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The Importance of Asset Management in the Transportation Business

An asset is the wealth owned by a company. Good form in the form of land, machinery, bonds, stocks, vehicles, and all objects that have value and can be guaranteed if at any time needed. Good asset management keeps the company’s revenue growth at maximum performance. A well-functioning company asset will deliver the company to targets that will be achieved in the future.

Maintaining the Quality of Assets to Stay Good


In the transportation business such as taxis, motorbikes, shuttle bus, logistics, aircraft, and ship, transportation equipment owned by the company is a valuable asset.

Implementing asset management with periodically controlled vehicle service will keep the performance of the vehicle capable, avoiding vehicles from damage that causes asset value to decrease, decreasing the performance of vehicles that have an impact on service decline, and also causes a decrease in income.

Optimizing Company Finance


Asset management is needed for companies to see the performance of their vehicles. The use of software in asset management that is able to measure fuel use in one vehicle while also measuring the odometer of a vehicle, will greatly help companies to take care of the vehicles they have.

Having complete data on how much fuel is needed by a vehicle for certain distance units makes it easy for companies to estimate daily or monthly costs.

In addition, data on vehicle mileage through tracking vehicle odometers can also help companies carry out better asset management, for example, to find out when engine oil must be replaced, for every thousand kilometers the tire must be replaced with a new one when the brake lining must be replaced.

For each how much distance the electricity in the vehicle must be checked, and for the journey to what extent the radiator water must be replenished, etc.. All of this data will then lead to budget estimates that must be prepared by the company each month.

Control of Decreasing Asset Value

The Importance of Asset Management in the Transportation Business

A decline in asset value is very common for fixed assets such as vehicles. The year of production, usage period, and technological development are the supporting factors for the decline in vehicle asset value.

For this reason, the implementation of asset management in the company will make it easier for companies to monitor the decline in the value of their assets. Thus, it will help companies in budgeting for asset purchases in the future.

Debriefing on Vehicle Drivers


Maintaining vehicle asset management does not only apply to all parts attached to the vehicle, but also to the driver. Understanding the driver is a matter of how the working system of a vehicle engine, what distance must be taken by the vehicle before finally the oil must be replaced, and how much fuel is used for one trip.

How many thousand kilometers must be taken by the vehicle until the tire has to replace. The general knowledge that must be owned by the driver.

The knowledge possessed by drivers will be very much needed if sudden damage occurs so that the driver can take the necessary action quickly. By providing knowledge about the vehicle that he uses, it will create a sense of security for customers and can realize maximum service.

Helping Company Management in Making Decisions

Asset management enables dialogue between company directors, asset management managers, and daily operational workers.

This dialog will be created when all parties gain access to view all data from the asset management report. This data will be very useful for company management in making decisions in terms of managing assets that they have.

Good Risk Management


Asset management transportation helps companies keep their vehicles operating optimally. Vehicles that operate optimally will guarantee that drivers and their passengers are safe whiles on the road.

This will prevent the company from the risk of accidents that have a negative impact on customer trust in the company on the one hand and on the other hand, have an impact on decreasing income.

More Guarded Company Assets


Utilization of asset management software from HashMicro in a transportation company, helps you track where your vehicle is, what route it travels, and how far the distance and time it takes. That way you can supervise your assets and make your assets safer.

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