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Optimize Your Business with Project Management Software

Project manager’s (PM) daily routine circles around how to make a project solved, collaborate with her or his team while managing the resource and budget. With all the complexities, it’s better if you start considering applying project management software.

This article will explain you how project management software can help your business.

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Project management software is a software that helps the tasks of a PM and the team in completing a project with much more simplified and efficient ways.

It is possible because the software covers various features such as task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, team collaboration, and many more.

Here are the features of project management software that we have compiled.


In planning a project, there’s a lot of things that needs to be considered. For example, a PM needs to pick competent people to join the team and estimate the resource needed.

To assist the PM, the system in project management software provides one database that records all activities of the project. It can be the reference for the current project to help the planning process.


Setting up a target for a project completion will help the PM in creating an accurate timeline. The project management software will also notify the team member regarding the upcoming deadline or if they miss any task.

With Kanban management view interface, the system can be easily operated. The user can track the progress of the project in a very detailed yet interactive interface.


To be able to estimate the requirements for the whole project, the software can assist PM in analyzing every possibility based on historical data of the previous projects.

The estimation decision is important because the company needs to calculate the ROI of the project before the valuable resources are invested.

Moreover, a right estimation can decide how much the time spent to complete that project, the company’s budget, and revenue goals.

Tracking and Management

Although a PM have prepared for the project thoroughly and anticipating every possibility in the future, it will not guarantee the success of the project. Starting a project, PM and the team must keep monitoring the progress of it to ensure that it’s on track.

Time Tracking

A project management software will help you in tracking how long certain people take time to finish their task. Therefore, this software can be a measurement to see how productive the employees are.

This feature also allows PM to regulate vendors or part-time workers.

Task Management

Task management is the distribution of the task and obligation to the team members. The benefits if the task management is done well is that PM can identify the troubles early and prioritize the project progress.

Moreover, project management software can handle project in large scale and across departments. The system can identify task priority and if there’s productivity trouble, PM can assign the right person to solve it through the Gantt charts.

Budget and Expense Tracking

By tracking the budget and expense, PM can know how much resource they have spent during the project running.

Analysis and Report

This feature helps PM to view the data during the process running in other form other than Gantt chart so the information can be easily digested.

This type of information will be useful for mid-project pivot. If there’s any task that requires additional resources or if there’s any department that is not on track, PM can handle this situation quicker.


One of the biggest challenges in running a project is how to make sure that every aspect in the project is connected and can collaborate. Large scale collaboration is also possible if the software that you use is cloud-based.

In project management software, project-related documents or data can be uploaded to the system so all user can access the information.

Project Management Software Benefits

Applying project management software will definitely simplify PM and team’s task and make sure that it runs on track. This system facilitates everyone within the project to know what they must do and when they must finish it.

Team collaboration in the system also ensures that the team know the progress of the project. Therefore, the team can avoid miscommunication.

It applies to the client to. With cloud-based system, the client can access the project update and its task division. They can give feedback and edit relevant things as long as they have the username and the password.


Choosing the right project management software with your necessity is crucial. The software must simplify your project management and not adding a never-ending complexity.

Project management software from HashMicro can be an exact solution for your company. Not only that it offers complete features and interactive interface, this solution from HashMicro has unlimited license.

Your company does not need pay for an additional charge per user to access the system. For company who often involve in large scale project, HashMicro would be a good option.

For further information about project management software, contact us here.


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