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Shift: 4 Things You Should Know About Working Hours

The number of types of work also makes the number of divisions of an employee’s work time. Of course, not everyone has 9 to 5 working hours. Some people inevitably work partially in one day at certain hours that the company has set in a work shift. It usually also depends on the type and scale of the work. Generally, jobs such as manufacturing, community service, or logistics require employees to work partially.

In this article, we will discuss what work shifts are and what the regulations and provisions? Check out the following article for a full explanation.

Definition of Shift

A work shift is a determination or shift of working hours from hours in general, which occurs once in 24 hours. Within 24 hours, shifts occur at certain times, such as night, morning, or rotating shifts. Aiming to optimize production, many industries end up relying on shift work systems. And of course, you can control it by using HRM Software from HashMicro easily.

Of course, it all depends on the needs and the type of business. The application of shift times will vary. Not to forget, even though implementing it, every company must pay attention to its employees’ security, safety, and health. The types in Indonesia are usually services or services such as; restaurant or shop waiters, transportation, and others.

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Types of work shifts

As explained earlier, a shift is a shift within 24 hours, divided into certain times. The following is a breakdown of the working hours of the employees.


Depending on the needs of the company, companies usually apply various shift times. In the determination of the time of the morning-afternoon is the most common time division. Some use the division of work time normally, and some work every day because they have short working hours.


The night shift pattern usually applies at 20.00 – 03.00 or 23.00 – 07.00 am. This shift is common in companies engaged in services to meet operational needs for 24 hours. In addition, the division of work time is often used by 24-hour service agencies such as hospitals, police, firefighters, transportation, or call centers.


The type of long shift is a routine working hour which includes 10 hours of work and 1 hour of rest. It is something quite different if we compare it with double shifts or incidental overtime. This type is also an addition to the usual time to meet long-term production targets. In contrast to the division of double time and incidental overtime, the division aims to meet short-term targets or at a certain time. Don’t forget to monitor and track your employee by using time sheet Software from HashMicro.

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The type of flexible shift is the authority to determine their working hours but must still be following the maximum number of working hours per week. A flexible way of working to meet maximum working hours is remote working and full-day working hours.

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Rostering Shift Work

As a rostering reference, companies usually use three simulation methods. Here’s the review:

3 Group 3 Shift

In this method, employees will work for 7 hours with a break of 1 hour on Monday to Friday. While on Saturday the duration of work is only 5 hours. It happens because the duration of work is less and has fewer employees.

4 Group 3 Shift

Employees will be divided into four groups. They work five days a week with seven hours of work and one hour of rest. The allotted vacation time is three days at the turn of the third and first shifts. So the company will be quite bothered because of the uncertain holiday schedule arrangements.

3 Group 2 Shift

Usually, this method is applied to security officers. One week each shift one, two, and holidays consisting of two days.


That is a wrap of the discussion about work shifts. Starting from the understanding, regulations, and types. We should note that this division of labor time is very important. In addition to trying not to violate labor regulations, a company also needs to pay attention to the welfare of its employees, such as health and safety.

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