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5 Ways to Increase Sales in the Retail Business

You may often hear shopkeepers shouted in a shopping center to attract customers. They believed this is an effective way to attract mall visitors to buy their products and increase sales.

Sadly, this method is not effective. The mall visitors are often disturbed by those shoutings. Because almost every shopkeeper in shopping centers in Indonesia practice the same thing. Then what is the best way to increase effective sales in the retail business? Here are five of them:

Engage with your customers

Being involved here is not following your customers everywhere they go in your shop. That’s annoying. Instead, give your customers the freedom they need, but assist when they have questions about your product.

Maintain the atmosphere between you and your customers. Ask them what they like, their hobbies, or for whom they bought the item. Not only you will learn about their preference but this act also help your customer choose the best product for them.

To optimize customer engagement, you need to properly train your employees and make your employees happy. Train them on how to better serve the customers. Don’t forget to provide a proper salary to keep them motivated and work better.

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Prioritizing the quality of the goods

Have you ever found a customer who buys a product regardless of the price? This is brand loyalty. They choose the brand because of its quality. That’s why you need to guarantee the quality of your product before your customers.

Providing better customer service can also increase your customer’s loyalty to your brand. The combination of these two things is a way to increase sales in the retail business.

Increase the number of orders

Upselling is the best method for increasing your business profit. If you find a potential buyer, the next step is to make sure those who enter your store buy the best product you offer.

When you see a buyer looking at product B, it’s your job to convince him to buy product A, which is more expensive but has better quality. If you successfully persuade him/her to buy product A, then you have completed the upselling process.

The other way to increase your order number is by offering related products to the one they want to buy. For example, you can say the following sentence to your customer; “the clothes you buy will look better on you if you combined it with these pants.”

If your customer intends to buy a shirt, offer a specific product that can add value to the initial product that your customers want to buy. This method is called cross-selling.

Run promotions

Almost every retail business has tried running a promotion at least once. Promotions, be it in the form of price cut or discounts is the easiest and most effective way to attract potential buyer attention.

Lately, there are many methods to run a promotion. Creative promotions will be more attractive in the eyes of your customers to buy the product. The most common form of promotions nowadays is Buy 1 Get 1, price cuts, or cashback.

Choose the best promo for your business models. Create urgency for your customers to buy immediately before the promo expires.

Take advantage of existing technology

There are lots of technologies that can be utilized to help you increase sales figures. Such as using social media like Facebook and Instagram to market your product, or use Search Engine Marketing to make it easier for customers to find your business.

Another way to increase sales is by using software to improve your retail business efficiency. Software such as POS to facilitate transactions, sales software, or inventory management for more efficient stock management.

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