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      8 Advantages of HRIS Software for Singapore Companies

      The use of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software in Singapore offers numerous advantages for companies. Have you ever struggled with managing a large volume of employee records and administrative tasks?

      According to a report, nearly all HR leaders in Singapore have already implemented AI in their systems, with the top advantages including improved employee self-service, performance, and productivity.

      Let’s delve into the other eight significant advantages that HRIS software offers to propel Singaporean companies toward greater operational efficiency and enhanced workforce management.

      Key Takeaways

      •  HRIS software provides platforms for organized communication among employees. It facilitates individual conversations and messaging options for collaborative discussions, fostering improved teamwork and information sharing.
      • Through HRIS software, employees can conveniently access information, manage leave requests, and select development plans, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity by simplifying administrative processes.
      • The software serves as a centralized repository for tracking and managing employee skill sets, certifications, and training records, aligning with Singapore’s focus on continuous learning and skill development.

      Table of Content:

        1. A new way of communicating

        new way of communcating

        Organized communication is one element that is needed in a company. Often meeting activities are deemed to have failed to achieve the expected results. Meanwhile, individual conversations take up too much time. When messaging options are available via HRIS, all employees can communicate and collaborate using their own devices from anywhere.

        This condition opens up new alternatives to communication. It is vital to use the right platform for the proper conversation, and it also applies to communication in the workplace. This feature can be a means.

        2. Implement a Standalone Workflow

        Through the HRIS software, employees have the convenience of being able to access information, schedules, create and change leave/permit requests, to choose their development plans. Freedom to do all of these things can increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

        The purpose of this system is to guide employees to the information in the company. This system helps employees avoid unnecessary processes that they have to go through when applying for permits. HRD can streamline time and communication through the use of this system.

        3. Gather All Employees in One Platform

        Gather All Employees in One Platform

        Poor communication between team members is the biggest hurdle. Companies need to facilitate the flow of ideas and collaboration to keep them running even if the work is done remotely.

        One of the HRIS system features is a platform that allows all members to communicate en masse. In fact, this feature enables instant communication, and all team members can share ideas and opinions easily. The recruitment management system helps assist in getting potential employee candidates.

        This is one of the right steps to prevent miscommunication. Because employees can add information and comments that all members can access, this feature helps improve coordination, speed in completing work and achieve a more effective team. Employees can also tag colleagues or superiors who want to join in the conversation.

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        4. Allows Personal Communication

        For those seeking more personalized interactions, HR software offers seamless options for exchanging private messages. This approach to personal messaging has gained traction in the workplace, adapting especially well to remote work setups. As a result, this mode of communication has evolved into a habitual practice.

        Moreover, private messaging functions enable distant employees to engage in real-time conversations as if they were physically present in the workspace. Effective team management becomes essential for businesses aiming to ensure workforce productivity remains intact while overseeing remote work arrangements.

        5. Compliance with Local Labor Laws

        law compliance hris software

        In Singapore, compliance with labor laws and regulations is crucial for businesses. HRIS software can be tailored to address the intricacies of Singapore’s employment legislation, ensuring companies remain compliant with statutory requirements effortlessly.

        Specifically, HRIS software streamlines the management of CPF contributions, which are mandatory savings for employees’ retirement, housing, and healthcare needs. The system automates CPF calculations based on the latest contribution rates, accurately deducting the appropriate amounts from employee salaries and facilitating timely payments to the Central Provident Fund Board. This automation significantly reduces manual errors and ensures adherence to CPF contribution regulations.

        6. Efficient Foreign Talent Management

        Singapore’s status as a global business hub attracts a diverse pool of foreign talent seeking professional opportunities. In response to this, HRIS software tailored for Singaporean companies integrates specialized international recruitment features that effectively facilitate the hiring and onboarding processes for expatriates.

        One of the pivotal functionalities of HRIS software in this context is its ability to handle work permits and visa-related documentation for foreign employees. The software acts as a centralized repository, storing essential details of work permits, visa statuses, and expiration dates.

        7. Centralized Skills Development Tracking

        centralized skill dev

        In Singapore’s progressive business landscape, continual learning and skills development are highly valued. HRIS software plays a pivotal role in supporting Singapore’s emphasis on continuous learning by providing robust functionalities for tracking and managing employee skill sets, certifications, and training records.

        The HRIS software serves as a centralized repository for storing comprehensive employee skill profiles, detailing their competencies, certifications, completed training programs, and ongoing skill development activities. This centralized database enables HR departments to efficiently track the skills and qualifications of each employee across the organization.

        8. Workforce Diversity Analytics

        Singapore values diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Advanced HRIS platforms provide analytics tools that help companies track and analyze workforce diversity metrics, including gender, ethnicity, and age. This data enables organizations to create inclusive policies and initiatives, fostering a diverse and equitable work culture in line with Singapore’s diversity goals.


        By using HRM software, you can manage employee data centrally, improved employee self-service, performance, and productivity.

        Moreover, this software also helps create a more structured and organized work environment, giving the company a competitive edge in maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction.

        As one of the leading recommendations in HRM software solutions, HashMicro stands out by providing advanced and integrated HRM applications.

        HashMicro’s HRM software not only facilitates ease in employee administrative management but also aids companies in making more intelligent data-based decisions.

        With features such as accurate payroll management, centralized employee databases, and structured financial reports, HashMicro’s HRM software offers a comprehensive solution for HR needs.

        Therefore, register yourself now and get a free demo!


        FAQ About HRIS Software Advantages

        • How does HRIS software improve communication within the organization? HRIS software enhances communication by offering centralized platforms for messaging, collaboration, and sharing information. It enables employees to connect, share ideas, and collaborate effectively across various departments or teams, regardless of their physical location.
        • Can HRIS software streamline administrative tasks for HR professionals? Absolutely, HRIS software automates and streamlines various administrative tasks, such as managing employee records, leave requests, payroll processing, and performance evaluations. This efficiency frees up HR professionals’ time, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and employee-centric tasks.
        • What role does HRIS software play in compliance with labor laws and regulations? HRIS software helps organizations stay compliant with labor laws by automating processes related to tax calculations, benefits administration, and statutory reporting. It ensures accurate adherence to local labor regulations, such as CPF contributions in Singapore, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.
        • How does HRIS software contribute to employee development and performance? HRIS software offers features for tracking employee skill sets, training, and performance evaluations. It assists in identifying skill gaps, implementing training programs, and monitoring individual performance, contributing to continuous employee development and better performance management.
        • Can HRIS software accommodate business growth and changing HR needs? Yes, HRIS software is scalable and adaptable. It can accommodate growing organizations, supporting increased data volumes, complex HR processes, and changing regulatory requirements. Its flexibility allows customization to meet evolving business needs effectively.


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