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5 Extra Ways to Improve Online Help Desk Management

There are times when you really need to take a step back and contemplate on how to improve your online help desk service. It includes the problem solving on how to tackle undetected problems in a chaotic work environment.

This article will discuss several areas that help desk team should explore so that they can make an improvement in accomplishing the task, which eventually will add value to your company.

Apply Shift-Left System

Shift-left is a principal that focuses on sharing the help desk knowledge within the company. The concept is pretty simple: the pro IT staff in the back office will make the information related to help desk accessible to the other staffs who are less proficient in the front office.

That way, the advance IT staffs can focus more on more complex problem.

When the help desk team has the same knowledge, they can further share this knowledge to the customers. This is what we call with ‘shift left left’: offering the customer the best documented solution to solve a simple problem independently.

Therefore, you can spend your help desk budget properly and save valuable time because every task is distributed well based on their difficulty level.


Automate your online help desk can be a wise step to take to achieve “do less get more”.

If you have not do this, then do it now! If you have, do you get the expected result? If you sadly don’t, maybe you need to expend the areas to automate.

Here are the areas that you need to consider:

  1. Service request authorization
  2. Ticket service prioritization
  3. Customer Update
  4. Ticket notification (when you need information about the ticket progress)
  5. Ticket closure

Automating the system does not only save your time and money but also increase your customer satisfaction.

Focus on the Aged Ticket

Aged ticket can be a source of problem for your help desk team. Usually, agents avoid this kind of ticket because it becomes more difficult to solve, disturbs your service level agreement, or completely forgotten, until one day your agent find this ticket almost drowning and suddenly it’s emergency.

That is why, your help desk team should handle this kind of ticket consistently before it transform into an insidious complaint and require an extra effort to solve it.

Starting solving this ticket might take a long time, but if your agent is very determined in its completion, you can send the update to your customer and chase the involved department.

Hopefully, your help desk team can give the report periodically. It might be terrifying to open this ticket after a long time, but at least with your effort, you can prevent the growing complaint, save time and money. Customers will also appreciate your attempt to help their problem and not leaving them in the dark.

Give an Excellent Customer Service

Are your help desk agents consistently give you a good service?

One unprofessional staff will greatly affect your team performance. So, you need to ensure that your agents are working effectively.

We can’t deny that some people will have a bad day because of the complaints. But still though, if the bad days outnumber the good days, the agent will create an unpleasant atmosphere. You need to stop it before it becomes chronic.

Give them motivation by praising them, giving feedback, or using gamification technique. Create a convenient work place as a compensation for their stressful work.

With a functioning team, even the most complicated issue can add value for your company.


There’s a huge difference between having a self-service portal and a self-service that your customer actually use. There are number of companies who implement the help desk portal that nobody uses.

It happens because the customers don’t know that such portal exists or they simply don’t know how to use it. Luckily, there are several strategies to solve this

  1. You have to promote it. Do not send “hello, we provide self-service portal” email once and expect your customer will use it. Market it well and make sure that they know that portal can help them. Do not only tell them that they can log their ticket there, but also tell them it can save their time by not calling the customer service.
  2. Teach them. To be able to help your customer, you have to teach them how to use the portal. Give one session to inform them about how to operate it.


A well-organized help desk can help you to satisfy your customers. A satisfied customers eventually will add value to your company.

An advanced online help desk system can actualize an effective team performance. If you have any question about help desk system, you can contact us here.

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