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Benefits of Project Management Information System for Scaling Your Business

The productivity and scaling of a business will ensure its success and survival. Productivity should be boosted and time should not be wasted. However, when your business has projects here and there, managing them would be difficult. Not to mention that project managers would have to do everything manually, so even managing one project would take a lot of work. Not to worry though, as there is a solution, which is the Project Management Information System.

PMIS or Project Management Information System is a system that collects, integrates, and distributes information on project management processes. In other words, the PMIS organizes how project managers give and receive information throughout projects. It is efficient and it will lighten up the workload.

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Major Features of Project Management Information System

project management information system

As every system has features, so does the Project Management Information System. Features are essential in a system to make it a good one. In the PMIS, there are eight major features.

1. Planning and scheduling

This means that the Project Management Information System will make timelines. These timelines will be filled with the assignments to team members, workflow creation process, and reminders for the team members to do their tasks. You can see and effortlessly access the schedule and planning of the PMIS.

2. Automation

The automation feature of the PMIS updates the team members. It updates them without needing you or any other person to send an email manually. Not only that, it also sends you updates, and only the ones relevant to you. Therefore, you won’t miss out on any important information that you should know.

3. Resource management

This feature makes it easy to analyze how your resources should be moved around as required. The resources allocated are not just limited to either your team’s time or budget, but both. The PMIS helps you manage all of your resources and analyze how you should proceed with those resources.

4. Control and performance

The control and performance feature scans the change of time and money as a project develops. Not only that, but this feature also updates previous plans based on reality. In other words, this feature tracks, controls, and monitors the performance of a project so you can improve it.

5. Reporting

This means that you are able to look clearly at any data that you want to see. This feature allows the Project Management Information System to report all of the relevant data to you. You can also see the status of your project at all times. Then, you can deliver the information to your associates or stakeholders.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

6. Integrations

This feature incorporates all the information you have in one place. It doesn’t matter what tools you and your team use to complete the tasks. Your Project Management Information System will integrate all the data for you. Therefore, you won’t need to manually gather all the information and integrate them.

7. Mobile Access

The mobile access feature allows you to access the project’s information or project updates whenever and wherever. So even if you are working remotely from home or on the road, you will not miss out on any updates. You won’t need to worry about being too far to access information about the project or missing out on important updates.

8. Different project views

This means that the system provides data of different types. For example, it can distribute data to you in the form of spreadsheets, charts, calendars, timelines, or many other forms. It all depends on how your brain processes information. If you are comfortable with tables, you can easily toggle your project into that kind of view.

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Benefit of Project Management Information System

project management information system

With all the major features mentioned and explained above, it is clear that a work management platform has many benefits to scale your business. Thus, there are eight benefits of the PMIS system.

1. Simplify the estimation procedure

One of the crucial factors for long-term project success is the estimation procedure. It is a way of estimating your project’s resource levels consistently. The estimation process can also control your business spendings. By using the PMIS, you can exceptionally estimate the process of your project.

2. Know the resource capacity

Using the Project Management Information System, you will be able to know the resource capacity and devise an RCP. RCP (Resource Capacity Planning) is the process of determining the work amount that can be done using a company’s resources. Therefore, you can improve the overall productivity of your project and customer service with the PMIS. In addition, you can also significantly reduce the costs needed for your project.

3. Prioritize projects

Prioritizing your projects with the Project Management Information System will allow you to list and rank all the tasks for your project. It will also help you organize and align the responsibilities of the relevant team members. Prioritization also helps your business projects by focusing on one of them at a time. In doing so, you will be able to minimize and eliminate problems.

4. Optimize your resource scheduling

Optimizing the resource scheduling or allocation of resources is essential for your project’s success. You need to allocate your resources to decide whether your project plans are practicable.  With the PMIS, you will be able to use your resources properly as a project manager. Not only that, but you can also use them on time to not miss the deadline.

5. Manage your project deliverables

Effectively managing project deliverables can definitely help you scale your business. Each deliverable reflects the quantifiable products or services a project produces by corresponding to a different project milestone. Using the Project Management Information System, managing your project deliverables will be more efficient.

6. Improve budget control

Creating and controlling a project budget are challenging tasks for businesses. With the help of Project Management Information System, however, those challenges can be tackled easily. You will be able to grow your business. The system helps you build a project budget from estimations of a project plan. In addition, it allows you to compare the planned budget with the actual one and make improvements from the information you received.

7. Enhance team collaboration

Team collaboration is one of the main essence in a business. Without it, it is difficult to ensure the success and survival of a business. With team collaboration in a business project, creativity can be increased and problem solving can be better. Project managers have to encourage team collaboration and create healthy competition among the team members. Well, the PMIS can do it for you.

8. Increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is extremely important as it affects customer loyalty. The PMIS can improve those things. The PMIS allows you to respond to the concerns and questions of your customers. You will be able to reply more effectively, quickly, and efficiently to make your customers happy and increase customer satisfaction.

Make Project Management Efficient with HashMicro

With many Project Management Information Systems out there, finding the right and the best one for you might be hard. Not to worry, because HashMicro offers Singapore’s best Project Management System. With this system you will be able to manage your project automatically and effectively.

project management information system
Source: HashMicro Project Management Software

HashMicro’s Project Management System makes it simpler for you to manage your business projects. The system helps you distribute project tasks effectively, complete projects on time, and allocate your resources. Its main features are mostly similar to the major features of a Project Management Information System, granting many benefits for managing projects for your business scaling.

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The prosperity of a business depends on its productivity and growth. To scale a business, you need to work on many projects. However, managing many projects can be difficult and time-consuming. A solution to help manage multiple projects at once is the Project Management Information System.

The Project Management Information System is a system that organizes how project managers give and receive information throughout projects. With its features that help you to manage your business projects, you will be able to scale your business. HashMicro offers the best Project Management System in Singapore, with Singapore’s Productivity Solutions Grant up to 70%. For more detailed information, kindly contact HashMicro here.

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