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Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Your Restaurant Business

Did you know that the organization of Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA) found that 84.3 percent of food waste in American restaurants ended as garbage? These are the major issue for various parties such as the social and activists, and especially the restaurateurs. For restaurateurs, this can cause significant loss hence they need to decrease the food waste to level up their profit. Warehouse Management software can help you in this activity. You can use this software to make the most of your warehouse space and to calculate the capacity of your warehouse automatically. But, what are the ways to reduce food waste in your restaurant business?

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Conduct a waste audit

Without conducting a waste audit you will not know the amount of food waste you produce. Try to reduce food waste by sorting the leftover itself every single day. Sufficiently separate the paper, plastic, plastic glasses and plates, foods like vegetables and meat are also need to be placed in different places.

After you, all the waste weighs and records. You need to calculate them every time to do it. By doing it, you will have how much waste you produce every year.

Reduce food waste by recording all the waste data

After you conducted the audit, generate the journal to record and track all the waste you have. Do not forget to calculate the weight of the waste as you prepare to carefully collect them. Besides, you need to note some special cases in the journal like rotten material, expired or broken food, and many more. Those notes will assist you to monitor your waste as one of the efforts to reduce food waste.

Train your staff really well to reduce food waste

Start your attempt to sufficiently reduce food waste by adequately training simple things to your staff. Perform proper and special training to reduce food waste in your restaurant. For instance, teach the cooks the particular tricks on how to slice vegetables, fruits, or meat in order to keep them fresh much longer. To train your staff, you can use training software to easily measure the success of staff training to develop better employee self-potential.  

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Store the food in the proper storage

Good restaurants are those which have a good inventory system. Try to store your food stock in a proper place. For example, you will put the vegetables and fruits in the fridge. Meanwhile, you will need to put the meat and frozen food in the freezer at a particular temperature. Besides, before you store the stock, you need to pay attention to their label. Check their expiry dates, lot and batch numbers before you maintain them. To make it easier for you to manage your inventory, use an inventory system to avoid food wasting.

Give your customers weekly promo

One of the most effective ways to reduce the waste in your restaurant is by giving your customers a weekly promo. For you ordered too much meat this week and there were just a few customers who order that. Try to make a special promo for your steak menu. Willingly give them a 50 percent discount or by doing ‘buy one get one free’ or anything that can persuade your customer to buy. Sometimes you will need to be creative to instantly attract them more.

Use special software

The following way to reduce food waste is to use software for restaurants. One software that can help reduce food waste is the inventory system. This system enables you to keep track of your stock of goods and groceries, ranging from the number of supplies to the label. This system also helps you find out your favorite menus and menus that customers dislike the most. You can estimate what groceries you should buy in the next period.

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After understanding how to efficiently reduce food waste for your FnB business, you can also use the help of Management Document software to increase collaboration between staff. With better cooperation, you will also automatically be able to coordinate better. Make it easy to share documents and ensure every vital piece of information is delivered.

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