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How to Take A Worry-Free Vacation While Running Your Business

Remember the last time you enjoyed a real vacation?

Being able to travel to new places and putting business aside for some time is a dream for many people. Sadly, not all business owners can realize it. It seems impossible to leave their work and they can’t just leave it to their employees. Then, how come some business owners can go on vacations and still manage to keep their businesses running while others are stuck behind the desk?

According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, the professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the author of Adult Development & Aging, vacations can help improve a person’s physical and mental health. In other words, vacations are important for everyone, including you as a business owner.

How to Take A Worry-Free Vacation While Running Your Business

Some business owners have very tight schedules so it’s hard for them to take some time off. Some have to entirely shut down their businesses. Others choose to work all day long while on vacation so they don’t really enjoy the moment.

We get it. All you want is to be able to enjoy a vacation and ensure that your business is running smoothly without your presence. Here are some tips that can help you achieve that.

1. Plan Your Vacation Ahead of Time

In order for you to be able to really enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your business, you should plan your vacation in advance. This will make it easier for you to set priorities. The best time to go on a vacation is when your sales are slower or when you’re not getting so many leads, for example during Christmas and holiday season (it may be different for every business).

2. Manage Your Workload

Try to complete client projects before you leave. Or if that is not possible, make sure your employees can continue to serve your clients without you. If the clients insist on meeting you, you can either ask them to reschedule their appointments or have online meetings.

3. Appoint Someone to Represent You

If you plan on taking a long vacation, we recommend that you choose the right person to replace your role in the meantime. This person can later help represent you in internal and external meetings or collect weekly reports from each division. However, business decisions must remain in your hands.

4. Teach Your Employees to be Independent

You will be able to measure the independence of your employees while you’re away. However, you certainly don’t want to bear the risk of not teaching your employees to be self sufficient.

Your employees must really understand what they are doing and what to do when they are faced with certain issues. The following are some examples of independent employees:

  • Your tech staff must be able to act quickly when the website is down without having to wait for your instruction
  • The person in charge of the inventory must know which supplier to contact when the stock is running low
  • The financial manager must be able to pay various bills in a timely manner even though the boss isn’t around
  • The marketing strategist has to be able to find ways to increase sales conversions through the campaigns they make without being told to

To keep your business run smoothly while you’re not around, consider automating the operations. Automated solutions like ERP software can simplify various complex tasks that take a lot of time and effort. Various business reports related to sales, finances, inventory, customers, etc. can be generated within seconds. The software enables all the business units to collaborate with each other through a single system.

5. Take the Time to Monitor Your Business Operations

Spare some time to monitor your business activities every day. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with your holiday activities. For example, you can spend half an hour in the morning or before going to bed to check some reports.

By implementing Cloud-based ERP software, you will be able to keep track of your business processes from anywhere and at any time. You can check your daily sales results, lead status, meeting schedules, project progress, and your employee presence using your smartphone or iPad.

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6. Stay Connected to WiFi

All you need to run your business during vacation is an internet connection. As long as you are connected to WiFi, you can check your emails and respond to them immediately, you can make Skype calls with your staff or clients, and you can access any data stored in your Cloud system.

You may not be able to totally leave your duty behind, but the most important thing is to make the most of your vacation to refresh your body and mind. This way, you will feel more energized when you return to work.

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