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Unveiling the 5 Best Manufacturing ERP Software for Plastic Industry

The plastic industry faces numerous challenges, from managing complex supply chains to maintaining stringent quality standards. Fortunately, ERP software for the plastic industry emerges as a transformative solution.

So how will ERP software transform and revolutionize the plastic industry? Read more to find out!


What Is ERP Software for the Plastic Industry?

So, what is ERP software for the plastic industry?

Simply put, it is software specifically tailored for plastic manufacturing firms catering to various sectors such as automobiles, consumer packaging, and electronics.

This software facilitates seamless management of the entire production process, from design to manufacturing, injection molding, estimations, and accounting.

With its advanced level of integration, businesses in the industry can efficiently handle customer resource management, making the production of customized plastic materials a straightforward and effortless task.

As the demand for plastics in different industries continues to rise, the plastics ERP software becomes an indispensable tool for streamlining operations and meeting customer needs with ease.

Common Challenges in the Plastic Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the plastic industry, companies often encounter a myriad of obstacles that can impede progress and hinder success.

Navigating through these complexities requires a keen understanding of the industry’s dynamics and a proactive approach to addressing the most prevalent issues.

By exploring the common challenges faced by plastic manufacturers, businesses can better equip themselves to find innovative solutions and forge a path toward sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Sustainable plastic production to address environmental concerns

environmental concerns

One of the two common challenges in the plastic industry is ensuring sustainable plastic production to address environmental concerns.

Despite the high global demand for plastic products, meeting this demand responsibly poses significant difficulties.

To keep up with the increasing demand, plastic manufacturing companies must establish large manufacturing units and employ more manpower.

However, adhering to government regulations becomes an additional hurdle.

The consistent usage of plastic results in non-biodegradable waste, such as polythene and plastic bottles, which poses a serious threat to the environment.

Adapting to ever-changing environmental regulations and incorporating eco-friendly practices into production processes further adds to the challenges faced by plastic manufacturers.

Ensuring high-quality plastic production to meet increasing competition

Another common challenge faced by the plastic industry is ensuring high-quality plastic production to meet the growing competition.

As demand increases, the pressure to maintain product quality and efficiency intensifies, making it difficult to produce error-free items.

This can lead to higher production costs and jeopardize the reputation of the plastic manufacturing company.

To address this issue, plastic manufacturers must consistently prioritize product quality and consider implementing automation in their manufacturing processes.

Moreover, in a competitive market, standing out and delivering innovative plastic products with evolving technology has become essential.

Hence, manufacturers need to invest in unique features to attract customers and ensure compliance with industry standards.

The Benefits of ERP Software for Plastic Industry

In the dynamic landscape of the plastic industry, embracing ERP software brings forth many advantages that revolutionize operations and elevate efficiency.

This transformative technology stands as a powerful catalyst, fostering growth and empowering plastic manufacturers to excel in a competitive market.

By streamlining processes and providing a unified platform, plastic manufacturing ERP software unlocks new possibilities, allowing businesses to stay ahead and navigate complex challenges with confidence.

Ensuring quality assurance and production control

ERP software for the plastic industry provides automated quality assurance and production control, ensuring consistent product quality across the supply chain.

It simplifies compliance with detailed audit trails and supports complex supply chains.

The software enables effective project management, accurate costing, and streamlined engineering workflows.

With comprehensive production control, the software optimizes manufacturing processes and meets customer requirements, minimizing waste and maximizing yield.

Streamlining design processes and minimizing errors

Enhancing design processes and reducing errors is one of the key benefits of ERP software in the plastic industry.

The plastic sector caters to diverse customer demands, which can sometimes lead to time-consuming design processes.

However, ERP software can streamline these procedures by aligning consumer requirements with technical possibilities.

By avoiding design phase miscalculations and ensuring crucial customer requirements are not overlooked, plastics ERP enables efficient tracking of essential details.

This precision in calculations helps prevent unnecessary expenses, safeguarding the overall profitability of the business.

Precise pricing and improved lead times


Another key benefit of ERP software for plastic industry is the ability to provide precise pricing and improve lead times, catering to customer demands for accurate quotations before placing orders.

The software enables pricing restrictions to be factored in, allowing for the effective generation of quotations and rapid issuance of Bills of Materials (BOMs) with utmost precision.

This streamlined workflow ensures that quotes can be generated and delivered even within tight time limits, benefiting both the manufacturer and the customer.

With shorter goods delivery turnaround times achieved through an efficient workflow, you can get higher customer satisfaction, repeat orders, and potential new customers.

Additionally, the ability to handle business opportunities swiftly is enhanced, fostering growth and success in the competitive plastic industry.

Efficient production scheduling and tooling process management

One of the key benefits of ERP software for the plastic industry is efficient production scheduling and tooling process management.

With varying production challenges accompanying each customer order, ERP aids in planning the most efficient way to produce specific designs.

The project management module allows scheduling and managing tasks and resources, ensuring meticulous management of the entire project.

As a plastics manufacturer handling multiple jobs simultaneously, keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. However, ERP can help track each project and task within it.

Moreover, the asset management module facilitates easy tracking of equipment and tools’ lifecycles and enables scheduled maintenance services.

This means automating maintenance to enhance operational efficiency and extend their lifespans.

Overseeing material consumption

Another benefit of ERP software for the plastic industry is its capability to oversee material consumption efficiently.

Addressing wastage is crucial, as it can lead to substantial financial losses.

However, with the aid of the ERP system, discrepancies between the raw material weight and the final output can be easily reconciled.

