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How Warehouse Software Helping You Manage Inventory

The main factor that helps your business grow is good warehouse management. Be it a retail business, wholesale, or even restaurant and manufacturing are greatly helped by the smooth flow of goods in the warehouse. This is where warehouse software in helping your business.

Managing a warehouse with thousands of inventories certainly cannot be done manually. It is conceivable how much time is wasted just to record incoming and outgoing items in the warehouse. Not to mention the stress caused by the number of goods in the warehouse is not the same as the one in your document.

This is what makes business owners switch to using warehouse software to help them. Here are 6 ways of how warehouse application helping you manage your inventory:


Plan the warehouse layout

A good warehouse layout not only makes your warehouse look neat and clean. You also can maximize the space in the warehouse to accommodate more items. This allows you to save expenses on warehouse rental aspects.

In addition, a good layout can make the flow of goods in your warehouse runs better. This also helps your warehouse staff to operate forklifts and other freight vehicles safely and comfortably.

Make a forecast for inventory procurement

As a business owner, you know there are times when the number of buyers increases dramatically, there is also a time when nobody buys anything from your store. However, that does not mean you have to hoard inventory throughout the year to anticipate rising demand.

Warehouse software can automatically help you maintain the stock availability in your warehouse. So you don’t need to worry running out of stock when the demand is rising, or even worry about piled up items in the warehouse because not a single item is sold for quite a while.

This feature will help you save costs by optimizing the stock availability. In addition, warehouse software can also predict your demands ups and downs based on your sales history.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Separate stock keeping units (SKU) from one another

One major mistake in warehouse management is mixing the same size items in one bin to save warehouse space. Although it makes sense, this method is not effective in the long run.

This method does not consider the time needed to find the correct item mixed in the bin. Not to mention the time wasted to unload and reload the bin before storing it.

The warehouse software will help you separate SKUs as efficiently as possible. This way, you no longer need to waste time searching for items or loading and unpacking bins. Thus, your customers will be served faster and your business operations will run more smoothly.

Give “address” to each item in the warehouse

Imagine how confused you are when you want to visit your friend’s house, but only know in which district your friend lives. This will make you have to go back and forth asking everyone on the road whether they know your friend or not.

It’s the same thing with stocking goods in a warehouse. Without a clear ‘address’, searching one item will definitely take a long time. But this is not the case if you use warehouse software.

For example, if you enter ‘cassava chips’ in the application, then you will get the information on which zone, which shelf number the items are located. Thus, item tracking will become easier and faster.

Take advantage of inventory tracking technology

There’s a lot of warehouse applications that are equipped with tracking technologies such as barcodes and RFIDs. Besides being useful to make the item tracking easier, barcodes and RFIDs can also shorten the time needed for stock taking.

For those of you who have thousands of SKUs and several warehouses scattered in various regions, this feature will really help you. With a few clicks of the button, you can easily find out how much inventory is in the warehouse.

Improve safety standards

Warehouses without good management will be vulnerable to accidents. For example, a warehouse staff got hit by heavy objects in the warehouse and eventually leads to disability. Do not let this happen to you and your employees.

The main cause of workplace accidents in the warehouse is the lack of training and low safety standards. Not only that, the un-standardized warehouse layout that can also be a cause of disaster.

Give your staffs appropriate training for warehouse operations. Establish clear rules for work safety, such as the need to use a helmet while in a warehouse, or only employees who have participated in training who can operate a forklift, and so on.


Warehouse software is not only useful for making items in your warehouse more organized but also helps a lot of other warehouse management aspects. For example, making a forecast for inventory procurement, and improve worker safety. So, grab this chance today and try the free demo!


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