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Definition, Advantages, and 4 Best CRM System Singapore 2022

Customer is King’ is a mantra reflecting the importance of customers in every business. Today, customers are one of the main targets for companies. Especially with the strategic customer focus and long-term profits that also make customers the key to a company’s success. Therefore, companies need to build intense customer satisfaction and reduce problems that worsen relationships with customers. Then how to deal with it? The solution is using the most refined CRM System Singapore.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) uses information strategies and technology to manage customer relationships. The purpose of using CRM software is to form customer lines of communication, such as sales and marketing. Therefore, the best CRM has become an obligation for your company to maintain a good relationship with customers. This article summarizes all the information related to the CRM system Singapore that you need to know. Check out the article below!

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What is a CRM Software?

They are so many people who ask what is CRM system. What is the function of CRM software? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software is a system that can manage the interactions that occur between a company and its customers. Companies use this system to manage data and synchronize sales, marketing, and customer service.

This system has become an essential part of many companies, especially those engaged in service. Your company certainly wants to stay in touch with valuable customers and maintain a good relationship with customers. Therefore, CRM software can help you in facilitating efficient consumer management. In addition, the system analyzes customer interaction history data which will be helpful to improve business relationships between the company and its customers.

The top CRM system Singapore can make it easier for Singaporean businesses to collect various customer information and data on one centralized platform. You can usually take the data of these customers from social media, phone call history at call centers, marketing divisions, and many others. With this data, business owners can quickly evaluate the customer service that the company has run. Thus, the service you provide to customers can improve well.

The CRM system is software that companies must have. Management of customer and sales data very much makes it difficult for companies to manage it. CRM software is a solution to automate and make managing customer data easier. You can analyze and manage customer data in real time with the help of the best CRM software.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

The Importance of CRM System for Your New Business

The CRM app can collect and process all your customer-related information to track the buyer’s journey for each individual who interacts with the company. In addition, this system is also crucial for your new business because it can streamline communication,  improve customer experience, and improve data management. One of the main goals of using the best CRM System is that it can improve the good relationship between companies and customers. That way, your new business can create customer loyalty and customer retention. In addition, there are several reasons why CRM software is important for your new business: 

  • The CRM system can help your company track interactions with customers. 
  • Your business can be more focused because a CRM app can provide the information you need to identify customer needs. 
  • The CRM system Singapore can reach many new customers and convert potential customers into loyal customers. 
  • You can increase a company’s productivity by automating your employees’ work through a CRM system Singapore. 
  • A CRM system Singapore can improve the customer service performance of your new business. 

How the Best CRM Software Helps Business Grow

crm for small business, best crm system singapore

CRM software for small businesses in Singapore will help you track and visualize sales performance metrics through customer relationship profiles, and help your client base grow with your business. CRM solution is to provide your company with important customer data. You can find out about the needs that customers want. Another explanation is that it can help managers make the right decisions. This is because the data that CRM presents can make managers choose the best decision for their company.

Connect your business

The CRM system Singapore already provides many features that can help connect your business with customers. This system can make it easier for you to collect customer information and data on one centralized platform. These data can be a reference for companies to make the best decisions related to marketing business products. Therefore, this system can connect your business, both in the form of sales and marketing companies, with customers.

In addition, customer relationship management (CRM) can increase the company’s business sales. CRM systems can also help companies record real-time sales processes. This makes the company can easily analyze and find out how the company’s performance is in one period. That is why CRM software is mandatory for companies.

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Identify and categorize the lead

CRM software can help you identify and add new leads easily and quickly. In addition, you can also categorize leads accurately through this system. With complete and accurate information about clients and leads, sales and marketing can focus their attention and energy on the right customers. You can also use Singapore’s No.1 CRM sales to boost your sales team’s productivity.

A mandatory requirement that CRM Singapore must have is to have features to increase sales. The best CRM software must have a feature to record all sales transactions in real-time. In addition, CRM software must also have various features for storing customer data that are safe so that there is no data leakage.

Increase the customer lifetime value

Customer Life Value (CLV) is one of the indicators used to determine the value of a company’s customers. This matrix is essential for the company because it can determine its long-term success and predict revenue growth. Therefore, using the best CRM software can help you increase customer satisfaction and CLV while increasing the company’s profitability. That way, you can make your business grow faster.

Feedback from customers is an important indicator for a company to improve its business. Feedback means reviews from customers about how your company’s products are. Managing a lot of feedback from customers is certainly a difficult thing. That’s what makes CRM systems play a very big role in managing it. Therefore, many companies are currently using CRM software to develop their business.

