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Maintaining Employee Safety to Increase Productivity in the Construction Business

The construction business is one job with a high work accident rate. The use of heavy equipment, materials that are hazardous to health, the use of chemicals, as well as knowledge of the operation of each working tool can be factors that can affect work safety and employee health. Therefore, to better allocate all these resources, you may want to implement a Project Management Software from HashMicro.

As a very valuable company asset, ensuring employee health and safety is important. Therefore, keeping their health safe is important for the company’s business wheels running smoothly and productively. Indeed, You don’t want your employees to experience obstacles in carrying out their work right? For that, try to follow the steps below:

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1. Ensure Employee Health and Safety

Ensuring Work Safety and Health of employees is an obligation that must be carried out by the company. In fact, his has become an important topic in the General Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva, and was established on June 3, 1981, and is guaranteed in the labor law in a country.

This regulation covers the matter of alignment between labor, work tools, environment, the way and work processes. The company must notify the risks and constraints faced by workers in carrying out their duties. Besides, the company need to know how to handle them.

In addition, the company is also required to provide health insurance to every employee. It is important to avoid the risks that must be borne by employees on the one hand, and the company on the other.

Employee Safety

2. Define SOPs for All Tasks

Construction workers have their own risks in each project they work on. Having a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each work step will help employees take safe steps. Including in terms of using equipment to support employee productivity.

In addition to having a good and correct SOP, the company guarantees employees to be able to work safely and comfortably. Without worries that can disrupt their work.

3. Periodic Equipment Maintenance

Periodic checking and full control of the maintenance of production equipment or machinery needs to be done by company management. Recording every result of periodic management and checking is important for companies to assess the productivity of certain tools, and assess the age of a machine.

Machine maintenance like this certainly also has to do with the effectiveness of work that can be produced by employees. The better the engine operates, the smaller the risk of work that will be experienced by employees. And the more effective the work that can be done.

Employee Safety

4. Good Storage and Management of Materials

The management of materials in the construction business is something that must be done by company management so that the use and utilization of materials can be managed properly. The management of these materials is also related to the work health and safety of employees.

Hazardous materials must be stored properly and safely, or if there are not always possible accidents such as contamination, fire, accidental spills, accidental inhalation, or a combination of these in the workplace. A good warehouse management system will safeguard material to remain in proper supervision, as well as keep employees from unwanted risks.

5. Providing Training for Employees

Providing training for employees on how to use materials and the use of operating tools or machines will keep employees working in safe conditions. At the same time improve their ability to find solutions to any obstacles they find in the field.

The use of a HRM Software will also be useful for viewing employee competencies as well as manage employee activities and their operational work easily.


In conclusion, ensuring the safety and security of employees is the responsibility of business stakeholders. In the construction business itself, this will be easier to do by implementing the best Construction Software from HashMicro. With our application, there are many features and advantages that you can immediately enjoy in your construction business. Among them is increasing the efficiency of construction projects, storage, employees and client management in an integrated system.

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