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7 Tips to Build a Better Brand Image

Looking for the best employee is not an easy thing to do, moreover if your company is a startup. Mostly, an experienced employee prefer a working place with a better brand image.

This is why a business with a good brand image such as Unilever or Google are the first option for those who are looking for a job. Other than the company’s brand image, those companies have a lot of facilities and the best company culture to help them grow.

This is why you have to build your company brand image to a better one. Not only it attracts potential candidate, but a good brand image can also help you build a good relationship with your customers. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you can read the seven tips below for a start:

Convey your company’s value and vision

If you talk about the value and vision of your company during the interview with a potential candidate, then don’t be surprised if there’s only a handful of people attend your interview. The main reason is; they don’t know how the future of your company will be, and their future as well, if they decide to join you in the end.

That’s why you need to convey your company’s value and vision as soon as possible, such as when you exchanging emails, until the interview process, and don’t stop there. Make those values and visions portrayed clearly from you and your coworker’s behavior. Thus, the potential candidate will feel your company culture is the best choice for them.

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Establish interaction from an earlier time

It’s quite common to see companies holding a recruitment event on campus, recently. The goal is to look for the best talents early on, which is when the potential candidate is still studying in college.

Don’t be disheartened if there are only a handful of people send their CV to you. At least you have successfully planted your company brand image inside their brain. They may recommend your company to their friends or families.


Make your employees as a brand ambassador to build your company’s brand image

If you found an employee who willingly offers your product or services to their friends and families, is proof that they put a lot of faith in their company. They’re very confident about how the company treat their customers and don’t hesitate to put their relationship on the line.

On the other hand, when an employee recommends their family or friends to work on their company, it’s a sign that he/she feels comfortable when working in your company or find the company’s culture is suitable for them.

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Build the company’s brand image by hosting an event

Dare to show to the public that your company is the best of the best. How? By hosting an international event. These kinds of events have successfully attracted various parties to cooperate with you or builds a positive brand image among customers.

From the job seekers’ point of view, hosting an international event can put your company as a priority to send their CVs. If necessary, you can invites online and offline media to promote your event to the public.

Don’t allergic to feedback

Input from your customer is important for you to create better services or products. That’s why listening to input from customers is the right way to improve your company.

It also applies to potential candidates. Try to listen to what makes them uncomfortable during the recruitment process. Doing so can make you improve the recruitment system to make it better and more efficient.

Create good company cultures

There is a lot of job seeker that is not looking for a high salary or benefits from a company. Instead, what they search for is a company with a good culture that suits their lifestyle. For example, there’s a person who prefers to work on a company with a flexible working hour since she/he is a single parent.

You have to know whether the candidate has special preferences regarding the company’s culture. By matching the company’s culture and the worker lifestyle, you can create a better and dynamic working environment.

Build an online brand image

There are quite many Millennials job seeker that prefers a company that has a website or social media. It’s common knowledge nowadays that a credible company has to own at least a website.

Social media also plays an important role in the company. Aside from its function as a communication bridge with customers, social media also quite effective to build an online brand image in the eyes of potential candidates.


Building a brand image is the first stepping stone to better customer service and provides the best experience for your employees later on. Yes, it’s not an easy path to travel, but if done correctly, the reward awaits you on the end, which is a solid trust from your customers and makes your company as the first option for a job seeker to send their CV to.

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