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The Importance of Construction Management Software for Contractors Project

Contractors can use software that can simplify construction projects

Construction has become one of Singapore’s main economic drivers due to the rapid growth of public and private buildings. Predictions for this sector indicate a 4.5% compound annual growth rate from 2023 to 2026, driven by an uptick in the number of construction contracts awarded. As well as investments in transportation, housing, renewable energy, and manufacturing infrastructure projects. In order to address the public sector’s demand for the construction industry in Singapore, HashMicro has the best construction software for contractors that may assist with various building projects and is now accessible to every constructor management.

Demand from Singapore’s public construction sectors, such as the Thomson metro line, East Metro Line, North-South Expressway, smart municipal housing rental plan, several health care infrastructure projects, and the construction plans of Changi Airport’s 4th and 5th air terminals, continues to be the primary source of revenue for Singapore’s construction industry. HashMicro Construction Solutions can provide the best software to manage your construction project. You can also view the pricing scheme calculations for the HashMicro Construction Software for contractors to facilitate your business.


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What are Contractors in the Construction Industry?

A contractor is someone who directly employs, engages, or manages construction employees. Contractors include subcontractors and any individual or corporation that performs, supervises, or oversees construction work. They must have the necessary skills to complete the work safely and without endangering their health. Constructors and the people under their charge are the most vulnerable to construction-related injuries and illnesses. Contractors must therefore plan, manage, and monitor their work to minimize any risks.

Contractors should plan, manage, and monitor all work performed by themselves or their employees on a project, taking public safety into account. They are responsible for the well-being of all workers under their supervision. They should provide adequate welfare amenities from the very beginning of the project and to maintain those amenities in a serviceable state at all times.

Why Do Contractors Need Construction Management Software?

Being in the construction industry and dealing with all the operational issues that come with a construction project is difficult. In such cases, most construction firms or contractors use construction management software to organize, plan, execute and estimate construction projects. Here are some of the reasons why contractors require construction software.

Management of timetables

Construction software can be used by contractors to manage schedules

A well-planned and collaboratively developed schedule is essential for successfully completing any engineering or construction project. A schedule that focuses the right resources on the right work at the right time while also improving communication between office and field teams to increase productivity and respond to project changes in real-time. With construction management software, the contractor and staff are able to determine what equipment is needed and where it is needed. They can be informed of pending tasks and current schedules. In addition, it sends reminders about deadlines and updates to keep you on track with your schedule.

Management of construction documents

From undertaking a project to delivering it, the construction industry requires documentation at every stage; this results in a substantial amount of paperwork. Multiple data must be recorded for a single project, including information for both the client and the contractor. Managing a mountain of files while labelling or locating information is difficult. With construction management software, however, everything is digitized and stored in the cloud. Therefore, there is no need to expend time attempting to retrieve the information from a massive filing cabinet. The digitization of document management generates robust audit trails across all project documents and enables the seamless transfer of a comprehensive and fully interconnected data set upon project completion. HashMicro’s construction management software offers digital document repositories and processes that enable efficient management of the enormous volume of documents generated throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

Construction Cost and Project Management

All aspects of construction, including aligning the field and office, relying on external teams, interpreting vast amounts of data, and making quick decisions, are becoming increasingly complex, necessitating increased digitization for optimal performance. The legacy systems and spreadsheets used to manage projects throughout the years will not allow construction companies to grow and adapt quickly to the current market. HashMicro cloud-based construction management software enables businesses to deploy new projects rapidly, adapt to specific business requirements, and operate more efficiently with data-driven teams than those that merely collect data. Organizations can automate, track, and manage budgets, commitments, expenditures, forecasts, and business processes within the organization and across the supply chain when they have robust controls.

Coordination of construction and design

The design team is not the only one responsible for model management. Suppose the entire project is not linked to the current and centralized model and plans. In that case, you run the risk of inconsistent project team results and data, which slows down processes and decisions and contributes to errors and disputes. A true common data environment for construction management software enables the entire project community to collaborate on models and plans while connecting all teams and data to the BIM process. It’s crucial to managing key processes centrally to reduce the risk of unanticipated costs, delays, quality issues, and liability exposure. HashMicro construction management software solution brings project management to the field, empowering delivery teams to solve problems independently and expeditiously, thereby increasing productivity.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Management of construction payments

Construction project owners and general contractors who are astute understand that the health and loyalty of a high-performing delivery supply chain are critical to both consistently delivering profitable projects on time and to their reputation. These leaders remove delay-causing financial friction and minimize disruption risk by streamlining and automating critical areas of invoicing, payments, and compliance management. HashMicro construction payment management software is the go-to cloud-based solution for billing, payment, and compliance management, including lien waiver management, as well as integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and unrivalled client services.

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Advantages of Using Construction Management Software for Contractors

Today’s contractors must be organized and efficient and provide an exceptional customer experience in order to compete. Thus, construction management software can help with this. Construction managers use construction management software to make business and operational decisions, collaborate with their teams and clients, estimate and control costs, and schedule projects. Here are the advantages of using construction management software for contractors:

      • Insights and analytics for projects

Every detail of a construction project is recorded by construction management software. The data can be accessed at any time to analyze project progress. To take immediate action, the contractor can compare the current and estimated project progress according to the plan.

      • Easy access to information

Advantages of Using Construction Management Software

It is easier to retrieve information when all information and documents are stored in one location using cloud storage. Using digital and cloud-based storage, all information is accessible from any device at any time. Rather than searching for a file in a cabinet, construction management software allows access with only a few clicks.

      • Budget management for your project

Not only is operating a construction company difficult but so is managing the accounts and project costs. Inefficient management of the project’s funds could lead to a financial crisis for the contractor. Construction accounting software facilitates the management of business finances and project expenses. It enables the contractor to prepare an advanced plan for the project, including material, machine, labour, and machine requirements. This will help reduce material waste and budgetary concerns. Additionally, it will provide contractors with a sense of the precise requirements.

      • Improvements in project management simplicity and effectiveness

Construction management software encourages a methodical approach to project management. Without effective project management, it is impossible to run a construction company. Project managers will benefit from integrated construction software to manage all aspects of a construction project, from document management to resource management to project delivery. Recording and accessing project details is simple because construction management software includes cloud storage. Employees can understand the project and ensure that everything is running smoothly, provided that it is accessible to them.

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Thus, the prediction for Singapore’s construction industry is to grow at a 4.5% annual rate from 2023 to 2026. HashMicro has the best construction software for contractors that may assist with various building projects. Contractors should plan, manage, and monitor all project tasks they and their employees perform. HashMicro’s construction management software allows contractors to organize, plan, execute, and estimate construction projects. Construction management software helps the contractor and crew determine when and where each piece of machinery is necessary.


HashMicro’s construction management software helps businesses deploy new projects quickly, adapt to business needs, and operate more efficiently with data-driven teams than those that simply collect data. Construction management software makes it easier for contractors and clients to manage all aspects of a construction project. Construction accounting software facilitates the management of business finances and project expenses. HashMicro Construction Solutions can provide the best software to manage your construction project. If you consider to the system to facilitate your business, you can tryout the free demo here.

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