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3 New Business Opportunities That You Can Do From Home

During the pandemic, we have seen some viral entertainment activity from home. Such as making virtual dance challenges, gardening, attending virtual music concerts, and watching movies through streaming services. Not only the entertainment sector, other sectors like economics also has their “from-home” phenomenon. One of the examples is the appearance of many new business opportunities.


Definition of New Business Opportunities

New business opportunities are research on business ideas from things that are trending or popular among the public. By doing this research, you will get data on what products or services are in high demand.

Reasons to Take Advantage of New Business Opportunities

By choosing a business through new business opportunities, you have a chance to make your business more known to the public. But you also have to sort out what current products are in high demand from potential consumers. In addition, you also have to think about the long and short term of a product is not quickly forgotten by time.

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3 Examples of New Business Opportunities

For those of you who are interested in starting a business, we have summarized 3 new business opportunities that you can do from home.

Korean Cuisine

3 New Business Opportunities

If you love Korean dramas, you might know the atmosphere above. Many Korean dramas viewers are attracted when the actors were showing their food. Such as jajangmyeon, tteok-bokki, or gimbap. You can make this sensation a chance for your business. You can also make innovations by opening your own Korean food business from a delivery application or opening your delivery system.

For better business operations, we will recommend you the best POS system for F&B business. A multi-function POS Restaurant Software to process transactions, table management, and monitor the order status from the kitchen. Create promotion programs easily. You can also manage all branches just in one platform!

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Workspace / Study Desk Decoration

Business Opportunities

With the implementation of the “School From Home” and “Work From Home” systems, many students and office workers spend their days in their personal workspaces or desks. During this time, we will feel bored or tired if we linger in front of the monitor screen in a monotone room.

To reduce this feeling, you can overcome it by looking at other things that you find interesting. Like seeing green plants, unique decorations through the grid wall such as photos or illustrations, you can even add fragrance to your study table by storing scented candles or diffusers.

These supporting items can be your idea to start a new business from home. You can innovate on these items to get more selling value.

Daily Catering Delivery & Frozen Food

3 New Business Opportunities That You Can Do From Home

This last business idea might be a business choice that can also help others in the current situation. Many of us are unlucky and have to quarantine at home due to COVID-19. Because of that, patients usually have difficulty buying groceries to the store.

With this daily catering delivery and frozen food business, you can manage how to make customers feel more efficient in using our products by setting prices and more affordable delivery schemes. This business is also suitable for office workers and boarding students.

Need to boost your retail business efficiency? High-Quality Retail POS System from HashMicro maybe can be your option. By using a web-based POS System, you can manage your store purchases & cash control and have real-time updates from anywhere at any time.


Those were three examples of new business opportunities that may be useful for you to start a new business from home. Now, you can start thinking about how the system of the company will work. One of them is by looking at opportunities, targets, production systems, and other identifications.

If you have successfully run a business and the scope is getting wider, you can use POS software that helps your retail business.

Cashier management, accurate sales reports, search and real-time product re-stock updates, and other benefits can be obtained through our software. HashMicro software has been trusted and used by more than 250 companies. You can also do free consultations and demos here.

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