Improve product and service

The CRM system data can be an evaluation material of the products and services. With feedback from customers, you will know which products have shortcomings and which parts need to be repaired. Therefore, this system can assist you in improving the quality of products and services of your company and optimizing customer service.

As explained above, CRM systems can manage feedback and customer needs that are many in the market. This will certainly help the company in determining what is the best decision he can make to improve customer data management. That is why CRM software is one of the mandatory tools that companies have.

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How to Choose the Right CRM System Singapore 

The three important factors in choosing a CRM system for your business in Singapore are business needs, system reliability, and cost. Firstly, you need to understand your business needs such as the type of data that needs to be processed and accessed, the number of users who will use it, and integration with other systems that you have. Secondly, system reliability is a key factor in choosing the right CRM system. Make sure you choose a service provider that has a good reputation and experience in building and running reliable systems.

Finally, consider the costs involved in choosing the right CRM system. Be sure to factor in development and integration costs, licensing costs, and support costs to ensure that you get an affordable and high-performing solution. By considering these factors, you can find the right CRM system for your business in Singapore.

Best CRM System Singapore for Small Businesses 

After knowing a complete explanation of CRM and its benefits. Now is the time for you to choose the best CRM software in Singapore to support your small business needs. The more requests for CRM systems, the more vendors provide customer relationship management (CRM). Therefore, here are some of the best CRM software in Singapore:



HashMicro is one of the best ERP and CRM solution providers in Singapore. This vendor provides the complete software set that you can customize to all your company’s business needs. HashMicro has the best CRM software in Singapore to maximize lead conversions and monitor sales in your company. This system also has various main features, such as sales pipeline management, sales team management, call logging management, revenue forecasting, etc. The existence of a variety of excellent features can provide your business with many benefits to increase the company’s profits. The benefits you will get from a CRM system from HashMicro, such as lead identification, automated reporting, full traceability, and easy configuration.

HashMicro also ensures that its CRM can connect all teams with customers and provide top service. Another advantage you will also get is that this system can integrate with other systems. That way, all business operations in your company can connect effectively and efficiently. In addition, the cost you incur to implement this system is not very high compared to other systems. If you are looking for a leading CRM software in Singapore that can increase customer retention, then the CRM system Singapore from HashMicro is a great choice.


One of the providers of CRM software in Singapore is Salesforce. Salesforce CRM can connect enterprise teams with customers so that you can provide a pleasant customer experience. In addition, Salesforce can also help you stay connected with each customer journey with the various features they have provided. Some of the features you can get are CRM, email marketing, employee management, inventory management, reporting, etc. Using this system will offer various benefits, such as selling smarter and faster, connecting every commerce channel, creating more engaging marketing, and many more. 


Sage is a cloud-based ERP and CRM software provider suitable for your small business. Sage’s CRM system can help you manage your company’s relationship with your customers, so you can also increase your company’s growth. Some features you can find from Sage CRM, such as campaign management, collaboration tools, performance tools, etc. In addition, you will also get many benefits, such as gaining reliable insight and accelerating team performance. You can also collaborate effectively, understand your customer better, and make more profits. Sage CRM can be your choice who wants to deliver a better experience to your customer.


The Oracle CRM application will assist you in managing your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, and also be your choice for optimizing leads for your small business. You can get several features from Oracle CRM, such as customer engagement, campaign management, email management, marketing automation, etc. This system can also assist you in creating, managing, serving, and maintaining lasting customer relationships. This CRM software can be your choice to increase your company’s customer retention.

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The best CRM system has become an obligation for your company to maintain a good relationship with customers. CRM software is a system that can manage the interactions that occur between a company and its customers. This system has become an essential part of many companies to improve their customer retention.

Therefore, you need a suitable vendor to provide you with the best system ever in Singapore. There are four vendors that you can choose from, such as HashMicro, Salesforce, Sage, and Oracle. Suppose you’re looking for a CRM with various advanced features that can increase enterprise lead conversion. In that case, HashMicro’s most advanced CRM system Singapore is the solution.
CRM cloud

HashMicro’s CRM-Leads is a system that automates your sales pipeline to maximize your lead conversion. HashMicro’s fully-integrated system can convert more qualified leads and win more deals. The benefits you will get from HashMicro’s CRM software, such as lead identification, automated reporting, full traceability, and easy configuration. Now, you no need to worry about losing your loyal customer with the complete CRM system in Singapore. Contact us now and get a free demo!

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