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The Best Fleet Management Software in Singapore

Optimize vehicle management in your company. Track fuel usage and movement of each of your vehicles with the most complete Fleet Management Software.

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The Benefits of Fleet Management System

fleet management
fleet management system

Easy Fleet Tracking

Fleet Management System can be integrated with GPS trackers so you can have fleet location updates in real-time.

fleet management software

Automated Scheduling

Vehicle inspection and routine maintenance can be scheduled automatically for optimal vehicle performance.

fleet management singapore
fleet management system singapore

Well-Tracked Condition

Damage prevention is now easy thanks to real-time updates of vehicle's condition, fuel, and related documents.

fleet management software singapore

Accurate Reporting

Our system lets you generate comprehensive analytics reports on your vehicle performance & costs in a few minutes.

The Main Features of Fleet Management Software

fleet management


Keep track of the value of your vehicles, leasing costs, fuels, and maintenance fees seamlessly through a single platform.

fleet management system

Maintenance Scheduling

Schedule timely periodic maintenance with easy and automated administration processes. Get automated alerts to remind you of the schedules.

fleet management software

Document Management System

Track and manage vehicle documents including rental contracts and insurance premiums. Get an alert when a document is nearing its expiration date.

fleet management singapore

Internal Transfer Management

With our system, you can perform vehicle transfers from one internal location to another and seamlessly monitor the processes in real-time.

fleet management system singapore

Work Order Management

Create and arrange work orders to assign drivers, determine routes, delegate staff to conduct vehicle maintenance, and many more.

fleet management software singapore

Internet of Things

Our system can be integrated with the IoT to facilitate tracking of vehicle locations, odometer and fuel usage, and maintenance (via automated alerts).

Fleet Management Software Integration

Accounting System

The Accounting System helps you calculate, allocate, and analyze the revenue and costs of your vehicles.

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HRM System

HRM System manages salary and taxes calculation, attendance, and leaves of your employees easily.

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Repair Management System

Integrate the Repair Management System with the Fleet Management System to facilitate your vehicle repair procedures.

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Rental Management System

Manage rental orders and check the availability of your rental vehicles simply with the Rental Management System.

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Frequently asked questions about our software solutions.

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We provide ready-made software that continually improves our development team. However, our software can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.
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EQUIP is web-based ERP software that can be run through the internet on any mobile device via any web browser.
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Fleet Management System or Vehicle Management Software is software that is widely used by companies to manage its fleet. Fleet management or vehicle with Fleet Management System will be easier because the management of the fleet occurs automatically. Vehicle management software can provide a maintenance schedule for each fleet that exists so that the risk of damage is small. In addition, the company can track the whereabouts of vehicles with the Fleet Management System so that the risk of losing vehicles becomes absent.

Fleet Management System is a series of processes that permits organizations to see and oversee all data related to their vehicles and other resources, from securing through to the conclusion of life. As innovation has progressed more businesses have turned to armada administration programs to supply superior perceivability into vehicle and resource utilization, and progress upkeep arranging and overseeing has taken a toll on proprietorship. As part of the armada, supervisor advances more businesses are finding esteem in advanced forms that expel wasteful manual assignments and streamline activities.

Also, Fleet Management System alludes to all activities that ought to take put to keep an armada running effectively, on time, and inside budget. It is the forms utilized by armada directors to screen armada exercises and make choices almost appropriate resource administration, alacrity and directing, and vehicle procurement and transfer. Armada administration makes a difference to guarantee that an armada is assembly compliance prerequisites, persistently progressing efficiencies, and lessening costs.

  1. Vehicle leasing.
  2. Acquisition and remarketing.
  3. Supply chain management.
  4. Fuel management.
  5. Maintenance services.
  6. Safety programs.
  7. Collision response.
  8. Tolls and compliance services.

Smart fleet management is the integration of fleet management technologies used to manage, maintain and achieve effective fleet operations. This enables the use of digital technologies for maintenance and fuel management, as well as driver safety, telematics, tracking and intelligent surveillance.

The use of a fleet management system ensures that the operation of company vehicles is aligned with business objectives rather than being a source of problems, which usually arise in its absence.

Misuse of commercial vehicles can easily add huge losses to your business operations, not to mention wasted time from managers to drivers investigating problems to find meaningful ways to remedy those losses.

If your business is directly involved in providing transportation to the public, it can be the difference between continuing to operate or shutting down if you have accumulated enough flagrant violations of regulatory compliance.

One of the most important aspects of the fleet management system is the GPS tracking that helps access the location in real time and the movement of all fleet assets - drivers, vehicles, equipment, and more.

Get every piece of information (every invoice, purchase record, etc.) organized and available during setup.
Fleet managers must have other employees who understand their specific responsibilities and the expected results that come with them.

Encourage driver assistance: Drivers enter more accurate numbers at the right time to stack up than submitting them later. The correct information is essential for efficient fleet management.
Focus on the right metrics: Asking drivers to aim for the best cost per kilometer is already a step in the right direction.

Fleet Management System is useful for companies to optimize the potential and management of their fleet. Fleet management also reduces vehicle damage because of its features that can control when the maintenance time of each vehicle. Companies that have used fleet management agree that it is generally possible for companies that use it to:
  1. Gain more control over the driver and vehicle.
  2. Less time spent predicting departure and arrival times and getting traffic updates and road conditions, which increases productivity.
  3. Save fuel consumption.
  4. Reduce traffic accidents.
  5. Improve driving habits.
  6. Prevent questionable reports.
  7. Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles.
  8. Track and recover lost vehicles.
  9. Customers get better service with real-time access to the location of their assets.
  10. Reduce driver frustration on the road, and increase employee satisfaction around.
  11. Reduce insurance costs.
  12. Reduce maintenance costs.



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