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Does A Good Production Scheduling Mean Customer Satisfaction?

Production scheduling is a combination of sales forecast and production planning. The two are distinctive aspects but together, they are capable of increasing company’s productivity, accuracy, and agility.

Those aspects are the ultimate key in maintaining and improving customer service and client relations. Therefore, this article would like to discuss the relationship between a well-structured production scheduling and increased customer satisfaction.

A Real-Time Customer Order

One of the most important aspect in a good production scheduling is the ability to process and schedule customer order in real-time. It must ground on real condition in the field.

With manufacturing system, company can have the view of the supply condition to optimize the inventory management, production capacity, and production routing efficiency. Those are the condition that support an accurate production scheduling.

Manufacturers don’t have to face the situation where production floor can’t comply with a finalized production scheduling.

A Good Inventory Management Helps Ordering Process

In the spirit of production process integration, production scheduling will require an optimized inventory management. This also includes a good supply management too.

The availability of raw materials, safety stock, and production components are the main key in determining the production quantity and production batch size.

In addition, customer orders must have a detailed completion date, time and priority list. Those details will help manufacturer to optimize the production parameters such as cost, quantity, and condition for more efficient production programs.

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Production Simulation with the Existing Customer Order

Because the data and the feedback from the production scheduling is on the system in real-time, manager can create simulation and production scenarios with ‘what-if’ situation accurately, based on the existing customer orders.

The purpose is so that manufacturer can anticipate, plan, and handle any impediment potency effectively. Moreover, companies can have more knowledge, insight, and visibility of their supply condition in the future ahead.

In the end, this simulation can have a ripple effect in all of the manufacturing production cycle. It can optimize every aspects in manufacturing production. The collaboration and communication of every departments can be enhanced as well.

Does A Good Production Scheduling Mean Customer Satisfaction?

If we really treat production scheduling as an umbrella solution that integrates various manufacturing production cycle, then it’s true.  An optimized production scheduling affects customer satisfaction.

With a proper scheduling, the finished goods come in a good quality. In addition, customers will receive it precisely as how they want it to be.

Customer satisfaction must be maintained and improved. It’s important because manufacturing growth and competition survival depends on it.


Integration of all aspects in manufacturing production process helps a better production scheduling which eventually produce a good quality finished goods. A good products means satisfied customers.

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