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How to Stay Productive During Work From Home

Dengan semakin banyak orang yang sakit akibat virus corona atau covid-19 , banyak negara telah menetapkan kebijakan jarak sosial di dalam masyarakatnya. Anak-anak tidak lagi datang ke sekolah, tetapi belajar di rumah, dan pekerja disuruh tinggal di dalam rumah dan bekerja dari rumah.

Menurut Bandingkan Pasar, proporsi orang yang bekerja dari jarak jauh sangat bervariasi di berbagai industri. Di industri informasi dan komunikasi, 81 persen karyawan bekerja dari rumah. Sebagai perbandingan, hanya 8% karyawan di industri Akomodasi dan Layanan Makanan yang bekerja dari jarak jauh. Jadi, tidak semua orang mendapatkan pengalaman ini.

Banyak orang yang senang karena tidak perlu bolak-balik ke kantor untuk sementara waktu, namun banyak juga yang mengeluh karena tidak lagi produktif seperti dulu. Itu karena banyak hal yang menghambat konsentrasi mereka untuk bekerja selama di rumah.

Jangan biarkan hal itu menurunkan produktivitas Anda. Kerjakan 5 hal ini untuk menjaga produktivitas Anda, bahkan saat Anda bekerja dari rumah.

Daftar Isi

  • Jaga rutinitas pagimu
  • Atur ruangan khusus untuk Anda bekerja dari rumah
  • Buat jadwal
  • Putuskan kapan Anda perlu istirahat
  • Menerapkan perangkat lunak untuk mendukung pekerjaan dari rumah
  • Kesimpulan
  • Jaga rutinitas pagimu

    For those of you who commute to your workplace, working from home liberates you from this activity. You don’t have to get on crowded buses or trains or get stressed by traffic jams on the way to your office. But it doesn’t mean you have to laze around all day long.

    Change your commute routine to other things, such as working out, or spend some time with your family and children before starting to work. But please do those activities inside your house since the probability of getting infected with coronavirus is extremely high when you interact with other people.

    Don’t forget to take a bath and have breakfast before begin your activities. Showering your head with cold water or eating a tasty meal can pump your spirit and maintain your productivity.

    Set a special room for you to work from home

    There are a lot of things that potentially disrupt your concentration during working at home. Either it’s your children asking you to play with them, those pile of laundries that needs to be done, or a Netflix series you’re dying to watch from a long time ago.

    That’s why you need to set a special room to avoid those distractions. Leave the bed that can make you sleep not working or family room that has home theater or TV set. Try to keep your room as clean as possible, and remove anything that can distract you. Don’t forget to set your laptop and internet connection so you can work optimally.

    Make a schedule

    When looking for work, 65 percent of people consider a good work-life balance to be the most important factor. Your work structure usually depends on other people. For example when your boss asking you to do a job if working at the office, after that, your coworker asking you to help her. Then you start working on your tasks. But, none of that will happen while you work from home. It’s pretty common to find a worker that doesn’t know what to do during working from home after several days.

    That’s why need to make it a habit to have a neat arrangement of your schedule even to the minutes. Decide what you need to do during your working hours so it doesn’t confuse you later.

    Decide when you need to take a break

    For the first-timers, it might give them an overjoy feeling when their office decide to let their worker work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. But very little of them know that working from home is like a double edge sword. On one side, you can have too many rests and makes you unable to complete your work. On the other side, you become too serious at work and exhaust yourself in the end.

    When you completely eliminate any distraction, you may become too absorbed into your work and forget to take a break. This is contra productive from the main purpose of work from home. That’s why you need to create a balance while working at home. Play with your kids for a while, or clean your house to create a healthy environment.

    Implement software to support work from home

    As of April 2021, 31% of workers were still working remotely the majority of the time. A software implementation is important to maintain good communication with the managers or directors and trust-building between the company and the employee. Without it, it will be difficult to monitor your employee whether they are really working at their home, or abandoning their jobs completely. One of the software that you can implement is timesheet management software.

    Using the software, your employee can maintain their work hours and their workload easily while working from home. The managers can easily track how much time spent by the employee to work on their tasks and other things that correspond with employees’ work hours.


    Bekerja dari rumah memang menyenangkan, namun ketika produktivitas Anda dipertaruhkan, maka itu berarti bekerja dari rumah bukanlah solusi terbaik bagi perusahaan Anda. Penting untuk menunjukkan kepada manajer Anda bahwa selama ini, Anda dapat mempertahankan ketekunan dan produktivitas Anda sehingga tanggung jawab Anda sebagai karyawan dapat dipertahankan dengan baik. Bekerja dari jarak jauh dari rumah akan lebih efektif dengan bantuan alat kolaborasi all-in-one Software Work From Home HashMicro dengan proses implementasi 7 hari!

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