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The Reasons Why Cashless Transaction is Important in New Normal Era

The circuit breaker ends on June 1, and some businesses start to reopen once again. But since the coronavirus hasn’t completely gone, there are some things you can and can’t do at this moment. As a business owner, switching to a cashless transaction system is the thing you have to do as soon as possible.

Besides strict social distancing protocols, the government also emphasizes the importance of cashless transactions to reduce COVID-19 spreading, especially for retailers and restauranteurs. Here are some reasons why cashless transactions are essential in the new normal.

Minimize physical contacts

A lot of people don’t know that coronavirus can also transmit from one person to another from cash. We don’t know who touches the money or whether they’re healthy or not. But with a cashless system, you don’t have to worry about those things any longer.

With a cashless system, the virus transmission from the buyer to the seller with cash as the transfer media does not happen. You can use debit/credit cards, or with other payment methods available in your country.

Cashless transaction speed up the transaction process

The other benefit of a cashless system is you can speed up the transaction process. In a cash transaction, your cashier will take a longer time to find change for the customer. The longer the wait, the more people will gather around the cashier desk. Not good.

A cashless transaction reduces the people gathering around the cashier desk since your staff doesn’t have to find changes for customers. It’s a lot quicker with a cashless system. 

Available anywhere

The best thing about the cashless transaction is because it’s easy to use. In 2020, almost every department store accepts non-cash transactions. Not only that, but some small retail shops also start switching to a cashless system.

Its simplicity attracts people to begin using the cashless system. All you need to do is swipe your card to buy anything you want.

More and more people are using cashless transaction

As more people begin to realize that the coronavirus can quickly spread with cash makes a lot of people switch to the cashless system. Aside from the speed and ease of use, the comfort of the cashless system gave birth to a new kind of society, cashless society.

Not only in retails and restaurants, but many kinds of transportation modes also start to use the cashless system. Almost every transportation method limits the use of cash nowadays.


Switching to a cashless system needs support from the best software. Without adequate software, it’s impossible to operate a cashless system smoothly. For the retailers and restaurants, the POS system is a must to ensure the transaction process can run without hiccups.

The best ERP system not only increases your business efficiency but also able to provide safety and security for your employees and customers, especially after the circuit breaker is over.

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