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6 Manufacturing Technology Trends That You Must Follow

Although application and smart devices nowadays have become a great influence in manufacturing technology, some other trends in this industry have significantly redefined the standard of manufacturing industry.

The sustainable programs of the trends will replace the traditional manufacturing methodology. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has proliferated and cannot be avoided.

Therefore, to make your business succeed, you must apply the principles of manufacturing operations below and consider which trends that will affect your target market.

Green manufacturing will replace the existing methodology

Green manufacture is the renewal of production process and policy that implement the environmentally friendly manufacturing operations.

Basically, green manufacture uses fewer natural resources, reduces pollution and waste, recycle and uses emission material in the manufacturing process.

Green manufacturers examine, develop, and utilize technology and practices that can reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition, this practice benefits you well. The usage of reduced material will generally reduce the cost of production materials. Companies can keep generating profits while maintaining the environment.

This initiative will also encourage customers to use environmentally products and, thus, the trends can be sustainable and practiced consistently.

Companies turns into a more practical marketing solution

Technological development can bring manufacturing to new marketing targets and help them to create new products. However, manufacturing companies are still looking for ways to make this strategy cost-effective.

Therefore, they try to utilize social media and crowdfunding for marketing while investing in product’s prototype.

Many companies have their own technology in reaching their markets, but apparently, crowdfunding and social media is the best alternative. Communication through this channel can be used to gain insight and feedback for the new prototypes from the consumers and industry experts at the research and development stage.

Thus, companies can reduce cost in the designing process and produce products that follows the current fashion.

Do not hesitate to implement IIoT

Some companies decide to delay the implementation of IIoT in manufacturing due to the heavy investment cost, security issues, and other concerns.

However, in this year, those fears are so old fashion. Every manufacturing system sold now has internet connectivity – as long as there is internet connection.

Therefore, more companies can lower their selling price because the cost of production, shipping, maintenance, and replacement are decreasing.

In addition, integrated systems will increase the visibility, reduce risk, and assure employees accountability. Eventually, we will say our farewell to manual process.

Customization is the new inventory management

The next manufacturing technology trend will spot inventory management. Currently, inventory management relies on computer analytic system to manage the inventory in real-time.

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This system will minimize the possibility of lost items due to theft, shipping damage, reduce overhead, and improve the operation.

Moreover, the companies can organize the warehouse more efficiently by reducing overstock and understock issue. New technology like 3D printings will make customization of inventory easier.

Real-time operation = Responsive

Manufacturers always have trouble in responding quickly. That is why, B2B and omnichannel sales are often hampered.

However, with a better visibility and production speed, companies can generate quotation quickly and produced the order much quicker.

In customers side, the reasonable price for the goods they purchase will make the company’s reputation good and enable the mouth-to-mouth marketing.

In other words, to be responsive companies, manufacturers will need to process the data they need in real-time.


Manufacturing plan especially in technology will vary in every year. But for now, those six points are what manufacturers should consider in order to achieve more success for their business.

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