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5 Applications to Make WFH More Productive

As of March 27th, 2020, the number of people infected by the coronavirus or Covid-19 reached 500 thousand, and the death toll of this pandemic reached 24 thousand people around the world. Many governments have introduced lockdown procedures in their countries. As a result, companies begin their hunt for WFH Application systems to help them control their staff who work from home (WFH). 

Here are five WFH Application that can help your staff to stay productive while WFH.


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Human Resource Management System (HRM)

One of the main problems of WFH is controlling your staff attendance. Since your staff can’t use the fingerprint machine any longer because they’re working from home, you have to consider using an HRM system.

With its online attendance feature, it’s now possible for your staff to attend online. No more worry about getting infected with a deadly virus. Not only that, but an HRM system also has other useful features, such as leave management, automated payroll calculation, and staff performance management.

Timesheet System

When working at the office, you can monitor your staff’s work hours easily. If they come at 9 a.m., they can go home at 5 p.m. if your work hour policy is nine to five. But this is no longer possible if your staff work from home.

When your staff is unable to fulfill their work hour quota, it’s your company that suffers. Without any surveillance, it will be hard to monitor your staff’s work hours, or how much time they spend doing one task. You need a timesheet system to improve your team’s efficiency.

Timesheet system enables you to track how effective your staff is at doing their job at home. Not only that, but this system also provides analysis reports of your employee’s performance.

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Project Management Software

Monitoring your employee’s work progress in the office is a lot easier compared to working from home as it is today. Previously, you can ask your workers directly about their work. But now, asking your staff through chat apps such as WhatsApp or LINE takes time and effort.

You need project management software integrated with a communication platform. With this app, communication with your staff will be smoother and faster.

The project management system is also equipped with scheduling features and task management, track expenses and bills, and in-depth reports along with a Gantt chart and S-Curve.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Document Management System

Sharing documents while your staff is still in the office is easy. All you need is a USB stick. This way, any data can be transferred from one computer to another easily. WFH removes this privilege.

Technology such as Google Drive enables you to share documents easily, but it has limited storage (15 GB per account). Your graphic designer or video editor usually will stay away from it.

If your company needs an application for document sharing that has more storage, you can try the document management system from HashMicro. It’s easy to use and has more storage.

Sales Management System

If you run a retail business, you might need to consider switching online to stay in business during the global pandemic. The problem is, that manually tracking online sale is not as easy as it seems. Not to mention tracking which items are selling well since there’s no customer available.

That’s why you need a sales management system. This system can help you track sales easily. Furthermore, you can track which items are selling like hotcakes, anywhere and anytime. The sales management system can also help you to manage quotations and sales orders easily, follow-up payments, and many more. 

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From the explanation of the 5 WFH Applications above, it can be concluded that the five WFH apps have their respective uses, which can help increase work productivity while WFH. With these WFH apps, companies will also be assisted in monitoring the activities of their employees and problems such as managing projects, documents, and others will also avoid problems. If interested, you can download the WFH System pricing scheme from HashMicro to determine the estimated costs incurred. Get a free demo too!



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