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These 8 Tips Will Definitely Boost Your Production Management

Companies especially those engaged in manufacturing, urgently need good production management to increase profits and survive in market competition, regardless of the size of the company. Manufacturing productivity depends on employees, equipment, and the process. Therefore, the use of manufacturing software becomes very important here to manage all manufacturing productivity.

Improving the effectiveness of such elements means testing all applicable processes, and ensuring the feasibility of systems, employees, and equipment for producing various components. Production management will be more effective and efficient. With wholesale distribution software solutions, your business can grow rapidly.

You will measure the current production capabilities and then apply a method to increase production. After that, you can apply the 8 tips below to change it:


Find out the obstacles

There must be something that prevents you to achieve your target. Well, that’s what the theory of constraint says. You will identify the problems in your current workflow. After that You can start analyzing the employees, technology, and production process, including the communication flow and resource allocation.

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You can consider using value mapping, one of the features in the lean manufacturing system, to monitor your projects. It helps you to find the bottlenecks in your workflow. Then, we can use the finding as your background for making the change.

Update your business process

Discuss the identified obstacles with the project managers and start the plan for the development. You can start planning a change in resource allocation, budgeting, or getting ISO certification. Make sure that you always evaluate the changes and decisions taken.

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Train your employees

The manufacturing industry is an industry with rapid and also frequent changes in the business process. New technology keeps coming and demands you to update the workflow.

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Those innovative technologies will only be useful if your employees know how to use them. Therefore, the management must provide proper training to keep up with more advanced skills.

Set realistic targets

High customer expectations, pressure to produce more as well as tight deadlines sometimes leave management fixated on unrealistic goals. To structure a target you can use the best timesheet management system from HashMicro to be able to achieve predetermined targets.

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If we give workload more than the capacity we’re supposed to make, it will affect employee performance because there is no adjustment in quality and safety. They will feel tired and as a result, they will not be able to reach the target.

Therefore, to improve employee efficiency, production targets must be realistic with clear objectives and include timeliness, quality results, and safe procedures.

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Invest in machines and software

In the manufacturing industry, employee productivity depends on the productivity of the machines. But, to optimize both, it’s recommended to start investing in machines. Your production process will then be much more effective as well.

Investing in software can also save time and money. Revenue will increase faster and you can use it to invest in more machines. You will be able to get the benefits of the investment in the future.

Plan for a routine maintenance

There’s a correlation between the cost and time spent on preventive action and machine downtime. New machines can indeed increase your productivity. However, don’t forget that those machines will need some time for maintenance.

You also should make sure that the employees know how to troubleshoot when the machine is down. Therefore, It’s crucial to find the root cause of the error immediately. Don’t blame your machines if you do not track the process, blueprint, or material that your machines have worked for.

Keep it organized

However, do not underestimate the aftermath of chaotic management. It can cost you a lot of money and also waste resources. One of the strategies to improve productivity on the manufacturing floor is ensuring that every document, machine, and material is well-organized.

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You can organize the documents in software by making them digitalized. It prevents duplication as well as missing documents. Good manufacturing software also tracks your material on hand accurately. You can design a new layout if the current one is ineffective.

Improve collaboration

Everyone working together to achieve the goal with waste and conflict as minimal as possible will make the production floor more productive. Moreover, focusing on the production process is important, but don’t forget also to make sure everyone is comfortable working in a team.

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Moreover, the better teamwork, the more revenue the company will generate from a productive work environment. The use of HRM software can assist you in facilitating engagement management and cooperative relationships between employees to optimize your business production management.


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