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      Best Inventory Management App in Singapore from HashMicro

      Is your business having difficulty managing ineffective inventory? One of the often experienced problems, for example, is the accumulation of material due to slow-moving inventory. Regardless of the scale, if a business has large stock quantities, it needs the best inventory software in Singapore to optimize item management.

      Inventory management apps are an essential part of retail POS, wholesale, Food and Beverage, and various other industries that involve material management, for that we would like to talk about the inventory app in Singapore.

      If you are planning to build an inventory management app or something similar, we would suggest you go through this app development checklist.


      Table of Content:

        Why does a business need the best inventory app in Singapore?

        Doing inventory management using a manual method takes a lot of time, effort, and money. You also need to meet increasing and changing consumer demands quickly. Apart from that, there are many other things in business that need attention, especially concerning inventory problems such as loss or theft.

        Automated Inventory management apps will help companies save time and effort to focus more on business development. In addition, it is also able to reduce costs for inventory needs because purchases can be well controlled.

        Here are the main features within the best inventory apps in Singapore from HashMicro that can help you manage your company’s inventory:

        1. Barcode Management

        Inventory App Singapore

        Barcode Management is an important feature in inventory management apps, especially for businesses engaged in retail and wholesale. Users create barcodes automatically to speed up the labeling process. In addition, HashMicro’s inventory app also manages inventory and tracks the delivery and receipt of goods in various places accurately and quickly.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        2. Lot and Serial Number tracking

        logistics management system software
        source: HashMicro supply chain management

        With inventory management apps, you can generate and track serial numbers as well as lot numbers automatically for easy tracking of products in the warehouse. So this process is essential to the supply chain management process to safely and accurately deliver products from producers to consumers.

        3. Stock Request Management

        erp procurement module
        source: HashMicro ERP Procurement Dashboard

        Manage stock requests from all store branches or warehouses with an automated approval process with an inventory app. Then you can also continue submitting product requests to suppliers with an integrated system with purchasing software.

        4. Estimated Inventory

        erp retail stock inventory supermarket

        The estimate of the inventory needed to fulfill a customer order is based on the number of products you predict will sell over a given period. This forecast considers historical sales data and promotion plans to achieve the most accurate results possible and also reduce waste.

        5. Inventory Valuation

        stock inventory management software
        source: HashMicro ERP Inventory Software Dashboard

        Perform inventory valuation throughout the warehouse at the end of each reporting period in just seconds. Therefore this feature can help to achieve the growth of your business and make the best of the current market conditions.

        6. Aging Stock Analysis

        Inventory App Singapore

        Analyze the age of stock and determine stock levels for fast and slow-selling items. This feature lists items in batches, which have or may be expiring shortly. You can track stock age as well as fast-moving objects, as older stock can depreciate or become obsolete and result in losses.

        7. Improved Profits with the best inventory app in Singapore

        erp accounting systems software

        The features above will help the whole process of managing your goods. The following are the benefits you will feel from implementing an inventory system:

        • Seamless Inventory Tracking
        • Optimized Stock Levels
        • Operational Dashboard
        • Minimized Waste

        8. Supports many locations and warehouses

        warehouse racking system management

        Stocks can be accurately adjusted across locations spread over various regions. Reduce slow-moving inventory levels thanks to real-time monitoring

        9. Improve inventory order accuracy

        The reordering rule will send automatic notifications when stocks reach the minimum threshold, helping to prevent product shortages and maintaining sufficient but not too much inventory.

        10. Operational process efficiency

        Simplify all business activities from ordering to picking as well as sending warehouse stock integration with the Sales module, which automates stock additions or subtractions and builds a better storage strategy.

        11. Expired item notification

        The best inventory app in Singapore from Hashmicro will help your business with real-time tracking of product expiration dates it also implements a more straightforward FIFO strategy. A notification will be sent as soon as one of the products has expired.

        12. Make it easy to track products in a warehouse

        Generate Barcode, Lot Number, Serial Number, and SKU serializer quickly. Save time and money by keeping track of which products you have or ordered, also no need to recalculate inventory.


        The selection of an inventory management app ensures product quality. With HashMicro’s best inventory system in Singapore, integrated with barcode tracking software solution, you can ensure optimal inventory levels, streamline stock transfer processes, and accurately calculate inventory requirements across dozens of branches and warehouses. You can also add a free demo by HashMicro to explore its features and benefits firsthand.


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