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EQUIP Lite, An All-in-One SaaS ERP for Small Businesses

SaaS ERP software, it may sound familiar to you, especially if you run a small business. It is a series of software systems designed to automate various business processes, which is sold through a monthly, per-user subscription and is distributed as a service. To be able to access this system, users only need an internet connection and login to the system via a web browser. One of the SaaS ERP systems that should be considered by small businesses in Singapore and Indonesia is EQUIP Lite.

What is EQUIP Lite?

EQUIP Lite is a SaaS ERP system designed by HashMicro, an ERP system service provider and consultant based in Singapore and Indonesia, to help businesses, especially small ones, grow through automation. High-end ERP systems’ implementation usually takes up to six months,  but EQUIP Lite’s only takes 14 working days.

What are the Benefits of EQUIP Lite SaaS ERP System?

Here are some of the advantages users can get from using EQUIP Lite:

Fast Implementation

ERP systems generally take months to implement, depending on the complexity of users’ needs. However, users can use EQUIP Lite in only 14 working days after activating their subscription.


Once you hear someone mentioning ERP software, it may sound “scary”, especially if you’re a small business owner, due to its highly expensive price. However, EQUIP Lite has erased that scary impression by offering an affordable price. With low implementation and monthly subscription fees, small businesses can already enjoy the SaaS ERP system which covers various business processes. Contact EQUIP if you’d like to know about the price. 

Complete Features

With an affordable price and a short implementation process, EQUIP Lite still surprisingly offers complete features, almost as complete as high-end ERP systems. For more information about the features, please visit this page.

Selectable based on Module

Some ERP systems come with modules that users don’t really need. EQUIP Lite allows users to choose the modules they want. Several modules that can be selected by users are the accounting, the CRM, the purchasing, the inventory management, and the POS (for retail stores and restaurants) modules.

Integrated Modules

Besides being able to choose the desired modules themselves, users can also use a set of modules selected through a single platform. All modules can be integrated so that users do not need to login to different systems, but only one system. EQUIP Lite comes with a configurable ninja dashboard that displays real time information on your business processes.

Who Uses EQUIP Lite?

EQUIP Lite is a SaaS ERP system that is suitable for companies that want to grow, but with limited budgets to invest in software. This system is intended for SMEs, startups, small retailers, small wholesalers, and small-scale trading companies who want to transition to automation. The web-based ERP system is also perfectly suitable for various business sectors, including manufacturing, construction, professional services, real estate, and F&B (food & beverage).

Why You Need EQUIP Lite

The era is getting more and more advanced, technology trends keep emerging, and competition in the business world is getting tougher. If you still use traditional ways of operating your business and are reluctant to adapt to technology, then you could lose to your competitors.

Apart from that, managing a business manually also wastes a lot of time, effort, and money. Your business may be small now, but within the next few months, you might see a lot of changes (it can be seen from the number of employees, clients, projects worked on, etc.) Therefore, it is important to take advantage of tech tools so that your business can survive the competition.

One of the tech tools that can help you realize your desired business growth is EQUIP Lite. With just a low investment cost, you can take your business to the next level. You will be able to increase efficiency and productivity significantly, and of course, with better controlled operating costs. With real-time business information and a high-level of data accuracy, you will also be able to make better decisions for the future of your business.

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