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Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Innovative ERP Solutions

HashMicro offers you the most innovative solutions to help your business grow while putting in practice the advanced cloud-based ERP solutions and business management applications. We aim to bring your business to the next level.

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Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Accelerate Your Business

Improve your business efficiency with our proven ERP Solutions. Based in Singapore, we have helped clients from all over the world by being the most reliable ERP Solution Provider. Find out more on how our products are able to help your business.

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Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Reliable Singapore ERP Solution Provider

At HashMicro, we value our product quality & customer satisfaction, hence we strive to understand your requirements thoroughly & come up with the perfect solution for you. Our solution ranges from streamlining your inventory & accounts, launch your ecommerce portal/ web-store, assisting you with HRM/CRM and ultimately make you earn piles of profits, and a lot more. Our products has been tested & proven throughout the years, so come & feel free to contact us for a free demo now!

Here are a list of our products:

Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider


Whether you are a newly established company, running an business for years or you’re a sole properietor, HashMicro has solution for you. Our customized cloud solutions would be able to solve your day to day hurdles. Enjoy the company of friendly developers & designers and excellent customer support at HashMicro. We bring you wealth of amazing opportunities that will surly help you expand your business farther than your beliefs.

Travel ERP & Portal Singapore


Offer your travel booking services through their touch-devices. Our fully integrated online travel booking system offers your customers the  ability to book flights hotels, cars, insurance, and many more. With over 90+ travel suppliers, we are your one stop solution for your travel agency.


Singapore Education ERP / LMS


Do you experience trouble very often while managing the timetables for the students, scheduling the faculty members and handling the financial issues of your school? Get fully integrated system now to resolve all the matters with few clicks.


Singapore  Professional Services ERP

Professional Services

Manage your agency seamlessly through the system, keep track of your Accountings, Bookings, Human Resource Management all from one place. Allow your customers to browse through your employee's biodata & allow them to book a timeslot to assess!


Singapore Retail / Fashion ERP System & POS

Retail / Fashion

Managing Accounts, Finance, Sales and Inventory at the same time is the biggest issue for the businesses of Retail/Fashion industry and we have the perfect solution for your business. Find the complete solution at HashMicro today for all your worries!


Singapore Wholesale ERP System


Enhancing the profits and minimizing the losses is the biggest wish of any wholesaler. It can be done for sure if you’re blessed with a team of hardworking professionals who is equipped with the knowledge of modern industry trends. Improve your business efficiency now!


Singapore Restaurant Management System / ERP

Food & Beverage

Maintaining quality of products and earning the trust of your consumers is the ultimate goal for a business in Food & Beverage Industry. Equip yourself with the right tools to win over your competitors, complete your business with eMenu, Restaurant Management, POS & Accounting now!


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HashMicro will make you save your business a lot of valuable time and generate more profit by using our CRM, accounting, inventory systems and many more0| . We'll create the best marketing strategy that best suits your company goals following the latest marketing trends. We answer all your business development needs with smart business solution. With years of experience in website design and development, HashMicro has the professionals who can offer you the most creative solutions that follow the latest industry trends.

Our professional team will make it possible for you to plan, create, execute and evaluate a marketing campaign tailored to your specific business needs.


Singapore Reliable ERP Solution Provider

Incredible Designs and Intuitive User Experience

We are blessed with creative minds and are competent enough to craft Incredible Designs and Portals for your websites and online applications as we know how to make use of State of the Art technology.

Cost Effective Solutions

HashMicro has years of experience to serve various businesses and we know very well that you have to boost the profits and minimize the losses. Hence we strive hard to offer you very cost effective ERP solutions.

Reliable Cloud Server

Finding the most reliable ERP Solution Provider is not as easy as saying it. Reliability of services depends on the consistency of the Cloud Server.
Contact us now and see how reliable we are.

Fast Delivery

Delivering quick services is not only what we are after. HashMicro has coupled it with the quality of services and we certainly make it possible to deliver valuable services at a faster pace.

Innovative Solutions

Providing Innovative Solutions is the only way for us to win the trust of our clients. We help you to utilize the best possible products of HashMicro and make your business move forward.

Professional Team

Get associated with HashMicro and enjoy the services and expertise of Professional Team of developers, designers and programmers.
Get in touch with us to experience it in real!

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Singapore Cloud ERP Software Provider

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clients say

For 4 years now I've been running my retail business and bookkeeping was my biggest obstacle. Now with HashMicro's accounting system I feel like I've made the best decision in my life since bookkeeping has never been as easier as now.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Dylan Wei

Managing Director, ThursdaySuits

With the end of the year coming up, we had so many things to think about and it was with efficient help of HashMicro that we managed to get everything up and running on time, including our website which is receiving positive feedback from our customers.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Aik Koan Heng

Founder, Acewerks

Our bakery is busy every day and often bookkeeping gives us a lot of headache. But with the help of Hashmicro’s ERP system, we can now focus more on improving our patisseries’ quality instead of stressing over bookkeeping.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Angelina Lin

General Manager, Angelicious

I’ve been the owner of a small business for several years now and technical matters and new technologies were never my strong side, but with HashMicro's help, my accounting & keeping track of my inventory has never been this simple.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Wong Cheok Lup

Founder, Monocle TinkerEdge

As a new startup company we had so many things to think about and it was with efficient help of HashMicro that we managed to get everything up and running on time, including our website which is receiving positive feedback from our customers.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Tiffany Lim

Founder, Antioxie

I always hated the time of the year when I had to do audits and taxes because my accounts were spread across multiple systems. With HashMicro accounting system all my accounts are in one place and a lot more manageable.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Jared Lin

Management consultant, ManChampagne

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