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      Dispatching: Definition, Functions, and Procedures in the Production Process

      Dispatching in the production process aims to define the function of production planning, which deals with matters to start the work. In other words, assignment means starting production planning with the responsibility of giving authority to start production activities.

      Assignment can also facilitate the process of recording all transactions, and help the business accounting system management process become better and faster. In addition, this process also aims to carry out the production process in accordance with the rules and ensure that each process is in accordance with the needs that have been in the previous plan.


      Table of Content:

        The Definition of Dispatching

        Dispatching is the implementation of the third step in the production process, which consists of sending orders, instructions, orders, and other things to start work. This is the action or implementation stage, which comes after routing and scheduling in the production process stage. This process includes various things for production purposes, such as raw materials, tools and equipment, interactive PDF production manifests, officers who will work on it, production flow and execution time, and so on.

        Furthermore, if all work has started to enter into the installation operation, the production inspection officer is responsible for conveying it to the operations officer. It is for regarding matters such as; the work that we have to do, the time plan for completion, and an assessment report on the progress of the work. As a result, these things will later create a direct relationship between the production and sales processes.

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        Dispatching Functions

        Assignment functions in the production process include:

        • Supervise the availability of incoming materials and ensure material turnover from one process to another.
        • Ensure the availability of all production support equipment and supervision.
        • Knowing the general description, specifications, and material lists is the main basis.
        • Determine jobs that are suitable for machines, workplaces, and workers.
        • Issue work orders that allow you to carry out activities according to pre-arranged dates and times.
        • Issuing time tickets, instruction cards, and other items that are essential for workers who will carry out various activities.
        • Issue inspection orders after each activity is completed, to find out the results regarding product quality.
        • Ensure that each job to continue can be continued to the next department.
        • Record the start and finish times of work on time tickets, to find out the calculation of the time gap.
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        Procedures in Dispatching

        Dispatching procedures

        • Store Issue Order: Authorizes a store or department to ship material requirements.
        • Tool Order: Authorize the tool shop to release the required tools.
        • Work Order: Instructs workers to continue operations.
        • Time Ticket: Record the start and end times of operations and become the basis for payment of workers.
        • Inspection Order: Sends inspectors to carry out inspections and provide reports on component quality.
        • Move Order: Provide approval for the movement of materials and components from one facility to another for further operations.

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        Types of Dispatching

        There are two types of systems in dispatching:

        1. Centralized system

        In this system, the central shipping department orders directly to the workstation. In this way, we can maintain every record that is complete with the characteristics and capacity of each piece of equipment and worker for each machine. So that, there are several advantages to this system, including:

        • Enables effective coordination between different facilities
        • Have greater flexibility
        • Can easily assess the progress of orders at any time because all information is available in a centralized place
        • There is an effective and better utilization of manpower and machinery.

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        2. Decentralized system

        In this system, manufacturing orders are entirely the task of the inspector or supervisor. So, they must determine the relative order in which the party will take these orders within the department. In addition, it is the duty of the parties concerned to deliver this order and ensure that the necessary materials are available at every machine and operator. This system has several advantages, including:

        • Minimize most of the bureaucratic flow
        • Avoid complicated reports and duplicate posts
        • Reduced gaps in communication
        • Easy to solve everyday problems

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        Thus, we can conclude that the assignment stage is an important part of the attention of business people in carrying out the production planning process. This is intended to avoid losses in the company. This can occur due to the accumulation of product stock, and the products not being sold properly. On the other hand, this is not something the company wants to happen. Therefore, it is important to consider everything carefully, so the entire production process can be carried out properly.


        Therefore, it is important to consider everything carefully so that the entire production process can be carried out properly. To be able to achieve success in the production planning process, use Hashmicro’s Manufacturing Automation Software that can improve the operational efficiency of your business.

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