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The Key Importance of Inventory Management Systems for Wholesale

A wholesale business is closely related to buying and selling products. These wholesale actions occur regularly. Imagine how frequently you are required to carry out these tasks. It would be challenging for you to handle it manually. Implementing inventory management systems in your operational business can simplify the process.

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Inventory Software monitors stock movements, stock optimization, inventory control, stock level forecasts, and an operational dashboard. If you want to learn more about this system, you can obtain further cost information by downloading Inventory Management Systems pricing scheme estimates before adopting the software in your company.

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Why Inventory Management Systems are Important

You need to know why inventory management systems are essential for your business. When you know it, you can consider implementing this system in your business. Here are the reasons:

Access to all of your products in one place

Indeed, as a wholesale owner, you are familiar with managing a single product line or multiple categories. To facilitate management and monitoring, you must have comprehensive stock visibility. Inventory management systems can track all of the products you have in various categories and different warehouses. Thus, you can reduce the risk of running out of supply and satisfy client demands.

Centered access for customers

Managing and tracking your daily wholesale sales using only several accounts and spreadsheets will require much effort and time. Combined with the high amount of documents, it is inevitable that you will become confused. Consequently, the chance of human error exists. For this reason, it is preferable to employ Inventory Management Software that consolidates your store’s order information in a single location. Thus, you can track, access, and manage this data more easily.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Instant sales order details

Processing customer orders promptly is challenging for this company in the wholesale market. Most wholesale companies receive customer orders via fax, email, or text message. The ineffectiveness of the media might result in delays in fulfilling client requests and delivery orders. 

In addition, if there are problems with customers sending messages to wholesalers, such as messages not being delivered on time or other circumstances, this can increase the loss of many potential sales orders and order cancellations. Therefore, inventory management systems monitor order information in real-time so that you can instantly fulfill these orders. This can also boost the company’s turnover and decrease the risk of order cancellations.


The daily volume of wholesale sales transactions is, of course, substantial. As a result of these transactions, the products acquired by clients will certainly lower your supply. Consequently, it is essential that you assure stock availability, whether or not it is sufficient, by keeping track of incoming and exiting stock. Manually updating the total stock is impossible. You require an inventory management system that can automate real-time stock updates. Thus, you will merely need to watch them without counting them individually.

Re-order notifications

Accuracy in receiving purchase orders is a factor that buyers consider before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, the product you sell must be available at all times. You must constantly be prepared to reorder products that have surpassed the minimal level. To avoid forgetting to reorder it, you can take advantage of a function in the inventory system that notifies you when a product is nearing its minimum and automatically reorders from vendors. It will enhance your consumers’ shopping experience by the availability of the products they require.

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Inventory Management Systems For Your Wholesale Business

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HashMicro provides innovative inventory management systems for wholesale businesses. This system should be used because it helps streamline your business operations. Thus,  you can take advantage of stock monitoring; the inventory system can seamlessly handle and monitor stock movements. Additionally, this system helps optimize inventory levels by alerting you to repurchase products based on predicted inventory demand. One dashboard streamlines the management of on-hand inventory, stock in, stock out, and internal transfers. Therefore, you do not need to switch between systems to check stock levels.

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Purchasing and selling products are essential to a wholesale business. These actions on a massive scale occur routinely. That is why you must manage many products at the store or in the warehouses. You cannot manually manage it due to a large number of items. You require inventory management systems. An Inventory System can provide complete stock visibility, consolidate your store’s order information in a single place, monitors order information in real-time, automates real-time stock updates, and reorders products automatically. If you are interested in this system, please contact us for a free demo and in-depth consultation regarding Inventory Management Systems or other ERP Systems with our business expert.

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