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      What is the Best ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding?

      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the automation software that has been widely used in the business world. With the ability to manage and streamline operations, many companies use ERP for various profitable purposes. One of the businesses that can take advantage of ERP software is plastic injection molding.

      Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing business that adopts a lot of heavy equipment, so it requires complicated maintenance and processes. This makes this business need to be careful in all its operational processes because it can affect production results.

      Therefore, applying plastic ERP software to this business is the right decision, considering that ERP is capable of optimizing manufacturing processes and reducing risk. In this article, we will dissect detailed information about ERP software for injection molding, including explanations and how it works.

      Key Takeaways

      • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software plays a vital role in optimizing and streamlining operations within the plastic injection molding industry.
      • ERP software for plastic injection molding integrates different functions and departments within a business, it facilitates efficient production planning, resource coordination, operations monitoring, quality control, etc.
      • The core features of ERP software include accurate production planning, real-time monitoring of operations, quality control measures, and comprehensive inventory management.
      • Selecting the appropriate ERP software is crucial for maximizing its benefits. Factors such as affordability, functionality, ease of implementation, and compatibility with business needs should be considered. HashMicro is a trusted ERP software provider, offering high-quality solutions.

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      Table of Content:

        What is ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding?

        ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        ERP software for plastic injection molding is a specialized system designed to effectively manage and streamline the complex operations involved in the manufacturing process.

        It integrates various functions and departments within a plastic injection molding business, providing a centralized platform for managing critical aspects such as production planning, inventory control, resource allocation, and financial management.

        One of the primary features of plastic manufacturing ERP software is its ability to facilitate efficient production planning. It enables businesses to create accurate production schedules, taking into account factors such as customer orders, raw material availability, machine capacities, and production timelines.

        Consequently, ERP software for plastic injection molding companies helps in optimizing production efficiency, ensuring timely order fulfillment, and maximizing the utilization of manufacturing resources.

        How ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding Works?

        The core functionality of ERP software revolves around capturing, storing, and processing data related to different aspects of the manufacturing process. Here are some manufacturing processes that can be optimized by the implementation of ERP software.

        ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        • Data input: It starts with the initial input of data, which includes details about customer orders, raw materials, machine capacities, and production schedules. That information forms the foundation for the software to generate accurate production plans and schedules.
        • Material and resources coordinating: Once the production plans are in place, ERP software facilitates the execution of these plans by coordinating the flow of materials and resources. It tracks the availability of raw materials, ensures that the necessary components are available when needed, and triggers purchase orders for additional materials if required.By closely monitoring inventory levels, the software helps prevent stockouts or excessive inventory, optimizing the supply chain and monitoring the

          sustainability of the environment.

        • Operations monitoring: During the manufacturing process, ERP software enables real-time monitoring of operations. It collects data from various sources, such as machine sensors, and provides insights into the status of production, including machine performance, production rates, and quality control measures.This real-time visibility allows businesses to promptly identify any issues or bottlenecks and take corrective actions to ensure smooth operations.
        • Quality control: The software also plays a vital role in quality control. It helps track and record quality-related data, such as measurements, inspections, and testing results. This information facilitates traceability and compliance with industry standards, ensuring that the produced plastic parts meet the required specifications and quality standards.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        10 Best ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        Curious about the best ERP software for plastic injection molding? Here are 10 lists of the best ERP software in Singapore that may benefit your company.

        1. HashMicro


        HashMicro is a leading ERP provider in Singapore, which provides manufacturing ERP software, especially for plastic injection molding. A series of software equipped with advanced technology makes HashMicro’s software a comprehensive solution that can optimize all forms of factory operations.

        Some examples of the benefits offered are unlimited users and integrated modules. There are also several features, such as:

        • Planning management

          HashMicro ERP software works to provide efficiency in the production process with accurate raw material planning management features. This feature is specifically for fulfilling customers’ demands automatically, by reducing manual and chaotic work.

          As a result, the use of ERP in the production process can save a lot of time and costs that can be allocated for other needs.

        • Factory performance management

          The ERP offered by HashMicro is also capable of monitoring real-time factory performance with a self-manufacturing kiosk. In addition, there is also automatic and accurate reporting that can help companies process complex data.

        • Accounting and financial forecasting

          It helps companies calculate all production costs as well as revenue. This feature makes it easier for companies to find out their financial growth easily and automatically.

        hashmicro ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        HashMicro ERP software is a game-changer for plastic injection molding companies. By leveraging its comprehensive features, businesses can streamline operations, improve efficiency, enhance quality control, and optimize inventory management.

        With the ability to centralize and integrate critical information, HashMicro empowers companies to make data-driven decisions, achieve operational excellence, and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving plastic injection molding industry.

