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Everything You Need to Know About Barcode System

You see barcodes everywhere – from ID cards, documents, to stuffs you bought from the supermarket. The images that contain lines, bars, and spaces are almost in anything in the purpose of identification. It represents numbers and other symbols.

Barcode looks very simple yet very useful. It has the function of specific product data such as production code and expiry date.

Barcode Application

Barcode can increase efficiency and productivity when it is being paired with a barcode reader. The reader uses laser beams to scan the image and translate into computer data as item stock data.

Most people see barcodes and barcode readers in supermarkets or retail stores. However, barcode’s functions are not only that to that. Barcodes works to help record inventory, check out a book, or track animals for research purpose.

Meanwhile, barcode readers that works with computers are often seen at the retail stores. Again, it is not limited to that. Barcoded readers also function in inventory related activities.

Barcode System and Asset Tracking

Usually, durable barcode labels are the top choice for industries that uses them for asset tracking. The barcode system in here functions as an asset tag, warehouse tag, and utility asset tag. In some cases, barcodes work as unique identification labels (UID).

Asset tracking maximizes efficiency in the controlling and minimizes company’s property losing. For this purpose, company may use a set containing computer, barcode, barcode reader, and asset management software for real-time operations.

The barcode system is the main key for easy data collecting and asset tracking. The retail stores important information for your business including project names, asset categories, and others.

Barcode and barcode readers help company calculate and track assets more quickly and accurately. It minimizes human errors.

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Barcode System and Inventory Management

Just like the asset tracking, inventory management may use barcode to optimize the efficiency. Companies must be able to know the location of their products, how the products are being distributed to customers or to their storage. It can also help the managers to decide when to make a purchase.

Inventory management system that uses a barcode system automates all aspects of inventory management, increase its effectiveness. It gives you forecast for future demand.

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Benefits of Using the Barcode System

If your company starts implementing barcode system, you will enjoy a lot of conveniences. Barcodes improve operational efficiency, enable better customer service, and give a clear visibility of business management processes.

Other benefits include:

  • Barcodes reduce data entry errors. The scanning process is fast and reliable. It’s better that doing it manually.
  • Using a barcode system reduces employee training time. It is not difficult to understand how the barcode system works.
  • Barcode design and printing is cheap.
  • With barcodes, inventory control becomes better because they are more precise and faster in attempt to find the location and calculate the quantity.


Accurate information is very important for your business, both in terms of inventory management and asset management. Barcode systems are reliable and cost effective. Barcode system can adjust to company regulation which ensures accurate availability data.

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