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Robust ERP Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software enables you to keep up with fast-paced markets with complete visibility and advanced analytics. You can plan, source, deliver and forecast the right products at the right time.

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The Benefits of HashMicro SCM Software

scm singapore
scm software

Improves Efficiency

A bottleneck in the supply chain is eliminated with automation, and you can meet customers' orders quickly.

supply chain management system

Multi-warehouse Support

Your warehouses in multiple locations are well-tracked and human-error will be eliminated significantly.

Singapore Supply Chain Management System
scm software singapore

On-time Delivery

Every cycle from ordering to delivery is arranged effectively so customers will receive it as planned.

scm singapore

Sales Forecasting

You can have sales predictions automatically to keep up with the ever-changing market landscape.

The Main Features

supply chain management software singapore


Track the availability of your goods, locate them, and make inventory adjustments to avoid risks and errors.

supply chain management system


Get notified when stocks reach the minimum level and send purchase orders automatically to suppliers.

scm system


Track the order status, receive updates, and fulfil orders more effectively.

scm software singapore


Locate your courier's whereabouts to ensure that all customer orders are delivered on time.

scm singapore


Simplify the return process and set up solid returns solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

Singapore Supply Chain Management System

Planning &

Forecast future demand and inventory need and ensure the right amount of stock with advanced analytics.

Supply Chain Management System Integration


Sales Management System helps you create sales orders and quotations, set multiple price lists, and calculate commission easily.

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Supply Chain

Procurement System

Procurement System helps you create purchase orders and purchase requests and set up the approval matrix easily.

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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System helps you manage the stock in multiple locations, do the stock transfer, and stock taking in one platform.

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Transportation Management System

Manage all cargos, goods packing and picking, cargo location and delivery time effectively.

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Frequently asked questions about our software solutions.

We provide various types of support, from free consultations and blueprints to training and user manuals, ensuring that your software is runs smoothly.
Our solutions are very comprehensive and designed for 15 industries. Our ERP system offers unlimited user licenses. Therefore, it can be used by everyone in your company at no additional cost.
We provide ready-made software that continually improves our development team. However, our software can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.
Yes, our software has a mobile version to help you run your business better. Our mobile apps cover various functions, depending on the modules you are using.
EQUIP is web-based ERP software that can be run through the internet on any mobile device via any web browser.
We use PostgreSQL database management system, which ensures data security and scalable performance for many of simultaneous users.
We use Python, one of the most popular programming languages, to develop our software programs.
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Platforms for customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) both aggregate vast volumes of data into searchable, useful, and actionable information. These platforms track many kinds of data, though. While many businesses utilize both an SCM and a CRM, some might just require one. Business executives should be aware of the similarities and variations between these platforms in order to make sure they get the appropriate software for their company.

SCM is used when the product process has not reached the market, such as the procurement of raw materials, vendor relations, the need for production of distribution. While CRM focuses on users, such as increasing customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and relations between customers and companies.

Supply Chain Management is useful for solving company supply chain problems. While Customer Relationship Management is useful for increasing customer loyalty and recording company sales automatically.

The purpose of the supply chain management software (SCM) is to integrate the process of inventory management, planning, demand for goods to be produced by the distribution of finished goods ready to be consumed.

Supply chain management software helps organisations to execute strategic purchasing for sustainable market position in a rapidly changing and competitive environment. Facilities will be effectively managed by adopting strategic alliances in SCM with FM suppliers through faster service delivery, increase in service efficiency and cost savings.

The main objective of Supply Chain Management is to match supply with demand. To achieve this, the supply chain must be free from the problems described earlier. Technological assistance, mostly automated solutions, can not only simplify the process but also optimize it.

A systematic strategy for managing the network between a company and its suppliers is known as a supply chain strategy. This plan is often created by a supply chain management with the main objective of maximizing value throughout the whole manufacturing cycle.

The competitive SCM strategy can be by planning based on demand, understanding the internal SCM challenges for distribution optimization, developing partnership and suppliers, integration of company internal ERP with distributors, focusing on customers, periodic reviews and ensuring effective risk mitigation plans.

A supply chain plan functions as a blueprint to assist businesses deliver their goods to clients as efficiently as feasible. This strategy makes sure that every stage of the supply chain is optimized, including material procurement, production, shipping, and logistics.

Benefits of SCM in companies in general can provide customer satisfaction, increase income, reduce costs, higher utilization of assets, increasing benefits and the company is getting greater.

The effectiveness of a company's supply chain affects its profitability in addition to the income it brings in. The supply chain is in charge of making sure a business has the resources and raw materials it needs to generate its goods or services. These products and resources can be acquired at the most affordable prices through an efficient supply chain, which can then swiftly deliver them to the business. The success of a company's supply chain can significantly impact its financial performance.



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