        Of the many features and benefits of HashMicro ERP software above, companies need not hesitate to choose HashMicro as their ERP provider.

        If you want to see the entire dashboard or how this software works, you have the opportunity to try free demo services and free consultations regarding your company’s needs, goals, and priorities.

        2. WinMan

        winman ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        One of the key advantages of WinMan’s ERP software is its ability to streamline and automate core processes.

        From customer orders and inventory management to production scheduling and quality control, the software ensures smooth operations throughout the entire plastic injection molding lifecycle.

        By eliminating manual tasks and reducing human errors, businesses can significantly enhance overall productivity.

        3. Exact Max

        exact max ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        Exact Max offers advanced planning and scheduling capabilities, enabling plastic injection molding companies to optimize their production schedules and allocate resources effectively.

        With real-time visibility into machine capacity, material availability, and labor resources, businesses can maximize output, minimize bottlenecks, and ensure the timely delivery of products. This results in reduced lead times, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, improved profitability.

        4. Visibility

        visibility erp dashboard

        Visibility ERP software provides comprehensive inventory management features. It enables businesses to accurately track raw materials, components, and finished goods, ensuring optimal inventory levels.

        By maintaining an optimized inventory, companies can minimize carrying costs, avoid stockouts, and improve cash flow. The software’s intuitive dashboards and reporting tools also offer insights into stock levels, usage patterns, and reorder points, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive inventory management.

        5. Abas

        abas erp dashboard

        Quality control is another critical aspect of plastic injection molding, and Abas ERP software offers robust tools to ensure consistent quality standards.

        From recording inspection results to tracking non-conformances and initiating corrective actions, the software enables companies to enforce rigorous quality control measures. This leads to improved product quality, reduced waste, and enhanced customer satisfaction, bolstering the company’s reputation in the market.

        6. CyFrame

        cyframe erp dashboard

        Moreover, CyFrame ERP software facilitates seamless collaboration and communication across departments. By centralizing information and providing a unified platform, employees from various departments such as sales, production, and finance can access real-time data, collaborate on projects, and make informed decisions.

        This integration promotes transparency, fosters teamwork, and enhances overall organizational efficiency.

        7. RexoERP

        RexoERP software acts as a backbone, connecting every aspect of the production process and ensuring its smooth functioning.

        It enables businesses to efficiently manage molds, monitor machine utilization, and track material consumption. Then also to streamline quoting and estimating processes, and automate financial transactions.

        By aligning all these critical components, RexoERP software enables plastic injection molding companies to achieve operational excellence, minimize costs, and maximize profitability.

        8. Syspro

        syspro ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        Syspro is a provider of ERP software that caters specifically to the unique requirements of plastic injection molding companies. With its comprehensive solution, Syspro empowers businesses in this industry to optimize their operations.

        One of the standout features of Syspro’s ERP software is its robust financial budget management capabilities. This functionality enables plastic injection molding companies to effectively plan, allocate, and track their financial resources throughout the production process. 

        By providing real-time visibility into budget allocations, expenditures, and variances, businesses can maintain strict financial control and make informed decisions to drive profitability.

        9. Epicor

        epicor ERP Software for Plastic Injection Molding

        Plastic injection molding companies rely on efficient utilization of resources, such as machinery, labor, and materials, to drive productivity and meet customer demands.

        Epicor’s software provides the necessary tools and functionalities to allocate, track, and optimize these critical resources.

        The resource allocation management feature allows businesses to effectively plan and assign resources to various production projects or orders.

        It provides a holistic view of resource availability, considering factors such as machine capacity, labor availability, and material availability.

        10. SAP Business One

        sap business one erp dashboard

        The user-friendly nature of SAP Business One’s ERP software enables plastic injection molding companies to accelerate the implementation process and reduce downtime.

        The software’s intuitive design simplifies the onboarding process, allowing employees to quickly grasp the functionalities. Also, seamlessly transition to using the software for their day-to-day tasks.

        This reduces the learning curve and ensures a smooth transition, enabling businesses to realize the benefits of the software more rapidly.


        In conclusion, ERP software plays a crucial role in optimizing and streamlining the complex operations involved in plastic injection molding. It helps manage production planning, inventory control, resource allocation, and financial management in a unified platform.

        Implementing ERP software for plastic injection molding can result in improved production efficiency, timely order fulfillment, better quality control, and optimized inventory management. Above all, implementing suitable ERP software for your company is also crucial.

        It may affect the production process and results. Therefore, one of the trusted ERP software providers is HashMicro, which offers you one of the best affordable ERP systems with high-quality software. To make it more beneficial for companies, try to get a free demo of our tour product, click here!


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