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7 Software Every Restaurant Management Should Have

Like other business, a restaurant needs tools to streamline its daily operational. One of the ways to make it happen is by using the software. There is a lot of software that is really important for a restaurant. However, there is 7 software every restaurant management should have.

Restaurant Management Software

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There are, indeed, still so many traditional restaurants use a traditional cash register. However, today you will find more and more restaurant which implement a POS system. Compared to the cash register, POS has many more functions and one of them is giving various payment methods. No wonder that POS will streamline the restaurant transaction system. Learn more about the benefit of POS system for a restaurant!


One of the software that restaurant management should have is E-Menu, this is a small part of POS system. This software allows customers to order foods without the help of a waitress. It, of course, will streamline the waitress’ task. Every food and drinks which are ordered will be shown on the kitchen screen hence the cook will process them. Another feature that E-Menu has is table number. This will reduce the food misplace as the waitress serve it.

Kitchen Display Screen

Once the orders are confirmed, the list of orders will be shown on the kitchen display screen. Through this system, kitchen staff gets the order information and they will cook the food based on that. Kitchen Display Screen has various features that can ease the chef’s task. For instance, each order will have a specific duration that is shown on the screen. Therefore cook can arrange how much time he needs to finish the order.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Giving your customers appreciation is one of the ways to build a good relationship with your loyal customers. Give them a special promo or discount, voucher and so on. This will enhance the customers’ satisfaction and of course increase sales. You can implement CRM and Marketing Automation System to help you to find out who are your loyal customers.

Inventory System

Restaurant management is not complete without the inventory system. This system is the most vital systems within the restaurant. Besides it can help you manage both food supplies and restaurants asset, this system will reduce the risk of food recalls. Through this system, you can forecast the most favorite menu in your restaurant.

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Accounting Software

Almost all business needs an accounting system, including restaurant business. Accounting system does not only help the user to calculate how much is your profit or loss, but also it does manage the overall financial affair like an invoice, employee salary, and tax.

This 7 software are very important restaurant business. Do you want to develop your restaurant business?

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Restaurant Management Software

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