The precise data the plastics ERP provides empowers businesses to maintain better control over production costs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and high profitability.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Must-Have Features of ERP Software for Plastic Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the plastic industry, ERP software emerges as a crucial tool to empower businesses for success.

To navigate this dynamic sector, companies seek ERP solutions equipped with essential features tailored to meet their specific needs.

Here, we explore the must-have functionalities that drive efficiency, productivity, and growth in the plastic industry.

Manufacturing accounting software

This vital component ensures the automatic recording of all production and operational costs, offering the best accounting solution for manufacturing businesses.

With real-time automation, it efficiently handles the records of all production and operational raw material shopping activities, streamlining financial management and providing valuable insights for effective decision-making.

Comprehensive multi-level BoM

This must-have feature provides an in-depth and detailed summary of product components, ensuring a thorough understanding of the production process.

With this, businesses can obtain precise cost breakdowns of components, spare parts, and raw materials involved in their plastic production.

This information is invaluable for managing cost-effectively and streamlining production processes, making it an essential must-have for any ERP software catering to the plastic industry.

Advanced MRP system

erp software for plastic industry

The MRP solution serves as the perfect aid for production, scheduling, and inventory control, making it the best ERP and MRP combination.

With a comprehensive set of tools, you can efficiently create production schedules, plan manufacturing processes, and manage inventory, all within a user-friendly platform.

Thus, this advanced MRP system streamlines operations, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity in the plastic manufacturing process.

Integrated planning and actualization reports

This functionality allows businesses to access comparative reports of their production plan and its actualization.

By comparing plans to production actualization, companies can devise effective strategies to enhance production and optimize their processes.

These insightful reports enable informed decision-making and provide valuable insights into the performance of plastic manufacturing operations.

Real-time warehouse stock capacity monitoring

This particular feature enables businesses to closely monitor production stock capacity and distribution across various warehouses.

With this, you can proactively prevent issues like expired and dead-stock products by efficiently monitoring the inventory capacity in warehouses.

This ensures that on-hand stocks are prioritized, leading to better inventory management and optimized production processes.

Specialized HRM solution for manufacturing companies

This must-have feature streamlines the administration of employees by automating various HR processes.

From salary management to insurance, leave, sick leave, and reimbursement calculations, the ERP system handles it all based on employees’ working hours.

With this comprehensive HR solution, plastic manufacturers can efficiently manage their workforce, ensuring smooth and accurate HR operations within their organization.

ERP integration with IoT for enhanced production monitoring

This integration enables automatic data reporting on the quality of production equipment through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Real-time and accurate monitoring of each machine’s production capacity is made possible, directly accessible on the manufacturing software dashboard.

With this technology, manufacturers gain valuable insights into the performance of their equipment, enabling better decision-making and more efficient production processes in the plastic industry.

5 Best ERP Software for Plastic Industry

In today’s competitive landscape, the plastic industry seeks cutting-edge solutions to optimize operations and drive growth.

As one of the key enablers of efficiency and success, ERP software for the plastic industry has become a vital tool for plastic manufacturers and businesses.

With a plethora of options available, identifying the five best ERP software in Singapore can be a game-changer for these companies.

From streamlining supply chains to enhancing quality control, these ERP solutions offer a range of functionalities to transform and elevate the plastic manufacturing sector.


erp software for plastic industry

One of Singapore’s most comprehensive manufacturing cloud ERP systems for the plastic industry is HashMicro’s Hash Manufacturing Automation.

Trusted by industry leaders, this software enhances production efficiency, reduces costs, and revolutionizes decision-making to increase revenue.

Real-time factory performance visualization through the self-manufacturing kiosk empowers employees.

Moreover, advanced features like MRP tools, planning reports, warehouse monitoring, and IoT integration ensure seamless operations across all departments.

With HashMicro’s commitment to streamlined plastic manufacturing, you can experience unparalleled efficiency.

In addition, you can try out a free tour of the system to find out more.

BatchMaster Manufacturing

erp software for plastic industry

BatchMaster Manufacturing is an ERP software offering cloud and on-premise deployments.

This software can help with managing production, materials, sales order, and more.

With features like MRP and mobile task execution, it caters to formula-based, process manufacturers in diverse industries.

NetSuite ERP

erp software for plastic industry

NetSuite ERP offers cloud-based deployments with core features like multi-site and multi-national capabilities along with other features such as financial management, production management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

As a suite of cloud-based applications, NetSuite aims to provide businesses with the necessary systems for growth, scalability, and adaptability to change.

Microsoft Dynamics AX


erp software for plastic industry

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a business management software with various features, including financial, production, and materials management.

It also offers supply chain management and customer relationship management tools.

This software is specifically designed for mid-size and large manufacturers, but may not be suitable for smaller companies.

It is available for deployment on the cloud.

Sage X3 ERP

erp software for plastic industry

Sage X3 ERP offers both cloud and on-premise deployments with core features like financial management, production management, sales order management, and more.

It provides users with essential information to enhance customer service and improve quality control.

The software streamlines core processes across manufacturing, distribution, financial management, and business services, aligning with plastic industry best practices.


In conclusion, the plastic industry faces numerous challenges that can hinder progress and success.

However, ERP software for the plastic industry emerges as a transformative solution to address these obstacles effectively.

With its advanced integration and tailored functionalities, ERP software streamlines the entire production process, enhances quality assurance, and optimizes production scheduling.

By embracing ERP solutions, plastic manufacturers can unlock new possibilities, drive efficiency, and navigate the dynamic industry with confidence.


With a range of top ERP software options available, including HashMicro’s Hash Manufacturing Automation, you can find the perfect fit to revolutionize your plastic manufacturing operations and stay ahead in the competitive market.

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