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Top 5 Inventory Management Software Systems in Singapore

No matter how big or small your company is, if you hold a large amount of stock or things to be stored, be it merchandise or your own company assets, you definitely need an inventory management software system. Still, wondering why you need an automated ERP systems to manage your inventory? 

Inventory tracking takes so much time, effort, and cost if done manually. Meanwhile, if you use inventory management software, you can fulfill demands with optimal inventory levels, monitor stock transfers, forecast inventory requirements, and optimize stock management across multiple locations

This will help you save a lot of time so you can focus more on developing your business. You can also reduce costs for inventory needs since purchases become more controllable. Most importantly, your stock levels will always maintain so that you can always ensure your customer satisfaction.

Therefore, to help you choose the right system that can be fully suited as a solution for your business in Singapore, we have summarized Singapore’s best inventory management software systems that you can consider.


HashMicro Inventory Management

Inventory management

HashMicro provides a complete inventory management solution for various types of businesses of all sizes; including wholesale, retail, food and beverage, construction, engineering, manufacturing, real estate, and more.

Therefore, HashMicro Inventory Management System helps many companies in Indonesia and Singapore simplify their inventory management, from generating barcodes, monitoring stock levels, picking and packing processes, ordering to suppliers, to shipping orders to customers.

The competitive advantages of HashMicro Inventory System include:

  • Allows companies to manage products across multiple stores or warehouses
  • The system is developed in-house, making the customization process easier for clients
  • Can use by as many users as possible with no additional cost
  • Available in mobile devices to facilitate tracking of shipments to customers
  • Provides advanced reporting tools that allow companies to forecast demand, inventory needs, and revenue
  • Can integrate with other systems such as accounting, Point of Sale, Purchases, and etc.

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download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

NetSuite Inventory Management

The cloud computing company that establishe since 1998 provides a complete inventory system for businesses of all scales.

Just like HashMicro, NetSuite software for this System enables companies to automate the replenishment process with various features such as notifications for reduced stock, minimum stock level settings, lead time determination, and so on.


SAP ERP System provides a powerful system type module to help manufacturing and distribution businesses better manage their inventory. Therefore, this module facilitates efficient real-time, optimizes the levels of storage, and ensures timely shipping with the ability to track and record all stock transfers.

SAP offers complete transparency of inventory and accounting with advanced reporting tools. The module system they are offering can be integrated with their other modules such as sales and purchasing.

Oracle Inventory Management

There are provides comprehensive visibility related to management of material flows, warehouse work, and product costs throughout the supply chain.

Oracle cloud-based inventory management system can be integrated with the company’s internal and external systems to expand control and visibility because to partners or in-house warehouse execution systems.


Deskera module offers a variety of convenience in optimizing inventory by allowing companies to control the stock levels and transfers across all locations.

Therefore, with the Inter-Store Transfer feature, companies can easily monitor the stock transfers from one store to another, increase and reduce the amount of stock in one location, and update the amount of stock in other locations.


Whichever software system you choose, you need to make sure that it is in line with your budget and inventory requirements. If you have questions related to inventory management systems, feel free to visit HashMicro’s website and submit your inquiries. because HashMicro has various solutions related to the inventory management system do you need.


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