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8 Things You Need to Know About Software Development

There is high competition today for software developers and programmers in the job market due to the increasing demand for software development services and skills. 

According to the statistics, software developers’ employment is expected to grow 21% by 2028, and the total number of software developers will exceed a whopping 27.7 million by 2023—hence increasing the competition.

Thus, learning the necessary skills to stand out from the crowd is essential for building a successful career. 

This is why many businesses hire web and software developers from creative agencies and credible branding agencies. But you can beat the competition as an independent or freelance software developer and excel from the web design company developers with the excellent skills you’ll learn from this article.

But before diving into them, let’s quickly understand what software development is and what a software developer’s role is.

What is Software Development?

Software development is the practice of designing, creating, deploying, and supporting software using a set of computer science activities and algorithms.

Software is a set of programs and instructions that command the computer about what to do. 

Thus, a software developer is responsible for developing different types of software, including: 

  • System software
  • Application software
  • Programming software 
  • Web development software 
  • Embedded software

So, if this intrigues your interest as a computer engineer or a programming enthusiast, let’s get into the things you must know about software development. 

8 Things You Must Know About Software Development

Regardless of your background, learning essential software development skills can help you soar high in your career development. 

Here are the must-know things and skills you must know and acquire to become a credible and high-in-demand software developer:

Data structures and algorithms

Data structure and algorithms are the essential skills a programmer and software developer should know. 

Data structures, like LinkedIn lists, maps, sets, and arrays, let you write a real-world application. It’s a named location used to store and organize critical data. While at the same time, an algorithm refers to a collection of steps for solving a specific problem. 

Thus, learning key data structures and algorithms makes writing efficient and optimized computer programs easier.

Programming languages

Programming and developing software requires learning and mastering programming languages, like C++, Java, Javascript, or Python, to develop and design different software.

Programming languages teach you everything from website development to complex Big Data tasks.

Scripting languages

Scripting languages are programming languages that are used to write scripts, which are sets of instructions that an interpreter can execute. 

They are commonly used in software development to automate tasks, such as building and deploying software, running tests, and deploying code to production environments. 

Some examples of popular scripting languages include Python, Ruby, and Bash. Compared to programming languages, scripting languages are easier to learn and use than compiled languages, as they do not require the explicit compilation step. 

They are also often more flexible and can be used for various tasks. While they may not be as efficient as compiled languages in terms of performance, scripting languages make it easy to write scripts and create tools to solve problems and automate mundane tasks. 

Database and SQL

The purpose of the database is to store and manage a large amount of structured data, such as customer information, product inventory, and financial records. 

In software development, databases are often used to store data that is used by applications. Structured Query Language is a programming language to create, modify, and query databases. 

SQL is a standard language for interacting with databases and is used by many software developers to manage data stored in database systems. 

Hence, to work with databases in software development, it is important to understand SQL and how to use it to create, read, update, and delete data in a database. This may involve writing complex queries, creating tables and views, and working with transactions.

The different databases include Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. While knowing any one of these enough, it’s crucial to understand how to update, insert, or delete data and write SQL queries to retrieve the data.

Linux or UNIX

Linux and Unix are operating systems that are commonly used in software development. Both are open-source systems known for their stability, security, and flexibility.

They are widely used in servers, as well as in development environments for writing and testing code. 

Many software developers prefer to use Linux or Unix because they offer a wide range of programming tools and resources and a strong developer community. 

To work with Linux or Unix in software development, you must be familiar with the command line, basic shell commands, and tools such as text editors and version control systems. 

Working with these systems may also involve configuring system settings, installing and updating software packages, and troubleshooting issues.

Networking basics

Networking is an important aspect of software development, as it involves data communication between computers and other devices over a network. 

It is important to understand how networks operate and how data is transmitted between devices to work with networks in software development. This may include networking basics knowledge of network protocols, such as TCP/IP, and how to use tools such as ping and traceroute to test connectivity. 

It may also involve understanding how to configure network settings and troubleshoot connectivity issues. In addition, it is important to be familiar with security measures, such as firewalls and encryption, to protect data transmitted over the network.

Text editors

Text editors are programs used to write and edit code and are essential for writing, testing, and debugging code in software development. 

Many different text editors are available, ranging from simple programs with basic features to advanced editors with a wide range of tools and resources. Some popular text editors for software development include Atom, Visual Studio Code, and Sublime Text. 

When choosing a text editor, it is important to consider factors such as the programming languages and frameworks you will be working with and your personal preferences and needs. 

The features of text editors include syntax highlighting, code completion, and integration with version control systems.

Source control

Source control, also commonly known as version control, is a system that tracks changes to files over time and allows multiple developers to collaborate on a project. 

It is an essential tool for software development—allowing developers to access different codebase versions easily, revert to previous versions if necessary, and merge code changes from multiple developers. 

Source control systems typically include a central repository where the code is stored and managed and tools for developers to commit and push changes to the repository. 

Popular source control systems include Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. Using source control allows developers to work on a project confidently—knowing they can easily track and manage changes to the codebase.


Software development is a constantly evolving and high-in-demand field that requires a wide range of skills to become a proficient software developer. 

You need to be proficient and hone your programming skills and scripting languages, learn data structures, networking basics, and more to make your career in software development. 

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