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Manufacturing Equipment that Your Company Must Have!

Industrial companies are famous for companies that use any equipment, machines, and labor. This is because the volume of goods that the company produces is no longer small, and they only can process the raw materials using machines. The equipment used can help companies, especially the manufacturing industry, to process their raw goods. However, each company requires different equipment because the needs and materials of each company are not the same.

The manufacturing process management is also important because it deals with high-tech machines and few workers. So it takes software to regulate the course of the manufacturing process. A manufacturing company must own some tools to run their company. Check out the following article to find out more about manufacturing equipment, the examples, and so on

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What is Manufacturing Equipment?

Manufacturing companies have a role as companies that process raw materials into finished goods that have a selling value, so the role of manufacturing equipment is very important. Meaning of manufacturing equipment is equipment, supplies, and machines that the company uses directly in the production process. This manufacturing equipment does not include office equipment such as stationery, printers, and others. The processing of these raw materials consists of assembling raw materials using chemical and physical methods to become finished goods. 

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Popular Pieces of Manufacturing Equipment

Equipment commonly used in the manufacturing industry is high-tech equipment to streamline operational activities. The production process in a manufacturing company requires high speed and quality, so it cannot rely solely on human labor. It takes tools that can increase the speed, quality, and productivity of the company. Manufacturing equipment examples commonly used by the manufacturing industry are as follows:

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1. Tanks

maufacturing equipment

There are a lot of manufacturing equipment examples, the first one is the Tank. General manufacturing companies require containers as large storage areas used in the production process. We usually call this storage device is a tank from alloy, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and other materials. A good tank keeps materials contents inside safe from contamination by the outside environment. This tank is usually made based on SOPs to match the material that will enter the container.

2. Mixers

manufacturing equipment

Mixing is one of the manufacturing industry’s production activities. The mixer and the material it is mixing must be suitable. In addition, it must be strong so that mixing can occur properly and the results obtained are optimal. Companies can use the mixer to mix and emulsify a variety of substances, whether they are of the same or different types. Several types of mixers often used in the manufacturing industry are double-arm mixers, double-arm extruders, double-cone V mixers, drum tumbles, and others.

3. Centrifuges

manufacturing equipment

The use of centrifuges is to separate liquids from one another or to separate liquids from solids. This tool is one of the most important pieces of manufacturing equipment that a company needs to have. We can use this tool to separate the different parts of a substance. The types of centrifuges that companies often use are automatic disc centrifuges, disc nozzle centrifuges, bottom basket centrifuges, etc.

4. Generators


During heavy rains or snowstorms, power cuts often occur, but production activities must continue in manufacturing companies because they have to meet demand. So it takes a generator that can help your company when the electricity goes out. In addition, the use of a generator is very important because seeing the manufacturing equipment used requires high electricity. A generator also aims to keep the data stored on the machine maintained even though there is a power outage.

5. Compressors


The manufacturing processes need compressors to increase or maintain pressure in a fluid. In addition, the compressor also functions to transfer fluid through the pipe to its intended location. Companies that work with natural gas really need this tool because they must always maintain pressure. According to HVAC estimating service providers, vehicle-related companies also need this manufacturing equipment because some parts have to keep the pressure at a certain point to comply with company SOPs.

6. Packaging machinery

Packaging machinery

Besides those manufacturing equipment examples, there’s also another one that is also important. Finished goods must be packaged immediately to reach the customer directly. With no longer small demand, packaging with human power is not enough. So it takes a packaging machinery tool that can help companies in the packaging process so that the results obtained are faster and more efficient. This packaging machinery includes equipment that is mandatory for manufacturing companies with relatively high mobility of the sales process.

7. Shredders


Some manufacturing companies need shredders to reduce the size of raw materials. The strength of each material is different, so shredders are required that are no less powerful than these materials. Because the destruction process requires tools with high strength, relying solely on human power is not enough. The material processing process is still long, so the crusher is no less important than the company must have.

Manufacturing Equipment You Can’t Operate Without

From the manufacturing equipment examples described previously, not all of these tools must be owned by every company. There are tools that you must have as a manufacturing company. These tools can be said to be basic tools for companies that want to start switching to using machines. These tools are as follows:

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1. Laser-cutting machines

Laser-cutting machines
Beautiful metal cutting with lens flareAlso in this series

Laser-cutting machines are one of the cutting machines owned and favored by many companies. This machine has a function that can cut various sizes based on our input. In addition, another advantage is that this tool can cut more precisely than manual cutting. Various kinds of materials can use in this laser-cutting machine, such as aluminum, wood, steel, acrylic, and so on.

2. Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts

There is the mobility of material from one place to another in the production process. It will take a long time and risk damaging the material if done manually. So it takes a conveyor belt machine as a means of transporting material. Conveyor belts can also be customized according to your company’s needs. Although it costs more upfront, conveyor belts are a tool that can be invested in and have benefits for a long time.

3. Weight-filling machines

Weight filling machines

Weight-filling machines can help fill a container with precise weights. In addition, the material inserted in the container will be more hygienic, and the weight is the same from one container to another. Some machines can fill up to 100 pounds. The high level of precision makes this machine one of the machines that must be owned by manufacturing companies to be able to work efficiently. 

4. Paper-cutting machines

Paper-cutting machines

Paper-cutting machines are no stranger to manufacturing companies because of their functions that can cut precisely and with large volumes. In addition, this paper cutter can do the job neatly and immediately collect it in one place so that the work becomes more efficient. Usually, this paper cutter is used in paper mills and is used in printing packaging. In addition, this cutting tool can print various paper cups such as coffee cups, ice cream cups, etc.


The manufacturing industry requires tools and machines that can assist every production process in the company. This tool can help companies meet the demand that is usually no longer small. In addition to tools, the manufacturing industry also requires many workers. So that in managing all production processes so that there are no errors or mistakes that can cause losses, it is necessary to arrange them with the help of software.

manufacturing equipment

Manufacturing software from HashMicro has a solution to help manufacturing companies manage their company production processes. The solution consists of managing work orders, manufacturing plans, schedule management, warehouse, CRM sales, and other manufacturing-related activities. The use of proven software can facilitate your work to be completed efficiently and effectively.

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