type of company. Currently, many people think that Cloud Computing is only used as a backup for the system that is running. It should be known that it has more functions for the company. You can also find out about the sale system pricing scheme calculations to help you decide which one suits best to your company.

Cloud Computing

1. Flexibility

In recent years, many businesses are realizing how Cloud Computing is so important to be applied to the work environment of today.Even in a recent survey by KPMG of 500 executives, it was found that 42% of them think that flexible work is the main factor why they use Cloud Computing. It offers greater flexibility to your employees in their work practices. If you need access to your documents and data when you’re off-site or at home, you can quickly interact with the virtual office. Moreover, you can easily access it whenever you need it via any web-enabled device.

2. Cost Savings and Investment

Perhaps, one of the most remarkable benefits of Cloud Computing is certainly considerable savings in company’s IT costs. You do not need to spend for the purchase of inventory such as infrastructure and hard disk. According to the service, plan agreed with the Cloud Computing service provider, you only need to pay a low fee for regular compensation per month or once paid. Thus, the royalty fees on automated software licenses are reduced, because they all run with Cloud-based computing.

3. Disaster Recovery

No matter the size, every business should invest in durable disaster recovery. But for small businesses that don’t have the necessary budget and skills, this is often more ideal than a reality. Cloud is currently helping more businesses avoid that pattern. According to a study, small companies are twice as likely as large companies to deploy cloud-based backup and restore solutions. This is because cloud computing can save time, avoid large upfront investments, and incorporate third-party expertise as part of the deal.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

4. Collaboration Efficiency

The Cloud Computing model enables your business to communicate and share more easily outside of the traditional methods. It allows better collaboration between employees, enabling multiple users to share and work on data and files at the same time. Cloud makes it simple for the company’s design and construction experts. Especially for those who invest much of their time on job sites overseas or across various areas to get work-related information.

5. Scalability

Accounting Software

Another major benefit of cloud computing is its scalability. Cloud-based services are ideal for organizations with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. Your business can scale up or scale down operations. The resource storage needs of your business may need a quick adjustment to suit such variations, allowing flexibility as the conditions change. If the needs increase, it’s easy to upsize your Cloud capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers. Similarly, if you need to downsize again, the flexibility is baked into the service. The best way to scale up your business is using Cloud ERP. It’s easier and complete system.

6. Document Control

The more representatives and partners work together on documents, the greater the need for fastened document control. Before Cloud Computing, employees had to send files back and forth as email attachments to your work by one client at a time. At some point, you end up with a mess of colliding file content, formats and titles.

7. Competitiveness

Increasingly tough industrial competition has forced companies to be more practiced and quicker when responding to changes in the marketplace. Cloud Computing solutions can provide many useful advantages to help companies be more agile in running their businesses.

Cloud computing

The choice of cloud computing service provider is based on many factors. Not only from the location factor, choosing a name from the provider list, or comparing a number of parameter specifications in the brochure. The successful implementation of this service will depend on how the provider provides the right service for the company’s needs, with minimal risk but without sacrificing its implementation. One of the Cloud Computing services that can meet your company’s needs is Hashmicro Cloud ERO software.

Having 25 years of experience in the Indonesian IT industry, Datacomm believes that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have always been the backbone of Indonesia’s economy are still lacking in IT investment. Hashmicro’s ERP software is opening possibilities for SMEs to start investing in IT. Especially in mobility to boost efficiency, competitiveness and differentiation, as well as through social media, since it is now the highest growth engine for IT industry in Indonesia.

You can also choose the right ERP vendor after calculating the ERP software pricing scheme. Tell us about your type of business and industry and we will offer you the best business solutions.

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