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The Effective Ways to Maintain Your Manufacturing Machines

Manufacturing machine is the heart of a manufacturing company. Just like the human body, when the heart stops beating, all the activities of the manufacturing company will stop. We know it as downtime.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the manufacturing machine before the damage occurs. Thus, the production process can continue to run without any significant interference. There are various ways that you can do to maintain your manufacturing machine. The following is the most effective ways:

Update firmware

Most manufacturing companies in the world now use computerized machines. This technology aims to make the production process runs smoother and more efficient. In addition, the computerized machines make manufacturing work more effective and shorten the production time.

The problem is, to operate a computerized machine requires firmware. Without it, the machines will not function as they should be. That’s why you need to make sure to update your manufacturing machine’s firmware when needed to avoid downtime.

Provide spare parts

As we already know, better to prevent than to cure. The same thing applies to a manufacturing company. You will have to spend more money to repair your manufacturing machine rather than investing to prevent it.

What we meant by prevention is by preparing spare parts for your manufacturing machine. By doing this before the damage occurs, you can minimize the losses from the downtime that occurs.

Choose quality components

Counterfeit spare parts are indeed cheaper than the genuine components from the official retailer. But when we talk about the quality, the difference is like day and night.

By using cheap components, you will risk further damaging your engine unlike when you use genuine engine components. In addition, cheap components have low compatibility with other machine parts.

Low compatibility parts can damage your machine. You can imagine how much money you have to spend if the damage to your factory machine spread to other parts as well, right?

Train your operator

In fact, human error is a factor that has the potential to cause a major loss in your company. The main cause of human-error is the lack of operator knowledge in operating the manufacturing machine.

Therefore, training your operators is a very important thing to do. With enough knowledge, the operator will not only able to operate the machine but also knows when the machine should be undergone maintenance.

Perform periodic checks

Factory machine inspection is something that should be done from time to time. By doing an inspection, you can detect the damage symptoms on your machine earlier. You can also do an early treatment before even more serious damage occurs.

The problem is, we as humans often forget to do our jobs, such as doing manufacturing machine inspection. Therefore we use tools that can help remind us to do those jobs.

One tool that is widely used by manufacturing companies is asset management software. This asset management software can automatically schedule routine maintenance and inform you via e-mail or cellphone when you have to do maintenance.


Factory machine maintenance is important in manufacturing companies. Without it, downtime will happen frequently in your company that will definitely hurt your wallet. Not only the huge maintenance cost that matter, but this will also impact the production line because there will be no product sold.

Don’t let this happen to your company. Perform regular maintenance to avoid engine breakdown and your company production line will continue.

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