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Top 5 HRM Software in Singapore for 2023

The responsibilities of human resources are not limited to recruitment; in fact, they are much more complicated. Furthermore, human resources are responsible for various tasks such as employee recruitment, payroll, expense management, etc. Surely HR managers may find it difficult to manage all of those tasks. Hence, you may use powerful HRM software in Singapore to simplify HR’s workforce management to make it easier.

In short, HRM stands for Human Resources Management. Moreover, HRM is software that automatically organizes and takes care of administrative tasks related to human resource tasks. It can be hard to find the right HRM software in Singapore. So, we narrowed down the list. 

This article will not only explain what HRM Software is, but also recommend the best human resource management in Singapore. Besides that, this article will also include the HRM pricing scheme for you to calculate the price.

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HashMicro HRM

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As Singapore’s No. 1 HRM System for Enterprises, HashMicro provides comprehensive Human Resources Management Software that is already trusted and used by thousands of companies in Singapore. Moreover, what makes HashMicro different from other HRM software is that it provides unlimited user licenses, allowing it to be used by everyone in your company at no additional cost. Also, it is a customizable HRM software in Singapore that helps you to meet your specific business requirements.

The benefits 

These are the advantages and benefits of HRM Software by HashMicro;

  1. Automated updates

An automatically updated employee database. As a result, it makes staff transfers, promotions, and admissions much more manageable.

2. Calendar integration

It enables you to integrate google calendar so that it will be easy for those with access to monitor everyone’s meeting schedules.

3. Faster approval

All requests, such as cash advances, leave, and expense claims, can be tracked and processed instantly.

4. KPI evaluation

Employee assessments can be performed more seamlessly based on the trackable KPI of each employee.

The cloud-based features of HRM HashMicro

The HRM Software by HashMicro offers two versions, which are basic and advanced. Each of these versions has its HRM features that fit businesses of all sizes in Singapore, whether small or large companies. 


  1. Payroll management

This feature accurately calculates salaries based on working hours, overtime, and attendance. Also, you can generate CPF reports instantly. 

2. Employee database

Because of the centralized platform HRM Software, it’ll be more accessible to manage your employee database, such as personal and financial info.

3. Expense management

Efficient in managing cash advances, allowance, reimbursement, and other expenses. You also can generate its reports accurately in no time.

4. Attendance management

You can rack employee attendance because it is integrated with the attendance record machine. And then analyze it automatically.

5. Employee contract management

It’s easy to manage your employee contracts in real-time from anywhere. Also, getting an automated alert if the contracts are about to expire.

6. Leaves management

This feature helps simplify not only leave request management but also updates the leave balance automatically. And last, to adjust leaves policy easily. 

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  1. The employee on/off-boarding

Create the list of assets given to the employee, set up an employee portal, arrange the on/off-boarding workflow, and generate reports quickly.

2. Recruitment management

It will be easy for you to operate recruitment tasks with HRM software, such as job portals, resumes, applicant tracking, screening process, communication, and test scheduling in one platform.

3. Employee performance management

It enables you to monitor your employee performance with KPI management, run appraisals, and arrange training programs.

4. Employee transition management

It will be easy for you to arrange mutation, promotion, and demotion processes effectively. You also can set up the workflow for employees’ new roles.

5. Business trip management

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed over your business trip, HRM feature helps you to organize all your business trip schedules and accommodations, arrange approval processes, and generate reports easily.

6. Employee loan program

Simplify employee loan and approval process, manage cash disbursement, and automatically calculate interest.

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download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp


PeopleHum is one of the best human resource management in Singapore with a single interface. PeopleHum’s extensive platform, which takes a human-centered approach, alleviates the concerns of its users and customers, allowing those customers and users to better prepare their businesses for the future of work. Other than that, PeopleHum is available in Arabic and English, which is also an important feature of HRM software in Singapore.


  • Hire
  • Perform.
  • Manage
  • Engage.

Frontier e-HR

Frontier provides HRM and payroll software for small and large businesses in Singapore. Their software solutions, which have won multiple awards and are priced affordably, are HRM solutions to support standard HR procedures, including managing essential employee information and developing and engaging your workforce.


  • Employee Self Service
  • Talent Management System 
  • ATS
  • Employee Onboarding 
  • Learning Management System


QuickHR has HRM tools to manage employee databases, process payroll, claims, and leaves, and generate HR reports. It is compatible with mobile apps for Android and iOS, in addition to desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac. You can see a calendar view of the employees’ license expiration dates, passport, identification card, or work permit details on the dashboard, in addition to the details of any upcoming training courses.


  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Applicant Tracking System 
  • Employee Management 
  • Resume Parsing 
  • Automated onboarding


Payboy is a cloud-based human resource management sotfware in Singapore that can handle all of your HR needs, such as payroll processing, managing leaves, time tracking, and making schedules. The software offers the most innovative and user-friendly user interface. Moreover, its also available on mobile apps, which makes it possible for you to manage your staff with HRM from any device at any time.


  • Payroll Management
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking
  • Mobile App

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So, Which One Should I Choose?

All the human resource management (HRM) software mentioned above is the top human resource management in Singapore. In selecting any of the above HRM software, you must ensure it is compatible with your needs. We have compiled a list of the best HRM software, with HashMicro on the first rank. HashMicro, as the best HRM software in Singapore, provides complete comprehensive human resource management that is cloud-based and centralized in one platform, making it easier for you to organize your human resource-related tasks. 

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Moreover, in an attempt to make your human resource-related tasks manageable, you may integrate with other software, for instance, Timesheet Management System, that will help you monitor and track employees’ work hours easily and generate analysis reports of their performance automatically. You may consult with us to know more about automated HRM software in Singapore.

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