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7 Effective Property Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents

Selling a property is not easy. Economic fluctuations greatly affect the ups and downs in property rental market. These circumstances may be inevitable, but there are some effective ways real estate agents can implement to increase their property sales for better income next year.

1. Focus on the Right Prospects

Having lots of people asking about your property seems fun. But if they don’t end up renting it, then you have been wasting your time and energy. That is why it is critical to know who your ideal prospects are before promoting your property.

Make sure your marketing efforts are always targeted to the right people. Determine your targeted leads as specific as possible. You need to do this to avoid unqualified ones, by specifying their age, occupations, residencies, preferences, and so on.

After collecting prospect data, it’s time to filter them out. In order to make filtering easier, make sure you are using a CRM system. This software will help you maintain all prospect details, identify qualified prospects, assign them to the right sales reps, update prospect status, determine next actions, send quotations automatically, and much more.

2. Craft Social Media Content to Boost Your Property Sales

7 Effective Property Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents In addition to enhancing your website content, try to actively post compelling content on popular social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Nowadays, people tend to be more actively looking for properties online, so make sure your property can be easily found on various social media sites.

Post high-resolution images of your property and make an interesting caption in every post. You can also create paid ads by yourself whenever you feel the need to boost sales. This will greatly help you save costs if compared to hiring a marketing agent to promote your property.

3. Keep an Eye on the Competition

You should not get satisfied too quickly with what you have accomplished so far. Your competitors could outperform you at any time. Therefore, it is crucial to take note of  what they are doing.

Find out what marketing strategies your competitors use, what their promotion techniques are like, where they get their tenants, and any other important information that may help you replicate their success. One of the best methods to gather information from your competitors is by communicating directly with them. This can be done by submitting inquiries via live chat, telephone, email, or attending their seminars.

4. Equip Your Real Estate Agents with ERP Software

You might be wondering, what does ERP software have to do with increasing sales? There are two main benefits of an ERP system that can help boost your property sales.

First, the ERP system allows you to generate real-time data related to your sales, property availability, and facilities. You can directly find out the progress of your property sales, how many properties are still available, what facilities need immediate maintenance, etc. so you can immediately determine next actions and make decisions.

7 Effective Property Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents Second, the real estate ERP system automates most of your real estate operations, from managing leads and sales, assets and facilities, to managing human resources. This certainly allows you and your team to work more productively so that all of you can focus more on developing your sales strategies.

To find out more details about the ERP software, please view this page.

5. Send Captivating Newsletters & Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for building strong relationships with your prospects or tenants. Collect emails from your website, online ads, or any events you’ve held before.

Send your newsletter subscribers what they are looking for, such as notifications about your upcoming open houses, your new properties, seminars that you offer at their locations, tips on choosing properties, and more. If you happen to sell properties in different geographical areas, you’ll want to group your newsletter subscribers based on their location, ensuring that they only get relevant updates from you.

6. Participate in Local Events

Aside from providing open houses (as what property agents do in general), consider participating in various events held around your property areas. You can be a sponsor for local events such as sports, cultural or culinary festivals, automotive exhibitions, and many more. This strategy will help you gain more exposure for your property business.

7. Optimize Your Property Facilities

Comfort is one of the most important things for your tenants. If they were dissatisfied with your property facilities, they would most likely share their unpleasant experiences with others and this can harm the reputation of your property business.

In order to avoid that bad circumstance, you should prioritize the comfort of residents by providing them with decent facilities. One of the best ways to manage property facilities is to use facility management software. This system makes it easy for you to record the condition of your property and schedule the right maintenance for your facilities at the right time.

This will result in good ratings from all your residents and these positive reviews will eventually attract other people to check out your property too.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make selling your properties easier. However, the tips given above hopefully will help you on selling your properties more effectively. Thus, you can increase your property sales by following this tips.

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